Organising your Kitchen Drawers has never been easier with the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Organiser

Today I am bringing you a brand new product review, my first purchase of 2023!

Featuring the DrawerStore Organiser from Joseph Joseph.
Purchased on Amazon for £26.39.
(Price Correct as of January 21st 2023).

Product Information: Available in Grey, Blue, White/Green.
Product Details: Only suitable for Drawers with a depth of 8cm or more.
Dimensions: 38.4cm Length by 39.7cm Wide and 5.3cm Deep.
Additonal Information: There are several of these DrawerStore items in
different sizes and for different uses such
as cutlery, whole drawer, knives only etc.

Sabrina’s Top Tips!

Always measure your own drawers and cupboards and work out the cost for the product versus how many centimetres of product you are paying for. This product was worth it for my drawer because I am not wasting any space. However there are many similar products on the market that may suit your space better, plus Joseph Joseph do smaller organiser trays as well! So always weigh up all your options before you buy and get out that ruler or tape measure.

Picture from Amazon

This was the situation in my kitchen drawer before I made the purchase. It was full of baby spoons and a copious amount of medicine spoons and syringes. I needed a clear out and to reorganise because types of items were all mixed together, like my sons cutlery with the adult cutlery, and so on.

My Drawer set up prior to this Joseph Joseph product purchase.

For a while now I have been reorganising my kitchen and the space within it. The issue is that I live in a small cottage which only has three rooms downstairs. I have no utility area, so my kitchen is three things in one room. It is my food prep area, my utility and my storage room for everything from food and drink, and cat food to cleaning products. I also only have 3 drawers in the room too, so maximising the space that I do have in those areas is vital.

I’m someone who loves to cook and often bulk cooks too. So I have plenty of different knives and utensils, as well as my usual cutlery. My Jamie Oliver cutlery set is my absolute favourite and I use them every single day.

I had a voucher for Christmas for Amazon, and I had been looking at getting something from Joseph Joseph. This brand is incredible for their sturdy and space saving gadgets and kitchen utensil related products. I already own two other useful items from their range, and I had seen the drawer organiser and hoped it would fit my old fashioned kitchen. Success for me because the measurements I had done worked out, so I went ahead and ordered it.

When I removed it from the Amazon box just two days later I was happy with the quality, the plastic is very strong and durable which is what I needed. I took off the packaging to recycle it and be able to give the organiser a good clean with some antibacterial spray. Once that was done I looked it over and decided where I wanted to put some of the items from my drawer, although the organiser does suggest cutlery in some spaces which are allocated with little icons.

After cleaning out my current drawer space I slotted in the Joseph Joseph piece and I got to work with the organising of it. Pleased that I was able to fit every single item from my previous draw tray and even have room to spare. I also allowed me to see just how many things I could recycle, like the fact I had managed to accumulate 17 medicine spoons, 7 Calpol syringes and several baby spoons that my son no longer needs. I kept a couple of each and tossed the rest into my plastics recycling tub.

Allocating the items was simple and they slotted into the cutlery spaces with ease, all except for the Table Spoons, the larger ones did take a little manoeuvring but I got there in the end and I was pleased with the end results. It didn’t take me more than twenty minutes to do my drawer change over, and I am left with a more organised space that is much easier to find what any of us want.

I decided to place the things that my son uses (and often helps himself to) at the front in the right corner so that he could reach them easy enough. Placing the things I use least often such as Soup Spoons, Dessert Spoons and Dessert Forks at the back corner. The drawer is designed for Table Spoons, Forks, Knives and Tea Spoons in that ascending order on the left moving towards the back of the organiser tray. I would personally and usually like to have my tea spoons at the front, so this is my only bug bear with the tray. Otherwise it has been a fantastic addition to my kitchen whilst I remain vigilant on how to save space and create better organisation in other parts of the room.

My completely reorganised drawer with Joseph Joseph organiser.

Overall I would like to rate the item 4/5✩

Would I buy it again? Yes

Would I recommend it? Yes

Overall the item is strong, durable and it fits the dimensions of my relatively small drawer which is excellent. I think the icons for the items should be slightly different on the left of this tray however. One of the main items we use in the United Kingdom is a tea spoon, it doesn’t make sense for these to be in the very back slot of the tray. Other than this I highly rate this organiser tray. You may have a larger kitchen and larger drawer than I have, in which case accessing the final part of the try might not be an issue for you. If you have a smaller drawer like me please check the depth of your drawer before buying, luckily mine was 8cm, but anything under 7cm will likely cause the cutlery to become stuck due to the angle of which they are laid out in the left side of the organiser. If you look at my photograph below you will see what I mean, and about the tea spoons disappearing at the back of the drawer. I actually may end up putting some with my sons cutlery at the bottom right corner for ease of access. I thought the cost was a little expensive but you are getting a branded item and it is of high quality in a manufacturing sense. The features are also good regarding the icons and the shape in which the tray is designed in which to maximise efficient use of space.

My Final Scores

Durability 5✩
Product Design 4✩
Product Cost 4✩
Features 5✩
Product Quality 5✩

My son can now safely help himself to anything in his designated section of the organiser.

Thank you for reading this product review today.

I hope you have a great rest of your week!

If you have questions about the product then please leave me
a comment and I will do my best to answer them.

See you again soon I hope!

✩ Sabrina ✩

January 2023 Treatbox Reveal and Review

The brand new year has begun and the first Treatbox UK box of 2023 landed on my doorstep. I had a few days off over New Year spent with my family, and then I began blogging again at the end of the first week of January. This is why this post is a little later than I would usually do them, however I needed a much deserved rest, and less hours looking at my screens.
I hope your year has started off well! Thank you for joining me today!

So let’s get on to this unboxing! I was hoping for some of the usual “start of the year” items in this box, such as a Journal or Calendar or a Planner, and I also hoped for the possibility of new things that we had not yet seen as well!

And guess what? I wasn’t disappointed! If you would prefer to watch my unboxing video, then you can find that by clicking here… otherwise please continue as I unbox the January 2023 Treatbox!

What was inside the January box?

January 2023 Monthly Calendar Print
2023 Treatbox Original Bound Calendar
Sheet of Stickers for Organising and Reminding
Treatbox Original A5 Print “The new year stands before us…”

Treatbox Original Notebook “Notes” – Blank White Pages
Stationery Pen – Colour Picked at Random – I received a White Pen
Pink Iced Shortbread Biscuit “You Got This”

Pink Velvet Hair Scrunchie

Let us now take a closer look at the products that were inside for January 2023.

What is my Honest Opinion

A lovely box with a well thought out design this month, the dusky pink throughout and a theme of moving forward with the start of the new year. A mix of organisation items and Treatbox original stationery, combined with some treats with the biscuit to eat and the scrunchie to wear.

The Calendar is of excellent quality and I have created a cardboard stand for mine to stand up on my desk, so that I’m able to keep track of everything with ease as the weeks go on. (See image below).
My favourite items are the Calendar, Stickers and the Scrunchie, but all of the items this month are useful and of good product quality. I also like the positive quote on the print this month too, because I personally (as a writer) do see every new year as new chapters ready to be written.

To see the Treatbox UK products in use please follow me on social media as they will feature regularly all month in my photographs and videos. This January box has been a lovely start to the year, and I look forward to the next box in February.

Thank you for reading this unboxing blog post, I hope you have a lovely January.

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Have a great weekend!

✩ Sabrina ✩

The Best of Treatbox UK for 2022

A Look Back at the Treatbox Monthly Subscription Boxes for 2022…

Treatbox UK is a subscription box and gift service in the United Kingdom that have some incredible products including in house originals. I have been subscribed to the Treatbox monthly box service since April 2016, and both the boxes and my Review skills have improved vastly since those initial days! I have also introduced a monthly video unboxing to my social media too.

Over the years I have been subscribed there have been some excellently executed themes and some stand alone boxes that made my heart sing with joy when opening them. After so many years of reviewing, I realised that I had never looked back on a year and blogged about it, so I thought why not start with December 2022 and look back at this year.

There have been several stand out boxes this past year, of course my opinion may differ to others, so I thought I would write a blog post and revisit all of the boxes of 2022 and tell you which my top four are and why. I will also mention my favourite item in each box of the year too. So without further ado lets take a quick look, in a photographic sense, of the twelve boxes from this year.


My Top 4 Boxes

The boxes that I think have been the best overall for both product quality and theme have been the November, October, May and March boxes.
The items were a good mix in these four boxes and I have either worn or used the products multiple times since receiving them.
I love receiving products that we have not seen before, and during 2021 we saw too many of similar items duplicated. However 2022 introduced new things, and new Treatbox originals such as Prints, Keyrings, Pins and Stationery. There were also several brand collaborations this year, such as the Craft Kits with Make Arcade and Socks too!
I would say that overall the boxes of 2022 have been excellent quality, well rounded and a good mixture of products throughout the year with very few duplications.

My Top Products of the Year

December Box – Reindeer Socks / Hanging Decoration
November Box – Coaster / Bookmark / Pin / Cards
October Box – Autumn Socks / Pumpkin Craft Kit
September Box – Shell Trinket Dish / Pen / Notepads
August Box – Recipe Journal / Adult Colouring Sheets
July Box – Smile Socks / Handcream
June Box – Monthly Planner / Bracelet
May Box – Mindfulness Cards / Journal / Quartz Moon
April Box – Craft Kit Umbrella / Socks / Shopping List Pad
March Box – Silver Daisy Earrings / Pin
February Box – Heart Pink Socks / Bag
January Box – Amazonite Bracelet / Bookmark

There is a theme here, I love the socks that come in Treatbox, and I am a huge fan of the Stationery, Planners and Notebooks and the like too. Anything that allows me to be Creative is also a winner for me.

What Do I Hope To See in Treatbox UK in 2023

There are a few items that I would love to see stay inside Treatbox for 2023, these include more Craft Kits, different Self Care items and an edible item in every box (preferably Vegan). We don’t always get something to eat, but even if it were a single wrapped piece of chocolate, or a sweet, it would still be edible. As I have said in my unboxing videos a few times this year, I like to have the following;

Something to Keep, Something to Use, Something to Do, Something for Self Care, Something to Wear, Something to Eat, Something to Drink, Something to Gift and Something to Appreciate.

Do you like my motto? I believe that this is what I personally would like to see every month. I realise there are 9 thing in my motto, Treatbox contains anything from 6 to 10 items depending upon their value. Most of this year we have seen 8 items in a box.

What I love most from Treatbox are the Positive aspects, Socks, Scarves, Stationery and Craft Kits, so I would be more than happy to receive these items inside future boxes. Other items I would like to see in the coming boxes would be things like Emery Boards, Nail Art or Skin Art such as Tattoo’s or Stickers.
A yearly planner inside a box is also a great thing, I am not so much into diary writing these days but I journal and keep a weekly planner, as well as a monthly house calendar (so we know what is what). Useful items are the key to making boxes great, because they last far longer than the edible or drinkable item, we need a good mixture of items of singular use and enjoyment versus an item used all month long and beyond.

So in summary, more of the same like this year, a great variety and high quality items, interesting themes and of course the usual Treatbox original staples like the socks and stationery!

June box Planner

Thank you for reading this blog post today, sorry it’s a long one! And I do hope that you have enjoyed looking back at a whole year worth of Treatbox UK with me.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, I cannot believe this is my final blog post of 2022 (or it would have been as I couldn’t submit it live as the website had issues) and I cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store! Hopefully more boxes and more product reviews! I also have some lifestyle things in the pipeline as well.

Have a great New Year!


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✩ Sabrina ✩