Stray is a game like no other


At the end of 2022 I was able to get my hands on a game called Stray for my PlayStation, this was luckily through download included in my yearly subscription to the PlayStation Store. I had heard good things about this particular digital adventure and I eagerly waited to play it after Christmas when I wasn’t so busy. Starting the game between Christmas and New Year, but I didn’t complete it until January due to other commitments. I liked this game so much I knew I wanted to Review it for everyone who was interested to hear about my honest opinions of it.

Also check out the pictures throughout my post, they are all screenshots from my PS4 from when I was playing the game as Stray the Cat, and I think you will agree that the level of detail is phenomenal in some of them. And I must mention one more thing before we jump headfirst into this review, and that is that both of my cats sat in front of the television during my initial hour of gameplay, watching the screen, tapping on the screen, responding to the meows from Stray, it was so funny.

When I first heard about this game I knew I wanted to play it, it was the chance to be a Cat (albeit a Stray one) and take an adventure as an animal I loved, that is what I found so appealing about Stray. There might be a few minor spoilers in my main Review so if you don’t want to know about those then perhaps skip down to the final paragraph titled “My Honest Opinion” to see what I thought overall once I had completed the game. Let’s get started on what Stray is and what my thoughts were as I played it.

What is Stray about?

Set in a dystopian future where a sealed dome city houses robots, machines and deadly mutant bacteria the Robots call Zurks. The Stray finds out human civilisation has died out from a pandemic and that people were sealed inside these domed cities for their safety but ultimately it was their undoing. Stray is set when most living things are now gone and almost long forgotten about. The Robots cannot believe their computer eyes when they first see you enter their slum city, and you soon win over their metallic hearts. Stray is about discovering what happened to humanity, helping the Robots, while they in turn try to help you get back to the surface and out of the city. It’s a very different “end of the world” scenario, where Robots have evolved and built themselves to resemble the humans they once served. Each main character has a quirk to it and you’ll meet a lot of Robots along the way, Scientists, Musicians, Bar Keeps, and one incredible little Robot called B-12.

Your story begins with you exploring the world with your siblings, high above the city where nature is slowly reclaiming things humans once built. Suddenly you fall down inside when a plank gives way and your life changes forever. Trapped with no way to climb out, and injured, you have no choice but to push forward through the depths of this abandoned place. As you wander the streets you end up taking any route you can, until you find a building where you can finally drink some water and get some rest. Meowing is also something fun to do! You end up exploring where you meet a new friend who calls himself B-12. This cute little robot even makes you a backpack so he can ride inside it while you use your Cat agility to scale buildings and find safe passage through. B-12 cannot remember much at the beginning, but you can help him remember by collecting memories and scanning parts of this neon city. Soon a picture of what life used to be like starts to emerge.

Don’t forget to be a Cat while you play this game, scratch things, jump into things, curiosity is vital for Stray! Press buttons and batter things with those paws! Meow a million times (just not when you’re sneaking past Zurks) and do what a Cat does!

With B-12 promising to help you and you happy for company, Robot and Cat take off across the city in search of a way home. Passing neon signs and technology still in use, you finally encounter signs of life, however these are not friendly. The Zurks are mutant bacteria and other than our friendly Cat are the only living things left inside the sealed city. Escaping for your life you end up in the city slum and discover that it is filled with humanoid robots. Getting into places only a small creature can go, you are soon put to work by the Robots – who all have names by the way! And you begin exploring and getting into mischief.

The Robots are shocked to see a living creature; it’s been hundreds of years since they last saw anything alive. You make new friends, talk to dozens of Robots using B-12’s help, and by searching the slum and collecting things with B-12 by your side you begin to build a picture of what life were like before the Zurks. Some Robots trade items with you to help on your journey, this is an important part of the game. However sometimes it means putting yourself in danger in order to help others which is a real sacrifice, but without help you’ll never get home, so you must try.

B-12 and his back pack are essential to your journey. As you collect and trade and gift things to the Robots you build up what you need to move on through the story, and once you have successfully helped the Robots too, you can then leave the slum on your journey to continue to the surface.

Getting out of the slum city is only the beginning for Stray, as he navigates avoiding Zurks in order to help the AI’s, helping more and more Robots to get what they need in order to defeat the Zurks, and helping B-12 to realise how important he is through helping him regain his memories. But not all Robots are your friends either, some are Sentinels out to get anyone disobeying the rules and you have to use your Cat stealth on many occasions too.

There are many ups and downs in Stray, tear jerking moments of realisation, and a sombre thought about what life could resemble if humans did die out. Would Robots continue on without us? Fixing their own parts? Building things to better aid their own survival? Stray raises lots of questions, but as you progress in the game things become more and more clear, until the final realisation, when you are able to get what you need in order to open up the city roof. Robots have built a civilisation all their own down there, they remember the humans and continued where they left off, but how much longer can they continue without real purpose?

(BIG SPOILER) B-12 helps Stray to navigate all the layers of the city, and once into the control room at the end of their journey, B-12 makes the ultimate sacrifice so that Stray can finally go home and live its life outside of the city walls once again. This pulled at my heart strings when B-12 realised his world was gone and he had nothing left except the capacity to help this Stray Cat to live.

This game was touching, beautifully designed and skilled with both story and layout. It was complex and simple all at the same time, but challenging enough that I didn’t get bored once. I played slowly taking everything in and trying to complete all of the side mission quests also. Roughly it took me between 6 and 7 hours from start to finish. Though there were times I let Stray Cat sleep on a cushion and just watched him for like five minutes at a time, ha! He’s just so cute! Okay cute is just the word I would use because it’s adorable and so lifelike in movement too, that was something that I loved, even down to the jumping and landing of the Cats body it’s been developed really well.

My Honest Opinion

I honestly loved this game, throughout each section I explored and learned about the world Stray had fallen in to. There were poignant aspects and references back to humans which were both quirky and forlorn. It gave me lots to think about and enjoy as I ventured around as a Cat. If you played it through without doing any side missions you could do it in 2-3 hours. If you take your time and enjoy the scenery and details it’s a 6-8 hour game. I enjoyed the side missions, and there were two of them I didn’t complete so I would love to replay Stray and achieve them one day. Helping the Robots get what they need to succeed is quite satisfying.

Lots of you might be reading this to find out if Stray is a sad game, well, that depends on to whom you are referring to. I will just give you this one tiny spoiler, which is Yes the Stray Cat does survive and get out of the city in the end but you might accidently get it killed several times along the journey thanks to the Zurks (but it’s a good job he has 9 lives!) you’ll see what I mean when you play it. Those Zurks are fast and savage!

Would I recommend it to people as a game?

Yes I would, if you love Cats, play it, for dystopian future nerds, you would like it, people interested in what our world might look like hundreds of years after mutant bacteria causes a pandemic and wipes out humans as we currently know it… (Too soon?). This game was developed during the Pandemic, so hats off to them. I played this at the end of 2022 and start of 2023 (because I’m a single parent who doesn’t have the time to sit down and play a game in one session – even a relatively short one). Despite it being short in game time terms, it’s definitely worth playing due to the sheer amount of effort that has gone into making it. Little quirky things really made this game great for me, references to items that I use even now, things that still work technology wise in a dystopian future, and the thought that Cats will outlive humans… well… that’s fab in my eyes. The lifelike aspects of Stray the Cat is amazing and I believe one or more of the developers must have Cats at home in order to have gotten that movement and its mannerisms spot on. I loved every second of being an adorable ginger cat and I would love to see them make another one, perhaps when the Robots venture out of the now opened city? Maybe there is another City close by that needs saving too? If you need some story ideas hit me up I’ve got tons and you can pop my name on the Credits of the sequel! Ha! Ha! Definitely my cup of tea as a Game and hats off to the creators for doing a wonderful job!

Stray is a game that will have you thinking, reminiscing and contemplating so many aspects of life. If you love the look of this cute little Cat then you won’t be disappointed. Due to the themes and peril I would suggest this game for ages 12 and over and the game does think 12 is an appropriate age as noted on the purchase details. You can find this game online or on the PlayStation Store.

Thank you for reading this game review today, I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about Stray, and please let me know if you have played this or are planning to play it in the near future.

I will bring you more game reviews soon, now I’m off for a cat-nap! Only kidding! That’s my cats napping next to me while I type up this blog post! Ha! Until the next review then, bye for now.

✩ Sabrina ✩

Argos Tester Review of the PDP Gaming LVL50 Wired Gaming Headset An Official Licensed Product for PS4

Being an Argos Tester I often get sent items for the purpose of a review. This recent Autumn campaign has been about Gaming Accessories, predominantly headsets.

On this occasion I chose the PDP Gaming LVL50 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset which is an Official Licensed Product for PS4

PDP Gaming or Performance Designed Products Ltd have designed an official licensed headset for PlayStation, specifically the PS4. This compatibility is designed to enhance the gaming experience by giving the best possible quality of sound.

This headset type can also be bought to be compatible with Xbox or PC but you need to choose the correct one from their stock available. See the Argos website for more details or pop in store and take a look.
Search for “LVL50 Official Licensed Headset” to see all of the available products.

Product Information: Gaming Headset LVL50 Official Licensed PlayStation Product that works with controllers that have a 3.5mm headset jack.
Product Name:
PDPGaming Headset LVL50 Licensed Product for PS4
Colours Available: Black/Grey with Blue
RRP £39.99

Headset Main Features:
Compatible with PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 wireless controller.
Lightweight with padding along the head bar and ear cushions.
Cushion is made of soft, breathable and durable material.
This headset has high definition 50mm drivers.
There is a microphone attached to the left ear cup.
The microphone has a flip up mute capability.
There is an adjustable volume dial on the right ear cup.
All features are adjustable without needing to remove the headset.

Overall Scores 

Manufacturing Quality 5/5
Overall Design 5/5
Unique Features 5/5
Compatibility 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Sound Quality 5/5
Connectivity 5/5

I rate this headset 5 stars. My reasons are due to it’s features that rival some of the other types of headset on the market. Some other headsets also have microphones and mute capabilities, but the design on the wired LVL50 is both simple and effective. There is no need to remove it from your head in order to find the button because there isn’t one, you just push the mic up into an upright position to activate the flip-up mute. This bi-directional design is both effective and quick to administer while gaming.

Another great feature is the volume which is on the opposite side to the mic and features a turn able volume dial for Min to Max sound. The sound itself is incredibly clear through the ear cushions that feature nylon mesh fabric that is both soft and breathable. The clarity of both talking, music and sound effects through the headset is excellent.

The entire headset is comfortable to wear because it is so lightweight and even the headband has a cushion for comfort. The attached 3.5mm headset jack with cord is long enough to reach the controller and give enough slack for even those gamers who might have a lot of movements to make during their intense gaming sessions.

Finally I will end by saying that overall this headset is excellent for anyone who enjoys their PlayStation products and I would encourage them to purchase a licensed product such as this one, which is designed to coincide with their console and provide the best possible addition to their gaming experience. The quality of the sound is clear and precise, it’s one of the best headsets that I have had the pleasure of testing, I would highly recommend this headset to all who use PlayStation 4 products.

✩ Argos Website Link ✩
PDP Gaming Headset Link

✩ My Argos Tester Review✩

This headset has some great features like the mute capability with a flip up microphone, and the adjustable volume dial on the opposite ear cup. Talk about comfortable, this headset has cushions on the ears and the headband for hours of gaming comfort. I was very impressed with the clarity of the sound, the music, sound effects and talking through the headset and mic is clear and precise. It is one of the best quality headsets I have had the pleasure of using. I would recommend it for all PlayStation users.


Thank you for visiting Severn Wishes today, I hope you have enjoyed this review. If you have any other questions about the product then please leave me a comment or click on the links above.

✩ Sabrina ✩

Argos Tester Review of the Corsair HS35 Multi-Platform Headset

Being an Argos Tester I often get sent items for reviewing purposes. This recent campaign has been about Gaming Accessories, predominantly headsets.

I chose the Corsair Headset, it is Green and Black and is compatible with multiple gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

What I like the most about this piece of equipment is how comfortable it was to wear, this is thanks to the brand choosing to use memory foam for the padding on the headband and also in the ear cups.

Another aspect that is both useful and an excellent idea are the buttons situated on the left ear cup. On the Left side where the Mic is attachable you also have the adjustable Volume and a button for Mute. The ability to choose whether or not to have the Microphone there is a fantastic idea. Sometimes you might want to immerse yourself in a game with the sound effects and music coming through your ears, but you might not wish to have the ability to speak to other gamers.

The final feature I want to talk about is the sound, it has excellent clarity and the quality of both listening and speaking through the microphone were excellent. As a keen gamer I have had, tried and tested several brands of headset over the last few years. This Corsair has so far outdone all the rest in relation to comfort and quality of experience

Product Information
Product Name: Corsair HS35 Headset (Multi-Platform Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC Headset).
Colours Available: Green & Black, Red & Black, Blue & Black, All Black.
Price: RRP £39.99

Detachable Microphone – Left Side Ear Cup
On Ear Mute Button – Left Ear Cup
On Ear Adjustable Volume – Left Ear Cup
Comfortable Padded Ear Cups with Memory Foam
Adjustable Padded Head Band with Memory Foam
Good Length of Cable from the Headset to the Controller
Custom Tuned 50mm Audio Drivers
An Overall Lightweight Constructio

Personally I think this headset is excellent value for money and I would definitely consider this brand in the future. The memory foam is a great asset for both comfort and allowing the headset to be lightweight. The simple but genius design for the volume and mute buttons to be on the ear cup, as well as the detachable mic, has won me over for a full score in aspect to its features.


✩ Argos Website Links ✩

Green and Black
Red and Black
Blue and Black
All Black

✩ My Argos Tester Review✩

This Corsair headset has some unique design features such as a detachable microphone & memory foam ear cups. It is comfortable to wear & has the added use of a volume control & a mute button situated on the left ear cup. This is very convenient as a gamer. Another useful feature is the long cord length. It is by far the best headset that I have tried & tested. What has impressed me the most has been the clarity of the sound, both through listening with the ear cups & speaking using the mic.

Overall Scores

Manufacturing Quality 5/5
Overall Design 5/5
Unique Features 5/5
Compatibility 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Sound Quality 5/5
Connectivity 5/5


Thank you for visiting Severn Wishes today, I hope you have enjoyed this review. If you have any other questions about the product then please leave me a comment or click on the links above.

✩ Sabrina ✩

How Blogging And Gaming Help With My Anxiety

How Blogging And Gaming Help With My Anxiety

I’ve been living with anxiety for a number of years now, and there are some things that really help me. Of course breathing slowly and staying calm, focusing on one thing and allowing the moment to pass is the best way. But when I’m struggling there are a few other things that really help me.

Today I will be writing a short blog post outlining what those things are, you never know, they might help someone else get through a hard time too.


Be it Games on my PlayStation or Games on my iPhone, I enjoy playing them and they often help me in times of crisis. Such as when I am feeling overwhelmed, I open apps like Candy Crush for example, and play for a minute or two. It allows my mind to focus on something other than the anxiety that is sending it haywire.

It’s by no means easy, and I have to accompany what I’m doing with slowly breathing deeply and usually drinking cool water as well. I carry water with me everywhere that I go, because I never know when anxiety may strike.

By playing games my mind is occupied on something else, even if it’s just for a moment or two. I also have days where I want to play on my PlayStation and I don’t want to socialise with anyone, those are what I call the bad days. I am glad that I have the option to do this, and games allow me to take out any frustrations I am having with life on virtual reality. When I am focused on a storyline or a scenario I forget what is troubling me for a few moments.

Of course I enjoy gaming generally, and I played a lot before I suffered anxiety. Some days I play a game regardless of how I may be feeling. I may just feel the need to lose myself for a few hours, but either way, it helps me.


When I find myself at a loose end I often blog, I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I make notes all the while, on paper and on my phone. Then when my anxiety is bad I try and focus my attention on one idea, and make some headway in the writing part of it. When I am writing I find that everything else in my head dissipates for a few moments because I concentrate so much on what I want to say and about getting it right.

I started blogging as a way to help myself when I was stuck at home recovering from life changing surgery. I needed something to keep my mind active, because I couldn’t leave the house for a time. And my anxiety had already been bad for some time before I needed the surgery, so it was a way of me coping with the long days in the same four walls. It allowed me to write about positive aspects of my life as well, and review things that made me happy. This in turn improved my mood and made my days seem more productive. I had began my blog and website just for me, but when people began to subscribe and tell me they were looking forward to reading my posts, it gave me more confidence in what I was sharing with the world.

Two Years On

So this is where I am up to today, as of February it’s been two years since I started Severn Wishes. Two years on since my surgery too, and I feel I am beginning to take back control of my life. Of course my family and friends have supported me, and this has been paramount in my recovery, but I have also been able to help myself, through doing what I love, and creating the time to do something positive and productive.

I wouldn’t say it’s been an easy road, in fact some days have been very hard. I’m lucky that I have these avenues that are able to help with my current state.

I also have cats, and they are therapeutic for me at the best of times, they really help me to be calm at times. Pets can mean so much more to us and my fur babies certainly are family to us.

Thank you and Advice

This post is a thank you to all of you who support me and my blog and my social media too. You are helping a woman become stronger day by day… you are helping me to feel like me again… slowly but surely…

And I have just one piece of advice. I see anxiety as this, there is no such thing as a good or bad day anymore because I live with these feelings every day. So what I do is remain positive and take something good from each day, focusing on a positive is always the start of remembering the great things in your life. Be grateful no matter how small it is, you’ll soon realise that anxiety won’t win, and that deep down you’re still you, and you do matter.

Be brave and find ways that help you, I did, and slowly but surely I’m beating my anxious feelings. It’s not good every day, and some days I really struggle, but for every one like that I do have, I strive to have less of them. It also helps that I have some understanding family and a few close friends around me, they support me through the bad days. And when I’m alone I use my methods above to bring me back to a calm state.

Thank you for joining me for this honest post today. I hope that if any of you are going through a difficult time then you can find an outlet that helps you, just like I have.


The Best Parts Of My 2017 Sending Happy New Year Wishes With Resolutions and Goals

The Final Moments Of 2017…

I’m amazed where the year has gone, the past few weeks have flown particularly fast. I’ve decided to share my best bits of the year tonight as I await the clock to strike twelve here in the United Kingdom. So sit back and read this short post, see if you agree with any of these…

My Favourite Films of 2017
The Fate of the Furious (Fast 8)
Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge / Dead Men Tell No Tales

I don’t get to go to the Cinema very often, so I’m aware that there are many wonderful films that I will have missed out on during 2017, but these films were excellent, I loved them. I’m a huge fan of action, sci-fi and fantasy movies. I hope to catch some that I have missed in the new year.

My Favourite Television Programs of 2017
Stranger Things Season 2
Designated Survivor
Pretty Little Liars
Star Trek – Discovery
You, Me, Her
The 100

As many other people we have Netflix in my house. There have been some standout shows this year, some of them have come to an end, while others have just begun. The list above are all of the television shows I have enjoyed the most over the course of this year. Some are on general television, but with that comes the waiting of them sometimes being aired in the US first, the UK has to be patient.

My Favourite Games of 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn
Assassins Creed Origins
Destiny 2
Harry Potter (Remastered) Years 1-7

I’m a huge fan of games and I currently play mainly on PlayStation 4. These games are the ones that have wowed me this year, ones I have played many hours in and thoroughly enjoyed completing. With new expansions to some of them they are ongoing so I will continue to game into the start of 2018.

New Years Resolutions

Continue with my healthy eating – 6 days a week!
Reach out to old friends and try to meet up with more people this year.
Get away somewhere nice with my husband.

2018 Goals for the Blog

✩ To succeed in more followers and to continue with the collaborations that have been great during 2017. I hope to branch into new parts of blogging as well.

2018 Goals for Life

✩ To finish one of my books, I have so many pieces that are on going, so I really want this to be the year that I send one to a publisher, with the hope of being a published author by 2019.

Thank you for reading this blog post, I would like to wish you a wonderful start to 2018!
Thank you for all the comments, favourites, shares and support for my blog. Have a Happy New Year! Thanks for supporting Severn Wishes!

✩ Sabrina ✩



Sennheiser GSP 107 Gaming Headset Review

Sennheiser GSP 107 Gaming Headset for PS4/Xbox One/PC/Mac – My Detailed Review

When I began testing this headset I was looking for three main features. These were the Quality of the Sound, whether any Background Noise could be heard, and the level of Comfort when wearing it for a length of time. Over several tests, two of which were more than three hours of wear, I established the key features of this Sennheiser headset.

The headset is surprisingly lightweight and sports an open design; this is perfect for someone like me who enjoys a lot of gaming. I tested this headset with my PlayStation 4 console, and I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and to use. This Sennheiser product comes with the headband and main cable attached, as well as a double adapter for use with a variety of devices.

The Clarity and Sound were excellent, not only is it clear to myself as the user, but also to others who were listening to me through the microphone. There is no background noise and the sound itself through the microphone is crisp and clean to listen to. People can hear me clearly and I can also hear others with clean definition of sounds and voices. The noise cancelling feature is one that definitely works to the benefit of the user.

Now for the Comfort level of the headset. The two ear muffs are soft to the touch and sit comfortably on the ear. The headband is adjustable for those who have larger heads or more hair to fit beneath it. By having the ear muffs either side of the headset it sits level and stays in place because it’s balanced. There is a foam section on the underneath of the headband which is a nice addition to allow for a soft sitting on the top of the head. The final comfort feature surrounds the design of this headset, where by the ear pieces are made with gaps so as to keep your ears cooler with prolonged wear. After testing this for several hours I can agree that in comparison to previous headsets I have owned, the comfort of this one is substantially better.

The headset features a double adapter which allows you to plug into the console or device and then into the microphone and audio. I was surprised not to find the ability to mute on this headset design and that is why it has lost a point for me on Design. As a Gamer it is something that I have used regularly on other headsets, you might be in a Party Chat with several others when you get a phone call for example. That ability to mute the Party is one that I expected to find on such a high profile headset. The only other issue is with the adapter, if you remove one (like the microphone because there is no other way to mute the conversation) while in game, others will then hear a distinct crackle sound as you disconnect the adapter. When you reconnect the crackle is also heard and it rather loud, but then the sound quickly becomes clear again once the adapter is firmly back in place. This is why it has lost a point on Connectivity as well.

Overall the Sennheiser GSP 107 is an excellent headset. If you need one for clear sound and wonderful clarity then this is the headset for you. Sound, voices and music all exist crisp and clean through the ear pieces. I have used the headset to record my own voice on to pre-recorded gaming video, to listen in game, and to chat with friends in an in game chat. I have been impressed with the quality of the product and the features. The headset has some wonderful appeal and merits, especially if you’re looking to use the item frequently. The Sennheiser comes with a 2 year warranty as well.

I am extremely happy with the headset, and would recommend it as a gift for anyone who loves gaming. Ideal for teenagers and adults because of the adjustable headband and the range of devices that it can work with.

I would like to thank my gaming friends who helped me to test out the item and by listening to me go on and on over the gaming chat 😉

 Thank you for reading this review today, I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out what I thought about this headset, I would definitely recommend it.

This item was supplied to me by Argos (because I am a registered Argos Tester) so that I could review it. It has an RRP of £49.99 but is currently on offer for just £29.99 (as of today’s date 08/11/17).

If you would like to take further a look at this product here is the link to the Argos website.

Have a wonderful day!