Severn Wishes First Giveaway

Giveaway03✩ ✩ ✩ Giveaway Has Now Ended Thanks To All Who Entered ✩ ✩ ✩

It’s time for my first ever giveaway! After 3 months of blogging I have been so pleased with how well my posts have been received and appreciated that I wanted to run this competition for my UK based followers.

I have been getting rather excited while gathering all these items together. I have won several competitions myself already this year, and I know what a great feeling it is to win something. Except this giveaway isn’t just something, it’s a great number of something’s most of which I have tried and/or reviewed myself!

So what can you win? There are the latest beauty items, some of my favourites from 2016 so far, even something edible that I’ve reviewed on my blog! I have also had some donations from a few very generous companies to put in this giveaway as well!

I will now list all of the items that one lucky follower will win below.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley Bar – Raspberry, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Flavour
This delicious medley bar contains dairy milk chocolate with dark chocolate chips, caramelised hazelnuts and freeze-dried raspberry pieces. It is super delicious, I recently reviewed this bar on my blog if you fancy reading all about it (with pictures).

Rimmel London – Mono Eye Shadow – Glam’Eyes in shade Posh Peacock
Bright blue eye shadow has been on trend this SS16 and I thought it would be awesome to give this colour a go if you hadn’t already tried it. This little mono shadow is a great handbag and makeup bag size too.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in the shade of Dragon Fruit pink
I hadn’t tried this new gel nail paint from Barry M so when I did manage to buy some for myself, I was so impressed with it that I wanted to give one away. I purchased this awesome bright pink colour as I thought it would look great in a contrast with the blue eye shadow I think.

Yankee Candle – Scent of Lavender – 8 hours of burn
Lavender is my favourite scent for calming down and relaxing after a long working week. This little candle will burn for around 8 hours and the smell is so strong that you can smell it even without burning it. I hope whoever wins the giveaway will enjoy this, whether it is burned in the bathroom to relax or burned in the living area to remove any smells of food. This is one of my personal favourites that I have included as a little relaxing pick-me-up for the winner.

Spectrum Brushes kindly donated from Spectrum Collections
If you haven’t owned a spectrum brush before you will hopefully be pleased with these two beauties! I have reviewed my personal collection on the blog already, if you fancy a read before hopefully winning these great products!
You can find Spectrum Brushes and all of their amazing products on their website
Prize231. A14 –Wing It – This brush is designed for applying gel, wax or powder to full eyebrows. The firm bristles allow for you to make precision application. Or it can be used for defining the lash line when putting on gel eye liner because the brushes pointed edge can help achieve a fabulous flick with a steady hand.
2. A08 – Happy Medium – This brush is great for all round use for applying all kinds of makeup to the eye area. Be it cream, powder and pigment eye shadow, they all work wonderfully well with this soft medium sized brush. Products can be applied with ease to build up the look on the whole eye lid. You can gradually build with one shade or use several to create a smooth and blended look.

Beautiful Flamingo Brooch donated from Lylia Rose
This stunning piece has been donated by the lovely UK company Lylia Rose. They specialise in beautiful gifts in their online boutique. You can find them on Twitter @LyliaRose or

Not only will you win this stunning brooch in a lovely white organza bag, but you will also receive a discount code for the Lylia Rose website, 15% off your own order!

Prize01This fantastic prize bundle totals over £30! And it could all be yours; all you need to do is follow the steps below in order to gain entry. Good luck!

Giveaway09Severn Wishes Giveaway

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3. Use the link below to gain your entries to the competition.

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The winner will be drawn at random by or on June 20th and will be contacted on social media. My main media outlet is Twitter so make sure you’re following on there so I can tag you if you win!

Thank you for entering, good luck!

★ Sabrina ★

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition is running from May 28th until June 19th 2016.
  • This giveaway is only open to entrants from the UK.
  • Severn Wishes reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice.
  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason, and all entries subject to verification.

Cup Cakes Tea Tray Review from Elephant Monkey

Back in April I won a lovely tea tray from Elephant Monkey who had a competition on Twitter. I just wanted to take some pictures of it’s great quality and show you all the lovely detail. Elephant Monkey have some really nice gifts and unusual items for sale which you wouldn’t necessarily find on the high street.

You can find Elephant Monkey on Twitter @Elephant4Monkey or on their website at

CupCakesI love the shabby chic and vintage style of this tray. It is very sturdy and the colours are vibrant. The detail in the flowers and the cupcakes really bring the piece to life. I feel very lucky to have won such a nice item, and it will be used in the summer months for sure when we have tea and cake to share.

Elephant Monkey packaged it excellently so it didn’t get damaged in the post, and I received it very quickly after I had won. Thank you again for such a nice item, I have a feeling it will be used for many years to come, and I have already had some compliments about how nice it is.


Call of Duty Black Ops III Review

BlackOpsReviewI have always enjoyed playing games that have unique and complex storylines. I love to get lost in the imagination of them, and feel as though I am inside the game and not just playing it. Having played some of the other Call of Duty campaigns I felt like this one would of course be similar, but I was wrong. Not only is this game graphically spectacular but I have found myself becoming so immersed in the action that all aspects of the world around me disappear for a time. The reason for this is because the gameplay is so intense at times, and concentration is paramount to succeeding.
There are times where the characters are running for their lives, and other times where they aren’t sure what is real and what is not. The futuristic characteristics of this campaign haven’t been used to this sort of depth in any of the other Call of Duty games, and I was blown away by the complexity and the seriousness to which the game needed to be completed.

13173354_10157011612900160_2132955822020891384_oThe developer Treyarch returns to this video game to show what three years of hard work can achieve, and I believe they have done a fantastic job with this one. Set in the future, where life is both dark and difficult, you find your chosen character immersed in a world filled with futuristic technology and robotics. Aspects that will play a huge role in the entirety of this game.

Cinematic cut scenes bring the story to life with cutting edge graphics that make you feel like it’s more reality than video game. As you’re taken through the campaign you discover the reasons why robotics are essential in the world that you currently reside and why warfare has taken a dark twist on Earth.

As for the levels and missions, they are your usual, make your way through the objectives, find the items and complete to the best of your ability as a gamer parts. But this campaign felt different. Not only were the levels full of complicated and futuristic features, but the characters went through scenarios, sometimes severe and often grim, only to continue on fighting for survival against low odds. What I also enjoyed was the fact that I could choose to be a female operative at the start of the game, this meant it felt more personal due to the fact I am a woman.

There is very little humour in this Call of Duty game, and parts of it actually made me squirm, either through visual situations that the characters found themselves in or through the circumstances that arose through choices you made during the game. I have to stress that this campaign and game as a whole is in no way suitable for children. Some aspects are both hard hitting and gruesome to watch. The adult themes which don’t just include violence and guns include death, causing peoples death through the characters own choice and experimenting on humans. During parts of this game I honestly felt like I was staring in my own horror movie. I must add that this isn’t a bad thing, it gave depth to a game which you thought was going to be a futuristic ‘find and kill the bad guys’ sort of gameplay. The depth to which the storyline has been written is incredible, and all involved should be very proud of creating a distinctive chapter in the Call of Duty franchise.

As someone who enjoys fantasy and science fiction, I thoroughly appreciated all of the attention to detail and the experiences that this game gives its players. It was vastly different from other Call of Duty missions and it was entertaining to complete. The gameplay itself was excellent; it was both easy to play technically and controllably. The game was difficult at times, but I do enjoy a challenge and often play on a medium mode not an easy one.

11259839_10157011613925160_5300913923010476242_o Throughout the game I couldn’t fault the onscreen view, everything was clear and concise, maps and objectives were all easy to understand and follow. The graphics were clear and routes were easy to determine. Even in scenes of chaos the game allowed you to know where to go, often combining your movements with those of other characters and objectives.

I only have one criticism of this game, and that would be the futuristic aspects including the three cybercores, (chaos, martial and control). This is because I was unaware that I needed to keep using the level points I was collecting from experience to unlock the extra abilities available to my character. This might have made the gameplay much easier in later levels if I had known there were sections that needed to be unlocked. During the initial missions you are trained to use the parts of your suit and body, but I didn’t realise that I needed to keep adjusting these on the menu to get unlocks for additional uses and skills. It’s important to tailor these for each mission, considering I always attempt the campaign on a difficult setting these are very important. There haven’t been such futuristic technologies included in call of duty before, and these can be rather useful. Providing you figure out how to use them and when best to use them, I can recommend using the training facility computer to try out which core upgrades suit your style of gaming the best.

Out of the three modes, Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies, I have put the majority of my time into the Campaign. I do enjoy aspects of the multiplayer but usually play it with friends. Zombies, are well… self explanatory I suppose, and you’ll either like it and play that part or it wont be for you. I think this game does have something for all first person shooter fans. I buy games like these for the storyline, and although complex and a little repetitive (with all the robotics) I did enjoy it and got totally immersed in it at times.

Overall it’s a game I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and I was very impressed by the content. I look forward to any future developments, but I do hope they go back to traditional warfare, and not all futuristic, although interesting, games should reach new heights to keep the consumers interested. Black Ops III was a graphically incredible game filled with sci-fi action and intriguing plot twists, but there was a lot of humans versus robots, and I think there is no harm in the producers going back to the roots of the originals sometimes. I will be interested to see what they bring out next, in a campaign manner.


Samples… We all receive them, in magazines, sent from companies when we purchase other things, or sometimes sent to us to use and review. But what do you actually think of them? And do you use them?

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to products, be that skincare, hair care or samples such as perfume or snacks. I do love to give a new item a try, but I can be a little wary if it’s a type I am not familiar with. I do have sensitive skin and often worry about trying something that could cause me a reaction.

A sample can be very useful if you already use the brand. Occasionally it can be a new product that you would not have purchased a full sized version of without having tried it first. And other times it is something you have never heard of, and you are expected to take a risk and try said item causing you to be out of your usual ‘sampling’ comfort zone.

Samples1My favourite type of sample to have is a skincare one. I always enjoy trialing out a new product, especially skin creams and foundation. I often sign up with companies when they request for people to be sent out initial samples to try, I am one of those thousand or so people who tried it (sometimes even less people are chosen) and I feel happy that I have contributed to a products review.

I actually remember when the Garnier BB Cream first hit the shelves a few years ago. I was one of the first to try it and had to give my feedback back to Garnier. When the adverts came out I knew my opinion had counted towards their figures, and it made me feel good about being one of the first people to use a product.

Another thing I love is that when you receive a sample, and enjoy it, sometimes it becomes part of your regular purchases. Without having that sample would you have ever discovered how great that item was?

A question to ask yourself now is, do you have loads of samples in a drawer somewhere that you’ve never used? If the answer is yes perhaps you could dig them out, see if there is one that stands out to you, and use it. You never know what the outcome might be, you could hate it, it might not suit you, but if you don’t take the chance you’ll never know.

Samples2I hope you have liked my opinions on samples, and I will admit, I’m going to take my own advice and use some of my recent freebies too!

I would love to hear whether you keep and use your free samples, or if you are very particular about what you do use. Or even if you just throw a lot of them out without ever giving them a try, what is your reason for that? I’m interested in reading your comments 🙂

★ Sabrina ★

Vita Coco Coconut Oil Review


Vita Coco – Coconut Oil – 100% Raw and Organic

I have been lucky enough to trial out a product recently that I have never used before. Not knowing what to expect, but having heard great things I was excited to see the results.
VitaCVita Coco sent me this fabulous box with a sample for me to use. Its description reads, ‘Eat It • Wear It • Swear By It’. Even before it arrived to me I already knew how I first wanted to use the coconut oil.

VitaCinBoxSWMy hair is naturally curly and can be quite dry. I have read about a number of celebrities who swear by regular coconut oil hair treatments. After doing some reading I decided on the best way to test if the product would work on my hair. I would photograph myself during the initial day of testing to determine visual differences. What I hoped to see was shiny and smoother hair after the first use.


The following set of images show the status of my hair during each aspect of this review, and I will then describe the final look and feel after the experience of using coconut oil.


This is how my hair would normally be, a mixture of waves and curls, and it usually has quite a lot of volume. It can often look messy and I have to tame it most mornings with spray.

Prior to applying I brushed my hair teasing out all of the curls and any knots so that it was easy to smooth the oil through. This next photograph shows my hair after the brushing; as you can see it’s quite frizzy and is certainly dry to touch.


Now for the product. I first applied the coconut through the lengths of my hair focusing mainly on the ends because that is where a lot of dryness occurs in my hair. I then tied my hair up and left the oil on my hair for the next 4 hours so that it could nourish it. I have considerably long hair but I didn’t use a great deal of the oil, it went a long way which was a nice surprise.

Once the 4 hours were up I washed my hair with my regular shampoo and conditioner and took gentle care when rinsing it.

When blow drying my hair I used a medium heat, and like I normally use with my hair type, a diffuser. Just scrunching my hair lightly as it dried, I could immediately feel the variation from a few hours earlier. This is the image I took after my hair was thoroughly dried.


As you can see from my images the difference is clear, my curls are more defined and the hair surface is shiny. I was also impressed with how soft my hair felt, even two days later it’s still soft to touch and I have found it to be more manageable.

I will definitely continue to use this product on my hair and I have decided that that will be once every fortnight, that should be enough to maintain the softness in my hair now that the warmer months have arrived.

VitaCJarSo what else can you use this coconut oil for? Cooking is one option, and I have a wonderful curry recipe that I plan to use it on. I would normally buy dried coconut but I think that the raw coconut may mix better and be more cost effective, because it’s so versatile in this state.

Another use is on the skin, if you have dry patches, and I will no doubt give that a try as well at some stage. I can imagine it being very handy in Winter. And I do plan to use it on my skin once I’ve finished making my hair look all the more amazing!

Not only that but I have also heard of people using this raw coconut as a makeup remover for more stubborn aspects of makeup, as well as for use when shaving your legs to achieve smooth and supple skin. Well in my opinion both of these things are worth a go regardless of the outcome, but there isn’t smoke without fire, people are using this stuff for all sorts.

The great thing about coconut oil in this form, is that it can go such a long way, a jar of this size will last you a while. And because it’s uses are so many, a jar of this product can live in your bathroom, your bedroom and your kitchen!

I want to thank Vita Coco for sending me this fantastic product, it will be a firm purchase of mine for the foreseeable future, and I’m so happy that I have had this opportunity to review it. It is fast becoming one of my regular products to use.

If you’re interested in purchasing this wonderful product you can find it at a majority of Boots stores.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, I know I have enjoyed trying something new!

★ Sabrina ★

My Geek Box Reveal and Review

I was offered a one off deal to purchase a ‘My Geek Box’ and so I ordered one for my husband in April. He’s almost as much of a geek as I am!

I have to say that I was initially unimpressed by the service. I wasn’t notified on the dispatch date of the box and ended up contacting the company to find out where my order had gotten to. I was told there was a specific dispatch date each month, and that my box would be sent out along with all the others. I still didn’t get an email from My Geek Box to notify me like they had promised, but the box did arrive eventually.

My husband was very pleased with two of the items, but the others weren’t his cup of tea. Not every geek is a DR Who fan, nor do all adults like 18 rated scary movies. He wasn’t happy with all of the items in the box, but felt that the one off amount that I had paid was still worth it for what he did like. He was a little puzzled why a plush toy would be included in an adult treat box, but there we are, each to his own!

Here is the reveal for you in pictures, so you can witness what it looks like to open a box from ‘My Geek Box’ yourself. This was what was given in an adult male treat geek box for the month of April 2016.

IMG_1298IMG_1299 IMG_1301 IMG_1303So to give an overall review of this product my husband says he would give the contents of the box an 8/10. This is because he loved the figurine and says the quality of the t-shirt is excellent. He won’t be keeping some of the items and I believe he is considering gifting them to friends at Christmastime. But he liked the little ghostbusters ghost plush, even though he is a little old to receive cuddly toys!

As for the overall service of ordering and receiving I would give the ‘My Geek Box’ brand a 5/10. The box itself is great quality, everything came well packaged and was in excellent condition. But the next paragraph will explain in more detail why I would score the company such a low score. And honestly it fell in my estimations as soon as there was a lack of communication since the placing of my order.

Disappointed is a good word for how I have felt while ordering and receiving this box. As most of you know now I love to do reveals, and thought this geeky one would have lots of fun and potential. But that wasn’t the case and I have since had to contact the company. The reason for this is because I was subscribed without my knowledge and consent. In order to prevent money being taken I have had to contact the company and cancel a subscription that I never agreed to.

I don’t want another geek box arriving, let alone every month, this box was a one off purchase to test the products for my blog. When I had purchased the box I requested 1 month only and this time was stated on my initial email order. Except that when I visited the site and logged into my account, it read that I was going to be charged a monthly fee for subsequent boxes. I wasn’t very happy about this, and want to warn anybody who does like the look of ordering these boxes, be careful what you sign up for. Always check your account after receiving the first installment to make sure nothing has been altered.

I have since been told that in order to place an order you get automatically subscribed, and it is then up to the customer to cancel the subscription. It even says on the box on the left side (see picture 3) that they are thanking you for subscribing… Having known this prior to placing my gift order I probably wouldn’t have done it. So just a word of warning, take full advantage of this great and geeky service, but make sure you keep an eye on your account with them, and cancel if you need to.

VLA Cosmetics and MAC Makeup Review


I was very lucky in April to win a competition from VLA Cosmetics. I won a beautiful Grape MAC makeup pigment. I couldn’t believe the colour of this makeup, it’s very pigmented.

MacFiveSWMacThreeMacFourMacTwoSWI’m very impressed with the colour because of how bold it is. As you can see on my swatch on my arm it’s a deep shade of purple, not as dark as it appears in bulk in the pot, but still a wonderfully bright shade. Although only a very small pot at 4.5g, I feel as though this makeup will go a long long way. I barely used any of the powder for the swatch and I know that with the correct brushes it can be blended well.

MacOneSWThank you to VLA Cosmetics who got the prize to me very quickly and well packaged as well. I am very happy with the product, and having not tried any MAC makeup before, I am impressed with the pigment.

Juice Burst Review

JuiceBurst4I have always been a fan of juices and smoothies, and any simple way that I can get nutrients into my body quickly. When I heard about Juice Burst drinks I wanted to try them and give a short review for those who may not have discovered them yet.

Based in Wednesbury in the Midlands, Juice Burst is a company who specialise in bringing healthy, less sugar fruit juice drinks to the people of Britain. They first became established back in 2001, and have since grown to become one of the leading brands of bottled fruit juices.

So what makes them so great? Well their modern way of manufacturing and filling means that Juice Burst contains no preservatives, only 100% pasteurised fruit juice, and all bottles are sealed to keep in the freshness.

JuiceBurst1Every one of the products counts as one of your five a day, and they are all smooth to drink and delicious too. Juice Burst have core flavours, and a new range of skinny drinks as well. These core juice drinks contain a lot of fruit juice and range from paired fruit perfections such as Orange and Passion Fruit, and the more unusual such as Blood Orange. As for the skinny options these have no added sugar and still contain enough fruit juice to be classed as one of your five a day.

JuiceBurst2I have been lucky enough to try some of these drinks, and I’m going to review some of them individually for you, outlining the nutritional information as well as what I thought of the flavours.


Blood Orange: This flavour surprised me, because I have previously drank very tangy and sometimes sharp flavours in a blood orange beverage. Instead I found that this Juice Burst version was smooth, full of a tangy citrus and orange taste. There are no bits what so ever in these drinks, and you end up enjoying them so much that they are gone soon after opening them.
This bottle mainly contains fruit juice from blood oranges. It contains 8.2g sugar if consumed in one go (500ml).

Peach & Passion Fruit: One of the skinny varieties from Juice Burst, this to me is a match made in fruity heaven! I cannot think of any flavours better suited to one another. This drink doesn’t disappoint with the right level of sweetness and citrus and tropical notes.
This bottle contains juices from apples, peaches, oranges and passion fruit, with some peach puree added in as well, this should be a good source of Vitamins A & C which are essential to the human body. It contains just 4.0g of sugar if the whole bottle is consumed (400ml).


Pomegranate & Blueberry: This skinny flavour from Juice Burst was deliciously sweet for such a low calorie drink, and the taste was tangy and crisp. I really enjoyed drinking it and I didn’t feel like it was in any way containing less sugar than the core beverages. This could be because Juice Burst add stevia, a naturally occurring sweet plant extract to it.
This bottle contains the fruit juice of white grapes, pomegranate, aronia, apples and blueberries. It is only 99cal per drink and contains 5.1g sugar if consumed in one go (400ml).

Overall these drinks are truly delicious and I would happily choose them as a fruit juice option for myself in the future. I hope you have enjoyed this review,, I know I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking them!

Should you want to find and taste a Juice Burst for yourself then look in your local WHSmith stores, Superdrug stores and also Costcutter shops to name but a few places they are available.

You can find out more about Juice Burst on their website and social media’s, including where you can purchase the drinks, information on flavours, and also where they get their fruit from, but trust me, it’s global and it tastes amazing!

Spectrum Brushes Review

Spectrum InstagramSpectrum Brushes are some of the most beautiful makeup brushes I have ever seen, no scratch that, they are definitely the prettiest I have seen! But what makes them so good? Well I decided I wanted to try them for myself and review them. So here I am in action, using these brushes and photographing them as I go, to give you an overall review of these unique looking products.

Spectrum10Being lightweight and soft the brushes are each designed for a specific makeup application. The shapes are specific to applying all kinds of makeup including Powder, Cream and Liquid. There are Eye Shadow, Foundation and Contour defining shapes as well as the general brushes for everyday use.

Spectrum04I kept hearing great things about the quality of these brushes from all over social media. And when I held them in my own hands and used them to apply makeup to my skin I could understand what all the fuss was about. Soft and shape specific, they made the application of my makeup products easy and precise.


The amount of detail that has gone into creating this range of brushes is excellent. Spectrum has used millimetre precision to adjust the shape of their brushes to ensure that even coverages and defined lines are achieved.

There isn’t just one Eye Shadow brush; there are 8 eye brushes in total that allow for blending and shading. Some brushes like the larger ones are designed for the application of a base colour; others such as the smaller brushes are shaped for the blend and the contouring around the eyes. There is also a 4 piece contour brush set available too.

The range depict ‘A’s for Application, ‘B’s for Blending and ‘C’s for Contouring, all of which are specific dependent on their shape and size for their role.

The brushes I have purchased for my beauty collection are;

A03 – So Oval You – This brush is designed for applying liquid and cream products to your skin. The firm brush bristles and oval shape mean you can achieve an even distribution of product and even application.

A05 – Blush Crush – A brush with angled bristles perfect for the application of blusher. This brush is designed for small amounts of product to be applied to the skin and built up using the brush to blend creating a natural looking finish.

A07 – Full Colour – This soft and fluffy short bristled brush is for blending colour, usually used for the application of eye shadow. The stubby shape means that you can easily build colour, perfect for smokey eye looks and high pigment coloured shades.

A08 – Happy Medium – This cute little brush is known as an all rounder. It can be used in a variety of makeup application from powders to creams to pigments. Designed for eye makeup this medium sized brush is large enough to create blended finished looks as well as building shade in all areas of the eye.

B06 – Blending Friend – A brush made for blending in eye makeup. Whether it is used for blending of colour or to build up a contour or a distinct look, this brush type is essential for those who wear regular eye makeup looks.


Overall I have found these brushes to be excellent. The quality and the appearance of them is like nothing I have tried or reviewed before. When using them to apply my makeup I found the feel to be soft and gentle but effective, and the quality with which the application is made is second to none. Each brush is designed to be used in its unique way, and when used correctly the look you can achieve is very professional.

Flawless makeup from Spectrum comes at no cost to animals, they pride themselves on selling products that are cruelty free and they are vegan registered. Made with synthetic hair all of Spectrum’s brushes are super soft to the touch. The hand crafted design allows for exceptional quality and durability, they really are the on trend beautiful brushes that offer professional performance for affordable prices.

Spectrum07I’m very pleased that I can add these stunning brushes to my collection, and I hope they last me for many years to come.
You can discover your favourites on the Spectrum website

Spectrum12If you have enjoyed this review then please feel free to leave me a comment, and look out for more beauty reviews and pictures including these brushes in use, coming soon…