Autumn Tele Watching – What have I been getting stuck in to over the last three months

Television is something that the majority of us watch in an evening. And with the nights getting darker earlier and the weather getting colder, I am certain lots of people will be sitting in front of the old tele box a bit more often for the foreseeable months.

So what sort of things have I been watching? Well I checked out some new film releases on the streaming platforms the things I have been waiting to be free to watch! Some good stuff on there right now. I watched some dramas and some reality tv too! And I also finished a series that I had been deliberately holding off watching because it got cancelled, it had been on my Sky Box for so long and I finally watched it. It was great, it took me months as I couldn’t bare the thought of not seeing the characters ever again, don’t you just hate it when something gets cancelled so early on?! But anyway! What can you watch that’s available right now?

So let’s begin with what I watched in October shall we… it wasn’t a great deal honestly! I’ve been so busy!

Home & Away
The Ozzie Soap world where everyone is beautiful and fit and the weather is almost always good! I do love myself some Home & Away, I live vicariously pretending I’m on a beach getting some Vitamin D! But in all honesty the storylines this year have been some of the most hard hitting and thought provoking for many a year, executed and acted out brilliantly too. Loved them all!
Home & Away is a wonderful show! But every Autumn it always goes on a Christmas break for weeks and weeks! So I await January now for new content. Check it out on Channel 5.

Home & Away
5✩ (Channel 5)

Neighbours – the Ozzie Soap is back in full force and I have been loving it! The episodes are on Amazon Prime’s Freevee service and air four times a week Monday to Thursday respectively. The cast have done an incredible job adhering to the new routine and filming challenges while keeping their Neighbours characters alive and thriving just like they had done the past 30 years. As someone who watched Neighbours daily during the week for most of her life, I was apprehensive about this take over. But it’s actually been the best thing, it’s given the soap a new lease of life. I’m loving how the storylines are now developing and I cannot wait to see what happens to the residents next! The way they have tied in the passing of time between the end of last series and this new start has been great too. It’s so nice to see so many of my favourite actors coming back to Ramsey Street as well. I wish everyone involved all the best and cannot wait to see what occurs in 2024!

Freevee – Amazon Prime

Now for the November Tele…

This month saw the return of a much loved favourite, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” and I was also intrigued by a new Gerrard Butler movie as well, as well as looking at Netflix new releases.

I’m a Celeb is the only reality TV that I watch every single year, either record and watch in bulk or try and catch live, and it’s been pretty good this year! I have enjoyed the fact they really mixed up the range of celebs this time around which was fun to see people I knew meet those I hadn’t even heard of. Sam deserved to win, he kept everyone entertained in the camp and us laughing when we were watching.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


The Gerrard Butler film I watched was called Plane and it was streaming on Amazon Prime. I give any GB film a go – I wonder why that might be ha ha – this one did not disappoint for the action and the drama. A well thought out plot and well executed cast too. If you like Planes, Thrillers, Foreign Shores and Suspense (plus Mr Butler) then I recommend it.

Amazon Prime

I have started watching a show on Netflix show called Blue Eye Samurai which is excellent so far. It is beautifully illustrated and has an intriguing storyline so far. It reminds me of the Hayao Miyazaki movies but is a strictly adult version of course. The voice casting is excellent and you’ll hear familiar people like George Takei, Masi Oka and Kenneth Branagh, among others. If you like adult animation, thrilling story and twists paired with the Japanese Culture then this show is for you.

Blue Eye Samurai

December television picks…

December is often filled with Christmas movies and dramas, but I haven’t seen a great deal that has grabbed my attention just yet. I am still watching and really enjoying Neighbours though! I have some new releases lined up for January because lots of new content is coming to Netflix which I’m looking forward to viewing. I also plan to re-watch House of the Dragon early next year in preparation for the second season.

This year I have started watching Nathan Fillion in his show The Rookie and watching this periodically. This program first began back in 2018 and in the last month I have been watching lots of episodes. The show features Fillion as John Nolan who is a Rookie in the LAPD after a life altering event causes him to start over in LA, and after his marriage falls apart. Many detectives on the force deem his change up to a midlife crisis, but Nolan soon sets out to prove his worth and does so in spades. Gripping television with a fantastic cast and some heart racing moments as the team fight crime and solve cases across LA. I am looking forward to catching up with the latest series and eagerly await the new one coming in the Springtime. If you like cop shows, thrillers, humans in uniform 😉 and complex working relationships then this show is for you. I have always been a big fan of Nathan Fillion and he is in his element in The Rookie with both his superb acting, funny expressions and humorous one liners.

The Rookie
Sky Witness


Over all the rest of this month I will be spending time with family, this often means a Christmas movie here and there and Disney and / or Pixar for sure! We love Big Hero 6 and Frozen in our house. Neighbours will be on for us to enjoy though, even on Christmas Day! Yay!

Hoping you have a wonderful end to Autumn and start to Winter, and I will update the blog again with everything that I have watched in February of 2024.

Best wishes for the festive season