Vita Coco Coconut Oil Review


Vita Coco – Coconut Oil – 100% Raw and Organic

I have been lucky enough to trial out a product recently that I have never used before. Not knowing what to expect, but having heard great things I was excited to see the results.
VitaCVita Coco sent me this fabulous box with a sample for me to use. Its description reads, ‘Eat It • Wear It • Swear By It’. Even before it arrived to me I already knew how I first wanted to use the coconut oil.

VitaCinBoxSWMy hair is naturally curly and can be quite dry. I have read about a number of celebrities who swear by regular coconut oil hair treatments. After doing some reading I decided on the best way to test if the product would work on my hair. I would photograph myself during the initial day of testing to determine visual differences. What I hoped to see was shiny and smoother hair after the first use.


The following set of images show the status of my hair during each aspect of this review, and I will then describe the final look and feel after the experience of using coconut oil.


This is how my hair would normally be, a mixture of waves and curls, and it usually has quite a lot of volume. It can often look messy and I have to tame it most mornings with spray.

Prior to applying I brushed my hair teasing out all of the curls and any knots so that it was easy to smooth the oil through. This next photograph shows my hair after the brushing; as you can see it’s quite frizzy and is certainly dry to touch.


Now for the product. I first applied the coconut through the lengths of my hair focusing mainly on the ends because that is where a lot of dryness occurs in my hair. I then tied my hair up and left the oil on my hair for the next 4 hours so that it could nourish it. I have considerably long hair but I didn’t use a great deal of the oil, it went a long way which was a nice surprise.

Once the 4 hours were up I washed my hair with my regular shampoo and conditioner and took gentle care when rinsing it.

When blow drying my hair I used a medium heat, and like I normally use with my hair type, a diffuser. Just scrunching my hair lightly as it dried, I could immediately feel the variation from a few hours earlier. This is the image I took after my hair was thoroughly dried.


As you can see from my images the difference is clear, my curls are more defined and the hair surface is shiny. I was also impressed with how soft my hair felt, even two days later it’s still soft to touch and I have found it to be more manageable.

I will definitely continue to use this product on my hair and I have decided that that will be once every fortnight, that should be enough to maintain the softness in my hair now that the warmer months have arrived.

VitaCJarSo what else can you use this coconut oil for? Cooking is one option, and I have a wonderful curry recipe that I plan to use it on. I would normally buy dried coconut but I think that the raw coconut may mix better and be more cost effective, because it’s so versatile in this state.

Another use is on the skin, if you have dry patches, and I will no doubt give that a try as well at some stage. I can imagine it being very handy in Winter. And I do plan to use it on my skin once I’ve finished making my hair look all the more amazing!

Not only that but I have also heard of people using this raw coconut as a makeup remover for more stubborn aspects of makeup, as well as for use when shaving your legs to achieve smooth and supple skin. Well in my opinion both of these things are worth a go regardless of the outcome, but there isn’t smoke without fire, people are using this stuff for all sorts.

The great thing about coconut oil in this form, is that it can go such a long way, a jar of this size will last you a while. And because it’s uses are so many, a jar of this product can live in your bathroom, your bedroom and your kitchen!

I want to thank Vita Coco for sending me this fantastic product, it will be a firm purchase of mine for the foreseeable future, and I’m so happy that I have had this opportunity to review it. It is fast becoming one of my regular products to use.

If you’re interested in purchasing this wonderful product you can find it at a majority of Boots stores.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, I know I have enjoyed trying something new!

★ Sabrina ★