Spend a few minutes a week wisely online by using Free Websites to Win Cash and Prizes.

Screenshot from PMP website

Hello everyone! It’s the final few days of February, lets end it on a positive note!

Have you ever wondered how you could be more productive with that time you spend scrolling on your phone? Would you also love the chance to win some free money? And no this is not a scam.

Well today I am going to show you two websites, give you my referrals for them so you can join up too, and show you how to make some free money if you get lucky.

Website number one for you to check out is all about your Postcode. Every day I spend less than five minutes checking my phone on a website called PickMyPostcode or PMP for short. Here you sign up with the postcode at your home address, and if your postcode comes up in one of their many draws then you get the free cash! I won £10 a few years ago and I am hoping that it won’t be long before I win again. There are more than 15 UK postcodes drawn every day across the draws so it can happen.

There are draws at 9am and 9pm called Stackpot. There is also a range of draws at Midday and one at 6pm which is a cheeky additional draw that’s right at the bottom of the page. It takes seconds to check each one, and if it’s a match to your postcode it will say CLAIM / COLLECT next to it. Then you can withdraw it to your PayPal account.

Here is a photo of today’s (27th February) draws and amounts.

Screenshot of the PMP Website

I must mention as well that you accumulate a bonus with this website, a penny for every single draw page you check. It soon adds up let me tell you. I am up to £65 now, and what happens is your bonus gets paid out to you when your postcode comes up. That’s double reasons to check it I think.

Amounts for draws vary but are usually from £5 to £100, but if they roll over for a few days when people don’t claim then you could see prize amounts in the region of £1000! So it’s important that you do check it every single day in case it’s your postcode that’s been drawn.

If this interests you then please click the link below this sentence and it will take you to the site where you can sign up. All you need is an email address and your postcode and it’s free to do.


Screenshot of the ITV Win website

So another awesome website that gives out free cash and prizes once a week on a Wednesday is ITV WIN. I only joined ITV Win at the end of last year, but I already won tokens to enter other competitions and £5 in Cash. This one is slightly more time consuming, but you sign up for ITV Win with your details including mobile number, email address and name, and you receive a profile where you can then pay to enter ITV competitions online, enter the free competitions when they are available, and also access WINSDAY. And it’s the Winsday section that you want.

Winsday occurs every Wednesday, and any tickets you’ve accumulated get drawn at random. If your ticket number matches you could win Prizes, Cash or Tokens. How you get the tickets is fairly straight forward too. Once you’ve made your account you go from the top of your profile and scroll down and you’ll see the Winsday graphic on the website. Clicking on it takes you to a video stream. You simply watch a few ITV adverts for things like Masked Singer, This Morning, Ant & Dec, Reality TV and Dramas, and as you watch the Ad’s tickets pop up and you tap them to collect. It keeps a tally for you bottom right of the video stream and your maximum is 30 a week. On average a ticket pops every 1-2 minutes, so I usually watch this a few nights a week while I am stirring the dinner or waiting for the veg in the oven say. Within 20 minutes I’ve got myself a few tickets for free, and they are drawn on a Wednesday afternoon. Just check your profile from Wednesday evening onwards to see if you have won anything.

Screenshot of when a ticket popped up for me today on Winsday video stream.
Screenshot of my account on ITV WIN showing I have 6 tickets so far this week.

When I won £5 a few weeks ago it was easy to withdraw it from my profile as well.

ITV WIN is a great way to try and win things for free and it’s certainly worth it when they draw hundreds of prizes for free every week for its members. Why not give it a try and see how easy it is to (hopefully) win some free money.

Below this sentence is the link to the ITV Win website through my referral and it’s free to sign up.


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I hope that you have found this blog post interesting today, I would love to hear from you if you do either of these already or if you’re going to sign up now that I have brought them to your attention. Remember that signs ups are only for people living in the United Kingdom.

Thank you and have a really lovely day! Good luck if you sign up!

✩ Sabrina ✩

N.B I am not endorsed or sponsored by either of these companies I am simply trying to give people the opportunity to win things for free, this is what I do myself every week. This post is not a sponsored and I am not getting anything for bringing these websites to your attention, I am just being a good citizen!
Good luck and thanks for visiting Severn Wishes Blog today.

I Won A Cash Prize On The Website Pick My Postcode And Why I Think You Should Join Too

I Won A Cash Prize Recently On The Website “Pick My Postcode” And Why I Think You Should Join Too

Here in the United Kingdom a lot of us play various Lottery and Postcode related games. These can vary from picking numbers in a draw or hoping your postcode is randomly picked from a selection.

Over fifteen months ago I came across a website (previously known as Free Postcode Lottery) called Pick My Postcode. I was originally unsure about it, I thought it to perhaps be a scam. But after some research I concluded it was safe for me to join and to use. What happens is that you sign up, your email and name and postcode of your house are stored, and then if during one of their daily draws your postcode is chosen you win a cash prize.

During my time of playing the prizes have ranged from £10 to £1000. And I was lucky enough to win the “Stackpot” Draw which gave me a win of £10.

Something else that happens while you check the daily draws online on the website, is that you accumulate a personal bonus. So each time you visit the website and click to see what postcode has come up, you get 1p added to your bonus. This obviously adds up over time, also you get entered into more and more draws because of it. But not only that! You also receive your bonus as a bonus if you win on another draw! So when I won mine, I won the £10 plus my bonus, which at the time was another £10!

In the image above you can see what my Bonus currently sits at, as well as the various sections of the website available such as Referrals and Rules.

In this image above you can see all of the titles of the draws and the tick displayed means I have already visited that one, gotten my bonus and moved on for the day. The amounts on the right hand side are what the chosen postcode holder will win for that draw. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day I win the Main Draw.

So why do I think you should join me and thousands of others who play on Pick My Postcode. Well it’s simple really. It may have taken fifteen months for me to win something, but it’s free money. For clicking the website pages daily which takes under a minute, and watching the odd video or partaking in the odd multiple choice answer survey, I have been accumulating cash that I have now had (and happily spent!).

The prize money is generated on a daily basis by the websites adverts revenue, this in turn is created from people visiting the website and checking their postcode. It is a clever concept and the prize money does vary day to day. But the more people who sign up and take part in it, the more they are able to give away.

If you would like to know more and see the website for yourself I will leave the link below. You can also find them on Facebook because they have a page on there.

If you do decide to join will you please do me the smallest of courtesy? Will you click on My Personal Referral Link HERE because I get extra pennies added to my bonus for spreading the word about this great website. Once signed up you can also do your own Referral and invite your friends and family members in order to increase your bonus. You never know, your postcode may come up!

Oh and one last thing, you can check on the website (once you’ve joined) how many times (if any) your postcode has come up in draws. Handy!

Sabrina’s Referral Link HERE

Pick My Postcode Website Link HERE

Thank you for reading this blog post today, and I hope that if you decide to join this website then it will be as worthwhile for you as it has been for me.

Though I never give up hope of mine coming up again! Ha!

✩ Sabrina