19 Uses I Have Found for the Must Have Ideas SUPER SCRAPER

When you have tough cleaning jobs to do you often want something that can give you a helping hand. Look no further than the Must Have Ideas SUPER SCRAPER.

This fantastic tool comes with a thumb space for easy grip and is ergonomically designed to aid you in a variety of “around the home” scenarios. It’s made of tough Nylon and won’t scratch the surfaces you are using it on, plus it’s so handy you’ll wonder how you ever managed to do these things without one! They are currently available for £9.99 as a buy one scraper get one free.
(Price correct as of 19th March 2022 and does not include Postage). These Super Scrapers are so durable that Must Have Ideas state they should last a lifetime.

Let me go into my very own list now, of the 19 ways that I have personally used my Super Scraper around my home. – so far! Here is my “How To Use the Super Scraper” in your life!

  1. Aiding in the Removal of Batteries in kids toys
  2. Scraping off burnt on food off oven trays without removing the metallic surface beneath
  3. Removing dried limescale from around the kitchen sink area
  4. Opening Packaging, Letters and Sealed Boxes
  5. Removing Mud from Shoe Grooves
  6. Removing Small Stones from inside Wellie Boot grooves
  7. Getting burnt off food and stains off of Hob Ring Surfaces
  8. Aiding in Lifting and Scraping Dried on Food off plates
  9. Removing Dried on Paint off Kitchen or Bathroom Tiles or a Ceramic Bath
  10. Removing Stickers that children have used and are stuck on flat surfaces
  11. Removing dried stray Silicone Filler lumps from off Bathroom tiles
  12. Remove Dirt from down the sides and edges of built in kitchen Appliances
  13. Aiding the smooth Removal of a Cracked Screen Protector on a Mobile Phone
  14. Aiding in the removal of dirt around the edges of seals inside my Car
  15. Removing trapped dust and dirt from along a window ledge

16. Helping to Remove Sticky Tack or Chewing Gum from Shoes
17. Easily Open Tins or Cans with Ring-Pulls by using the Super Scraper to Life the Pull Up for you
18. Gently Scratch off Gambling Ticket foils with ease
19. Price Labels can be really tricky to ease off surfaces but the Super Scraper makes it a breeze

My Thoughts on the Product

I never imagined coming up with so many ways in order to use one simple little product! But this tool is something else! And every time I have a situation where I’m not sure of how to get past it, I now turn to the Super Scraper to help me. Overall I am so pleased to have had the chance to review this product for Must Have Ideas and it has been an excellent and useful tool in my life for the last few months. I think every home should have one, it saves you time and effort and sometimes even the hassle of removing or cleaning or dislodging items that would otherwise have eaten up more of your precious time resolving the issue in question.

If my review has not yet convinced you that you need one of these, then why not head over to the Must Have Ideas Instagram page where they often share videos of bloggers and testers like myself, using their products so that customers can see them in use.

About the Super Scraper

Made from toughened Nylon
Ergonomic Design for Ease of Use
It Won’t Scratch Surfaces You Clean
Able to get to Hard to Reach Areas due to Long Thin Design
Sharpened Corners allow you to open packaging or slide along corners to remove dirt

Small but Mighty Super Scraper!

Thank you for reading this blog post today, I hope you have enjoyed it. If you want to know more about the awesome products available from Must Have Ideas please click the link at the bottom of my post and visit their website. They have many wonderful and innovative products for your home and garden to help make life a little easier.

If you have any questions relating to this product please leave me a comment either here or on social media and I will be happy to answer it to the best of my knowledge.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for visiting Severn Wishes Blog!

✩ Sabrina ✩


Argos Testers Review of the LEGO Harry Potter Hospital Wing Set 76398

Today I am lucky enough to be showcasing a brand new
LEGO Harry Potter set which came out last week!

I have reviewed this product during the start of March and I have already provided my finished article to Argos when I submitted this blog post. The product was supplied to me through the Argos Testers Community for the purpose of an Argos Website review. This Year (2022) marks my sixth year as part of the program and I am very grateful to still be a product tester for them.

Hello! I’m Sabrina! And I am an Argos Tester, this means that I often get items sent to me for the purpose of an online review. I test products and take photographs of them before submitting my findings and honest thoughts to Argos. This latest campaign was LEGO! I was very excited at the thought of testing something that I already love, I enjoy making LEGO at home on a regular basis.

#ArgosTester #ArgosTesters #ArgosTestersCommunity

I have written this article about a product that I have been supplied for free, in order to test and then review it. This is my experience with said product and my honest review about the product listed below. I have already submitted my review to the Argos Website, and it has been accepted on to live public view when this blog post has been published.

Let’s talk about this product! LEGO Harry Potter!

My Argos Testers Review

An incredible addition to the LEGO Harry Potter set this one contains the Hospital Wing from The Prisoner of Azkaban. In this story Ron has already had his leg injured and is lying in the Hospital feeling sorry for himself, while Harry and Hermione are up in the clock tower ready to turn back time with the Time Turner.

There are some beautiful pieces in this set, and well thought out LEGO pieces. Including the Time Turner, the Clock which is rotatable thanks to the cog mechanism that is set up during the build, the Hospital bottles like Skele-Gro and even the accuracy of the small Box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! Even Madam Pomfrey with her Trolley of elixirs and various potions for every sort of ailment is a genius use of LEGO pieces.
I loved putting this set together, it took just less than two hours and was fairly straight forward to complete. This set is designed for ages eight and above due to the smaller parts and the more complicated aspects such as the mechanisms for the clocks. I thought the additional items such as one owl and the fact that the set is hinged are really fun. You can choose to have the Hospital straight and the building closed, or use the three hinges and remove the central bar across the inside and you can open the room right up for playing.
Overall it is a very aesthetically pleasing LEGO set with many quirky and fun aspects to it. I love the look of the outside with its many windows and the multiple clocks. The characters clothing is accurate to the film in this series and this set would look great alongside the others from the same film. This set is a must for any Harry Potter LEGO enthusiast.

Product Name: LEGO Harry Potter Hospital Wing Castle Toy (Set Number 76398)
Product Price: £45.00
Product Link: Argos Website
Product Information from Argos: 510 LEGO Pieces, Ages 8 and Up, Authentic Pieces and Accessories from the Films, Characters which depict the film “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, Moveable and Posable Sections, Interlocks with other Harry Potter LEGO Sets to create a full scene for play. Contains 4 Mini Figures, 1 Owl, Two Storey Building with Technic Parts.

My Honest Opinion

As someone who loves the Harry Potter Wizarding World AND someone who loves LEGO I was ecstatic to get the chance to review a LEGO Harry Potter set. This particular one had so many incredible details and aspects that I wasn’t expecting to be as good as they were. I would recommend this set for anyone who shares that same passion and who appreciates LEGO for all its wonder.

I give the set a 5/5 for its Design, Entertainment Value and its Quality. You always get Quality toys with LEGO but to have real playable and posable scenarios right out of a film is why I rate this product so highly. Overall a wonderful addition to the Wizarding World of LEGO Harry Potter and a must for anyone collecting to build the entire castle and all its intriguing rooms.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you have enjoyed it. You can purchase this product or read more about it by looking online from Argos, I have left the link in the product description above.

If you have any questions about this LEGO set then please leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer them with the knowledge I have gained from reviewing this product. Thank you.

✩ Sabrina ✩

March 2022 Treatbox UK Reveal and Review

Hello! It’s time for the March 2022 Treatbox UK unboxing, Reveal and Review!

March is my Birthday month, and it is of course when we welcome Spring and everything about new life! I was excited when I opened the box and the theme inside was “Daisy” as in the flowers! I wonder what treats await me…

I decided to video record my unboxing for this Treatbox, it has been years since I did one but I felt like the time was right to bring the video aspect back! You can see it on my Facebook page or my Instagram account if you would prefer to watch the video. If not please keep reading as I unbox this amazing March box from TreatboxUK.

What is Inside the March 2022 Box?

Treatbox UK March 2022 Calendar Print
Daily Mood Colouring Page
Treatbox Original Notepad with Daisy’s
Oxeye Daisy Seeds for us to Plant
Silver Plated Daisy Earrings
Clipper Chamomile Tea x 2 Bags
Daisy Pin Badge “You are one of a kind so be Kind to yourself”
Daisy Chain Coaster “You’re so beautiful when you bloom your own way”
Yellow Daisy Pen

What is my Honest Opinion on this Box?


Okay so I have had A LOT of Treat boxes over the years, and this March 2022 box is right up there with some of the greats. I loved the Daisy theme, and I loved how the theme was apparent across everything in the box, from the bought items through to the Treatbox Originals.

I loved every item, but if I had to pick three favourites they would be… The Earrings, The Daisy Pin Badge and the Coaster. But closely followed by the Notepad and the Colouring sheet. I think these unique colouring pages are an excellent calming aspect of the boxes and I would love to keep seeing them included in the Treat boxes to come.

Overall a wonderful box that has left me with very high expectations for April! (Oops!)

I loved that we had items to do and to use and to make, rather than them all just be items to sit around gathering dust. PLUS I thought that no face / eye masks this month was a great thing too! It’s wonderful to have new things that we have not seen in Treatbox yet. I now have so many coasters that are all so unique I am just going to start collecting Coasters now, it’s my new thing 😀

Thanks Zoe and the Team for creating this extra special box this month!

Thank you for reading this Unboxing Reveal today, I hope you have enjoyed it.

Please pop by in early April to see the next Reveal and Review of Treatbox UK! OR Check out my social media for the unboxing video which will be going live once I receive the box!

Have a lovely month of March and I hope to see you back again soon.

✩ Sabrina ✩