Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review

ASCIf there is one saga of games that I truly enjoy playing it’s the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I started playing them on Playstation 3 and have since moved to a Playstation 4. The most recent game that I have played is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

The first thing that blew me away, within moments of starting this one, was how astounding the graphics were. Don’t get me wrong they have always been good, but the amount of detail in this particular game made it feel so much more realistic. I had read that before it was released Ubisoft did a lot of research to ensure historical accuracy, especially for the geography of the London boroughs used within this game. I was honestly blown away by the beauty and the features of this incredible piece of entertainment.

Like all the other games in the series they are rated eighteen and over. This is due to the violence, the language used, and the nature of the storyline. This game is not suitable for children and I don’t encourage anyone to allow children to see the violence and adult aspects that this game includes.

So what about the game itself? Well it’s all about the Frye twins, assassins who fight for the rights of the less privileged in 1868 London. It’s set during the industrial revolution and there are many new aspects to this new game. You can ride on and drive horse drawn carriages; there are trains, barges and new weapons to wield.

This historical lead work of fiction includes real world figures such as Charles Darwin and Karl Marx included in the extra missions in the special edition that I have. If you enjoy completing extra side missions and quests then this is the style of game for you.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate takes many hours to complete, if you go through London with the purpose of completing areas to one hundred per cent capacity. I personally try to accomplish games on the whole, and you really have to get stuck in to finish this saga. Parts of the game take skill both as a player and as a problem solver, and I enjoy these aspects because they keep things interesting.

Twists that occur within the storyline part of this game keep making it appealing to play. By attracting the players with wonderful graphics and great missions, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is one of my favourite games in the franchise so far. If you have played and enjoyed any of the previous ones in the series then I can recommend this game to you.

In the previous game, Assassin’s Creed Unity, there were co-op missions to complete within a multiplayer aspect of the world. I was disappointed that this feature wouldn’t be available in the new game. However there are so many things to do and complete, I was happy enough to just play on and finish missions on my own. Having no multiplayer actually made me focus more so on the sequence I was doing, and you don’t have to rely on others then, to complete the game to its maximum potential.

The reasons that make this game great in my mind are; more detailed graphics, historical accuracy, new modern era assassin elements, addition of extra side missions (such as races and fight clubs) and modern weapons.

Overall I highly recommend this game and I will conclude this review with some more (non-violent) screenshots of my gameplay for you to see.


Clinique Super Primer and Beyond Perfection Foundation and Concealer Review

Clinique have been giving away samples of their most recent foundation to be released. This Beyond Perfecting Foundation is both that and a concealer in one which allows for complete coverage.

I decided to give this makeup a go, but having never used the clinique brand before I didn’t have much to compare it to. So I will be reviewing it as an individual product and will conclude with whether or not I would then purchase the full item.

Clinque1SWHaving made a specific journey into my local store to get the samples I had inquired about, I was a little disappointed that the shade I needed had all been given away. Luckily the dispenser had a slightly pinker sample than my tone, or a sample that was one shade darker than my natural complexion.

In the end she gave me both, so that I could blend the two together for a shade closer to my skintone. And she also gave me a lovely primer sample for my trouble.

When I used the primer it was actually great, lovely and light on the skin and once dried I wasn’t even aware that I had put any on.

I decided to mix the foundation samples in a small pot and then apply them with a cosmetic sponge. I did find that the application was smooth, however once it began to dry fully in places it caught on areas of my face. My eyebrows and edge of my nose looked especially bad, with small clumps of foundation. I made sure that I put it on sparingly because the product went a long way, and it blended well over all.

MeWithCliniqueAs you can see in this image the tone is slightly too dark for my skin tone, but I made it work. And this test was more to see how my usually sensitive skin reacted to a new foundation, rather than to match the shade completely. I have to be careful when I introduce new products to my body.

My skin didn’t react to the foundation at all, which is a relief when the clinique brand prides itself on being allergy tested. What I did find the next two days though, was that my skin felt oily, which is a rarity for me. I normally have dry skin or normal skin that can be prone to red patches and is easily irritated. But the day after this testing, I chose to put nothing on my skin because I woke up with an oily forehead.

I normally moisturise every day, but for a whole forty eight hours I didn’t put anything on my skin, and I needed to use my micellar water several times after this testing to remove excess oil.

The look of the foundation is good if you don’t get too close, and it was durable too because after nearly a whole day it took a decent amount of wipes to get it all off.
I found in certain areas it exaggerated my pores and that is a pet hate of mine when it comes to foundation. Look at my cheek and forehead in the image below, and you’ll see what I mean.
And like I described above I didn’t like the way my skin felt after I had used it either.

So the question remains, would I purchase this foundation brand? The answer is no. I don’t think that this product is suitable for me. Obviously there will be those out there who love the brand, and it’s each to their own in cases like these. I love my Rimmel London products although nothing is perfect, I think when you find something that works for you, it’s hard to try other things. But I’m always open to giving new items a go, and I gave clinique my full attention for the day I tested it. I will continue to sample other foundations in the hope of ever finding my dream coverage, but sadly this foundation just isn’t it.

My final review for this makeup item is:
Effectiveness 3/5
Quality 3/5
Durability 4/5

Learning To Bake One Brownie At A Time

I don’t know about you, but I love to cook. Not every meal and not every single day, as I’m sure we all enjoy take out on occasion. But seriously, I do love cooking. I’ve never been a very good baker, which is something that I wanted to change.

My main inspiration in my cooking life has always been my Nan. When I was younger she taught me all about the kitchen, and got me started on some staple meals that I would remember for the rest of my life. I can cook a lasagne, a casserole or even a curry from memory, and I love experimenting with new flavours.

Once I had the meals of hers like these in my heart as well as my stomach, I knew I would cook them often and enjoy them. But the one thing I have always struggled with was baking, be it cakes or other savoury treats, most puddings just evaded my cooking talents.

Trial and error is one of the only ways to beat the baking I have found. I have baked countless cakes and puddings that haven’t ended up being edible, and after a certain number you almost don’t want to waste anymore of your time and money. For a good while I didn’t cook puddings, then I tried an apple crumble again (a different recipe) and I began to bake with chocolate again too.

I found a recipe for triple chocolate brownies recently. I think a good recipe can make all the difference, especially if you are a self-taught cook. When I cooked these particular brownies to my surprise it was a complete success! I haven’t put that down to me though. All I was doing was following the recipe step by step, and I based the cooking time solely on my oven and not on the recipes parameters. I was so pleased with the result that I plan to make some more, and that has never happened to me before with any other aspect of my baking.

So the finished result, needless to say I am just a little bit proud of them. Oh, and they didn’t last long, so I did something right! And I will definitely be making them again… Soon…

So what is the moral and the reason that I have written this blog post today? To say to all of you out there who say you can’t cook, I’m here to say you can!
I can now proudly say that I don’t bake well but I can bake something! And that leap is something we can all achieve, if we just try…


Missguided Navy Bodycon Racer Dress Review

Missguided are a forward thinking fashion brand who believe in people getting the latest trends for the best possible prices. I first began shopping with them in 2014, and I’ve been pleased with all of the purchases I have made from them.

Recently I needed to refresh the everyday looking dresses for my wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of darker colours which include Navy, Red and Black. Although I began looking for something lighter when I was browsing I fell in love with the style of this particular dress. The Bodycon style Racer dress from Missguided comes in several colours, but I chose navy blue for myself. The dress wasn’t expensive at all, and I always have the quality of the material in the back of my mind when ordering clothes online that you cannot feel for yourself yet.

The dress I chose to buy is of Bodycon shape which hugs your curves and typically has narrow straps and a high neckline. I often choose this style for my body because it’s more flattering, and luckily this great dress looked good as soon as I tried it on.

MeInNavyRacerDressAs you can see in this image the dress is a lovely length, it ends just above my knees. The material is soft and is not too thin (I was worried about it being see-through) and it’s a flattering shape even on my thin frame. Even the cat liked it (she sat behind me and gave me a meow of approval).

I would happily wear this dress throughout the warmer months, I feel it can be a lovely summer dress when paired with flats or sandals. Or it could even be dressed up with some jewellery, accessories and a pair of high heels for a more glamorous look.


So overall I’m happy with my most recent purchase from Missguided and I would buy from them again. A good experience is worth so much, even more so if the items are better than what you expected.

My final review for this piece of clothing is:
5/5 for comfort
4/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
5/5 for value

Here is the link to the Missguided website if you’re interested in looking at this dress or anything similar.


Spring Cleaning and De-cluttering your Home

SpringCleaningSWSpring Cleaning

Most of us will dislike the prospect of a spring clean around the home, but it can be very beneficial. Not only do we clear out our drawers and cupboards of unwanted items, but we make space for the new. And there is a certain satisfaction that I always get, when you look at how tidy and clean something is. In this blog post I’m going to be outlining three ways in which I have had a spring clean in my own home, and the ways I like to de-clutter too.

Here is one example of spring cleaning for you. No doubt we all have that one drawer in the kitchen where everything miscellaneous goes. If you have one of these suspects in your house, why not take half an hour on the weekend to go through it and clear it out. No doubt there will be old takeaway menus, receipts, sauce sachets and out of date items that can all be disposed of. Recycle what you can and make some space for this year’s items. Elastic bands can come in handy to separate areas inside the drawer, or an old cutlery tray if you have a spare. It depends what you use your kitchen drawer for, but if you need to divide the items, you can make the space work to your advantage. If you have things like old Tupperware boxes to get rid of, ones without lids can be especially useful. They’re great for storing sauce sachets in or small bits that would otherwise get lost. Line them up alongside your neatly stacked takeaway menus, and fill them with bits you find that need keeping.

Another example that could usually do with going through is your medicine cabinet, or your bathroom cupboard, wherever you keep the majority of your toiletries. Most of us don’t realise how much we accumulate, so here is a handy tip from me to you, for spring cleaning the lot and then keeping it tidy. You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen, a plastic bag for all the bits that need to be thrown away, and another plastic bag for items that can be recycled such as empty bottles and boxes.
First of all you need to empty the drawer, the shelf, the unit or what have you, and lay the items out. (I would do this on an old towel so if anything is sticky it doesn’t make a mess). Make a list of all the things you can keep, that are in date and appropriate. Throw away any medicines that are out of date, same goes for any products that may have gone bad. A good tip is to smell them and look inside to see if they have gone solid or a funny colour, if you aren’t sure then bin them. And cleaning the area down you can put the items back into place, and stick the list you just made on the inside of the door or along the side of the items. That way you won’t need to search the whole thing when trying to see if you’ve got a product, you simply consult the list.
You may also need to make a list now of the items that need replacing, but first ask yourself this, if the products you’re throwing out have been in there a long time, do you need to replace them at all?

My final spring clean idea comes from something I actually do on a three month basis. Kitchen cupboards! It’s a good idea to rotate the items on your shelves, to make sure nothing is going out of date, especially if you have a lot of boxes such as cereal and biscuits that easily go stale. It sounds simple enough, but a lot of people just refill the empty parts of their kitchen when they go shopping and don’t bring the older items out and place them to the front. We are all guilty of this, especially if we don’t have the time due to family and other commitments. But even if you just do this seasonally, you might save yourself some money. And you may also find a nice food or drink item you forgot all about at the back of your ‘adult food only’ cupboard… Making a list of what foods you have while putting them away can also help you to save on your next weekly shop. Towards the end of each month, it can be a good idea to write a meal plan, and use up any foods that might already be opened or close to a use-by date. This all contributes to a clean out and a use up of products we may have had to throw out. Saving money and making space in your kitchen.

StorageSolutions1SWWays to De-clutter and Save Space

As human beings we often accumulate things and eventually run out of space. So if your home is in need of a tidy up then hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration. And there are ways it can be done without throwing everything out.
If you’re a person like me who keeps a lot of things but wants everything to still be neat and tidy, it can be difficult to find a happy compromise. I have found that making the most of any given space needs to be worked out before deciding where to put things.
So here are my top ways in which to de-clutter, maximise and save space in all aspects of your home.

One example I used recently to save space while doing my yearly wardrobe clear out, was to remove the thicker items and fold them up. I placed all thick trousers such as jeans, and thick jumpers, in a drawer instead of letting them take up hanging space. By folding and rolling them neatly and using good special awareness, you can maximise your wardrobe space. Obviously throw things out if you no longer fit in them or they are too worn, and it’s always good to give what you no longer want to a charity or a homeless shelter too if you can.

Something else that is really handy for wardrobes, especially if you have spare space at the bottom, is collapsible boxes! Ikea is just one of the many places who sell these and I think they are amazing! You buy them flat packed, and then use the zip and folding sides to create the three dimensional box. They come in a range of sizes and colours, and can be used to store all sorts of items.
I use mine for scarves, hats, as well as summer clothes. I also use some smaller versions of them for belts and other accessories that I don’t wear often too.
These great storage solutions allow you to be organised without things getting tangled together. By using a variety of coloured boxes you would always know which box to reach for when you need something.


Another wonderful thing that Ikea do is drawer dividers. These are similar to the boxes I mentioned above, but on a much smaller scale. They can be used to separate items in drawers. Socks, underwear and makeup products are just some of the ways I use mine to organise things in my largest chest of drawers. They can be great also in a bedside unit because that’s one of the places so much miscellaneous stuff can accumulate in over time, they allow for you to organise items in a much neater way.

If you’re after some sturdier boxes, either for children’s items or preferably ones with lids on, then look no further than the ‘really useful boxes’ company. They have a great selection of boxes, some small enough to store buttons and jewellery inside, others so large you can store them under beds or in the loft space. We have a huge number in our house, used in all sizes and for all manner of things. One thing I do love is that they are really strong and durable and also easily stackable.


Another item that I purchased recently in order to save space was a storage mirror from Argos. This fantastic piece of furniture doesn’t take up a lot of room because it has its own stand, and it has a great deal of storage space inside for all manners of jewellery and accessories.
There are many pieces out there for purchase that can be useful in smaller homes, perfect if you need more space for items that you don’t want laying about on surfaces.
I can recommend this mirror very highly for both quality and price, I couldn’t believe how much storage there was inside, it’s size has really been used to maximum effect.


My final way in which I save space is to de-clutter the paperwork in my life once a year. It’s amazing how much space thin pieces of paper take up when put together. If you’ve had receipts and statements for more than a few years you can normally get rid of them unless you have some sort of warranty with an item, such as electronics. We all keep so much and accumulate so many things in our lives, by taking an hour or so every few months, we can maximise our space and clear out what we no longer need.

If you need any more encouragement to have a clear out then look for local charities and shops who are after donations of toys and clothes, and see if you can do your bit for your local area.

I hope you have found some inspiration in this post, and can now creatively save space and de-clutter your homes.

BooHoo Feather Lace Overlay Skater Dress Review

boohoofeatherdressWhen it came to picking an outfit for the 2015 Christmas festivities I was underwhelmed by what I had in my wardrobe. I just wanted some new and of good quality material so I wouldn’t have to layer up if it was cold.

I searched through the internet in my lunch break at work and came across this dress from BooHoo. Even though I wasn’t looking to wear black, it had stunning detail on the piece of material from the waist up. The model looked great in their pictures and I just thought, that looks like the dress for me. I like skater dresses because of my figure, and hoped it would be as flattering on me as it was her.

BooHooFeatherDressDetailSWWhen the dress arrived I was so pleased with the quality of the fabric. Not only that but the feathers were so intricately sown on it looked far more expensive than its price tag. As you can see from my photograph, this dress has a lot of pretty sewn on white feathers, which almost look three dimensional from a distance. The dress itself was a thick material, especially the skirt part which started from the waist underneath where the mesh/lace with the feathers ended.

The dress was both comfortable to wear and warm as well. I paired it with knee high boots and a black shrug and I was more than content in this outfit. I received lots of nice compliments about it and felt I had made the right style decision for my figure.

After I had worn the dress I obviously washed it and thankfully I lost none of the detail. (Make sure you always wash items like this inside out to stop any detail snagging). I would happily wear this dress again at any time of the year.

Overall I am ecstatic with my purchase from BooHoo and I can recommend their dresses, this is not the first one I have purchased.
My final review for this piece of clothing is:
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
5/5 for value

This dress is still available from but only in limited sizes. I am adding the link for you here if you’re interested in looking at it further.

The Products I Use In My Daily Make-up Routine

Women often get asked what their daily routine consists of, so today I have arranged and photographed the contents of my makeup bag for you beauty enthusiasts to have a nose at!

All of the products that I use on an almost daily basis are outlined below. I am going to explain why it is that I use these items and what my honest opinion about them is.

No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm with SPF15
I received this little BB Balm in a set at Christmastime and I was surprised what a lovely shade of pink it turned out to be. I wear this if I want a little bit of colour on my lips but I don’t want to wear a full on lipstick. It’s ideal for shopping and work, a subtle shade and it will protect lips from the sun. I hope the next time I get a No7 gift set there will be one of these inside.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Iconic 3
This is by far one of my favourite palettes. I’m a brunette and have hazel eyes, so the brown, gold and pink shades work perfectly with my complexion and eye colour. This eye shadow is good quality and are not expensive to buy. Unless I need a specific shade to match an outfit, I usually wear the range of colours in this palette. I can recommend both the brand and the size of these eye shadows, they last a good while and the palette is thin enough to pop into most decent sized make-up bags. Makeup Revolution London does a range of them, and they bring out new ones often too.

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Black
I have being using Rimmel London eyeliners since I was a teenager. I find the quality to be good and they go far. Black is the colour that I normally use to make my eyes stand out more. Not as an everyday look but if I were going out on date night or out in the evening. I would create this look with the pencil and smoky eye shadow to compliment the outfit.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer
This little bottle of concealer goes a long way and hides blemishes and dark circles in a matter of seconds. It blends well and I find it to be a staple piece to use when applying my make-up. (I did a review of this and the foundation, see my beauty section).

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Waterproof) in Black
Another staple product that I always reach for is my Max Factor mascara. Not only do I normally wear waterproof to save myself looking like a panda after a long day at work, but I also choose this brand because of the items consistent good quality. I find that this mascara lasts me a long time, because you don’t need to apply a lot of it to get a nice result.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation
This foundation is fantastic because it not only blends brilliantly, it covers so well. Dark circles and red patches disappear as you smooth this lightweight foundation over your skin. Now I’m not someone who uses a foundation every day, especially if I’m not leaving the house. And I have found that this one doesn’t make my pores feel clogged after using it. (See my individual review for more on this product). It is my current favourite to use when I am in need of applying an overall coverage to my face.

No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream
This lightweight cream is perfect for a daily moisturiser and gives SPF15 protection to the skin. I use this every morning unless I’m planning a mask or a cleanse. This product works well for my skin, which can sometimes be sensitive, and allows me to use it in confidence. These are the smaller versions I have that go in my handbag and travel bag. My main creams are large tubs that live in the bathroom. It’s great that No7 have these products in a range of sizes, very convenient.

No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream
I will be completely honest with you, I don’t always apply my night cream, and that is because I don’t like to overload my skin. Moisturising is very important, but you don’t want to make your skin oily because you mess with it too much. With my skin being sensitive, I normally only moisturise at night, two to four times a week. Normally on nights that I haven’t had to get a lot of make-up off my skin first.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder
Would you believe me if I told you I had been using this product for ten years? Well I have been. I adore this powder, it’s not only quick and easy to apply, but it gives a nice coverage so if I have any breakouts or any red patches, they quickly get blended away. I use it most days, and it’s the one thing that I do apply to my skin after moisturising so that I have more colour in my skin tone.

Other products that I use that are not shown on my photograph are:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I use this wonderful water to remove dirt and makeup from my skin, and use it every day to generally clean any impurities off my face and neck. I haven’t tried any other Micellar water related brands because I’m so happy with Garnier, it suits my skin (because it is designed with sensitive in mind).

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream For Dry & Sensitive Skin SPF15
I normally use Nivea face and hand creams in the colder months, because I can suffer from dry skin. While moisturising daily this is reduced to only a handful of days out of the season, and occurs especially if I have spent time outside in a cold biting wind. When I notice the start of any dry skin patches, I reach for this cream, and within a few days my skin is back to its normal behaviour and I am free to use my No7 products again. But Nivea is a brand that I trust, and I have used them since I was a teenager, for face and hand creams as well as body lotions.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm
This little lip balm lives on my bedside table, and I put it on my lips every night to keep them soft. I use it all year around and I always have one in my handbag as well, for when I want to protect my lips but I don’t need any colour on them.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about the products that I use. There are so many choices out there, and I think we all know when we have found a favourite, we tend to stick with it. Well I do anyway! I’ve been buying some of the same products for ten years, and I have no shame. The companies must be doing something right if we are all going back for more.

Funko Reveal


Funko is a company from the United States who originally began with the bobblehead back in 1998. Funko now holds hundreds of different licences which allow them to create toys and collectibles in all manner of characters. Funko can now be found in stores worldwide and they have a fantastic social media presence as well. This is how I came to know about them, I was always looking to get some Pop! characters.

I was extremely lucky to win one of their Twitter competitions a few weeks ago, and when my Funko box arrived by airmail this week I couldn’t wait to open it! I knew it was going to be a Batman related prize, but I had no idea he was going to be this cute!


Here is my Batman Dorbz Ridez! My own little Batman in his very own batmobile! Designed for the new Batman VS Superman movie, this vinyl collectible contains a happy looking batman who is fully kitted out with his ride. This particular collectible is released in the United Kingdom from April 10th 2016, so I am even more lucky for receiving mine before anybody else.


I have decided not to open him up, I want to keep him in pristine condition. Plus he seems lovely and snug in his batmobile already.


A huge thank you to Funko for sending me this wonderful prize, I am over the moon with it, and he is going to have pride of place on my shelf along with my super hero movies and games.

New Mascara Comparison and Review

I have decided to purchase two new mascaras this month. I would always buy Max Factor False Lash Effect, and have done for about seven years or so. It really works for me, but there comes a time when something new catches your eye and you think, I just have to give that a go…

Deciding upon which two new mascara’s I was going to try out was tricky because I have seen some fantastic adverts lately. I wanted to give Max Factor a go because of the loyalty I have to them for the number of years I have purchased their products. So my first choice became their new Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara. This latest product sees a new style of brush which is meant to lift your lashes and add a dual application, all in a single stroke. The bristles are supposed to separate lashes while the fins grip them to add more volume.

My second choice comes down to the fact that I use their foundation and other products on an almost daily basis. Rimmel London has recently released the Supercurler Mascara which not only claims to be 24 hour wear, but also builds dramatic curl with a unique brush. The eye-shaped brush of this mascara is a perfect shape for the eye which allows for mistake free application. It has a formula that pushes the lashes up into a curve that is meant to last the whole day.


So here are my two mascara’s and also a picture of my lashes with no products on them (before I show you my ‘after applying’ them photographs) and both of them are the generic black colour.

Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect had a brush that certainly had enough product on to coat my lashes; I didn’t need to refill the applicator while I was combing it through my lashes. It was able to get across my lashes well, and then I used the end of the wand to get into the lashes in the corner. The overall look was good although I didn’t feel like it pulled my lashes up as much as the original False Lash Effect had done. As for wear, it has stayed on all day and is only just starting to flake (12 hours).

Rimmel London’s Supercurler Mascara had the unique eye brush which was great to use, it really did fit into my lashes and pull them up gently. The brush coated well and lifted as I did this, getting right into the corners of my eye with ease. It didn’t coat my lashes as well as the Max Factor mascara had done, but the application itself was smooth and clump free due to the brushes design. It was much easier to apply and I found it to keep my lashes curled up all day (approximately 12 hours).


I have labelled this next photograph so you can see which eye I have used which mascara on. As you look at my eyes the right has Max Factor on my lashes and the left eye has Rimmel London on my lashes. By comparing the two you can see that the Max Factor has coated my lashes better, they are darker and defined in a bolder manner, a tiny amount of clumps. The Rimmel London mascara has curled my lashes up high and achieved a curl throughout and they are also defined with no clumps.

Overall I like both of these products for different reasons. If I wanted to go for a glamorous look I would use the Supercurler mascara because I believe it gives me a wider and brighter eyed look. However the Max Factor mascara gives me a darker lash and a bolder look, which can look great with a smoky eye shadow, when paired with a dark outfit. Here are my ratings for the main aspects of the products.

Rimmel London Supercurler Mascara
Value for Money 5/5
Effectiveness 5/5
Quality 5/5

Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara
Value for Money 4/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Quality 5/5

Which mascara should you try? Well that is up to you, I’m just giving my opinion on two of the many great mascara’s available to us here in the UK. We are all different, and we all want different things from our make-up. I will definitely use both of these great products over the next few months, and then I will decide which I prefer to be an everyday item. I hope you have enjoyed seeing this comparison.

National Fragrance Day

In honour of National Fragrance Day I thought I would show you what my 3 favourite perfumes are and why I love them.

The first is the wonderful and delicate Emporio Armani Diamonds which I normally wear on date night. I did a little research today to find out why it could be that I loved this scent so much. Well it turns out the top notes of this particular perfume are Lychee and Raspberry (I love to eat raspberries). The flower scents include Lily of the Valley, Roses and Freesia. Even though this perfume was launched in 2007 I didn’t add it to my collection until 2012, and it’s still very popular it seems.


My second go-to scent for days out is the gorgeous Giorgio Armani ‘Acqua di Gioia’. This is a perfume that as soon as I had smelt it I wanted it. Sometimes a scent just suits you, well this is mine. Launched in 2010 I bought this scent that same year after sampling it in a local store. The top notes of this scent include Mint leaves (crushed) as well as Jasmine, and it has an aquatic heart note too.


And my final perfume that I normally where on a night out is Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’. I have always adored the original, which came out in 2006. My (now husband) partner had bought it for me, I think for a birthday, and as soon as I opened it I was smitten with the scent. This perfume has top notes that include Bergamot, Lychee and Peach. As well as these it’s heart notes of Madonna lily, exotic fruits, Jasmine and Plum, and base notes of Vanilla and Musk. Over all a very complex perfume compared to my other favourites it seems.


So it we can see from my favourites that a pattern emerges. I like perfumes that smell of Roses and Lily’s and whose top notes often include Jasmine and Raspberries. It is very interesting when you dissect the items from your routines, and perhaps something to think about when it’s time to try a new perfume.

Happy National Fragrance Day every one.