Product Review of Spectrum Collections Jet Setters Malachite Brush Set

When it comes to makeup brushes your skin deserves the best. I have tried many brands over the years of being a product reviewer, and I have to say that the Spectrum Collections brushes are the best. Not only are they made to a high standard of quality they are also Vegan. The brush bristles are super soft and they are created cruelty free too.

At the end of 2021 I ordered myself the Jet Setters Set, but with my health being bad and I was awaiting surgery that kept being postponed, I didn’t feel up to wearing any makeup let alone testing a new product. I got my surgery in May 2022 and after a six month recovery I started to finally feel a bit more like myself again. This meant reaching for the makeup products once again.

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When I finally got around to opening up this set I decided to video doing it. You can watch this over on my Instagram if you would prefer to, and that video is here Severn Sabrina.

The quality is always so impeccable with Spectrum Collections, this set has been sat in the box it was delivered in and not touched for over a year. Yet it was like they had sent it yesterday, with the brushes soft and everything still perfectly aligned inside. Proving that quality remains even if the brushes are unused for a time after you buy them. (Remember to clean your brushes regularly folks!).

Even the packaging with its vibrant green was stunning as I carefully removed the plastic. Everything got recycled afterwards and the brushes remain safe inside the PVC-free set case.

There was more than enough room in the case, I found, for the makeup you required and even additional items such as toiletries, with the brushes safely housed on the other side so nothing gets squashed.

This brand always gets a thumb up from me for being a small run UK business and now they are taking on the globe! But they remain Vegan and Cruelty Free in the manufacturing and practices and that is a huge tick from me, if it’s Vegan I will test it.

My Honest Opinion of the Malachite Jet Setters Set.

Overall I would like to rate the set 5 stars.

Brush Quality 5✩
Design Features 5✩
Packaging 5✩
Originality 5✩

Functionality 5✩
Durability 5✩

Details about Malachite Jet Setters.

The Malachite Jet Setters is an 8 piece set of brushes all houses in a two tier vegan leather bag. This is zipped with two compartments, one for the brushes and one for all your makeup and cosmetics.
Ideal for weekends away and going on holiday, with enough space for everything you need.
Made Vegan and Cruelty Free with a PVC-free bag too.
The brushes included are;

  • B01 – Buffing Foundation 
  • C03 – Tulip Powder
  • A05 – Angled Cheek
  • B08 – Magic Wand perfect for highlighter and setting powders
  • B06 – Tall Tapered Blender
  • B04 – Angled Shader
  • A16 – Precision Crease
  • A24 – Double Ended Brow Styler

RRP £59.99 but as of June 30th 2023 it is £35.99 (price correct as of date of blog publication).

Link to the Spectrum Collections Website OR straight to the Link for Malachite Jet Setter Set

✩ ✩ ✩

Thank you for reading this product review today, I hope you have enjoyed it. As I mentioned at the start you can scroll back through all my Spectrum reviews and don’t forget to click on the link and get your 15% off code as a thank you for reading my review today.

I hope you have a great day.

✩ Sabrina ✩