Made on the Isle of Wight – My Time Away and these Wonderful Products

My Time Away on the Isle of Wight and Reviewing A Range of Isle of Wight Products

(Shanklin Coast)

I recently took a short holiday to the Isle of Wight in Southern England. I have family who live permanently on the island so it’s a place filled with many fond memories for me. For such a small place, roughly 150 sq miles the island has such a lot to offer. If you haven’t been I will go into a little background for you before I continue with my review.

(Sandown Pier)

The Coloured Sands are probably what the island is most famous for, as well as the Yacht races and the incredible looking Needles of course. But the Isle of Wight is also home to Carisbrooke Castle, the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and of course the Roman Villa at Brading. If you’re planning on taking a trip to the island there are more than enough things to see and do, more so in the warmer months of the year. If you like animals I can recommend both the Isle of Wight Zoo and Amazon World Zoo, as well as the Monkey Haven which has primates and owls.

Now I’m going to discuss with you my thoughts on two of the islands products, both made and distributed from the Isle of Wight itself. These are, The Isle of Wight Biscuit Company and Wight Crystal.

Based on the island in the heart of the countryside, using dairy from it’s own herd, The Isle of Wight Biscuit Company pride themselves on making delicious handmade treats using local ingredients wherever possible.

Some of their range includes the original and rustic Farmhouse Cookie which is their oldest recipe, as well as a variety of melt in the mouth Shortbread’s, a Butter Crunch which comes in three varieties. And they have recently branched out into various flavours of Cookies, Shortbread Biscuits, Farmhouse Ryes and other savoury items such as Crackers, as well as novelty shaped biscuits.

And their latest creation is the Lemon Crumbles which you’ll find the review for later on in the post. Believe me it’s worth the wait! (I am salivating just recalling the experience)!

I also had the joy of sampling the water from Wight Crystal. This wonderful company was founded in 1988 when a new charity for the Island was created called Osel Enterprises. In the late 80’s there was little opportunity for anyone with a disability to find work on the island. Wight Crystal built a workforce of those who had been previously excluded from a job due to their physical or mental conditions, and set about harvesting a natural Isle of Wight resource to produce their first bottled water.

The water source is at Knighton and lies at the foot of chalk downland which is at the very heart of the Island. The Spring Water was first exploited in the 1800’s. Since Wight Crystal began it has grown to adding carbonated, flavoured and water coolers to its range.

At present Osel, via its Wayforward Programme, provides support services to more than 300 Island people living with a disability. Income from Wight Crystal sales supports The Wayforward Programme which provides 24/7 care support services for people with a learning disability across the Island.  Money from every bottle of water sold helps to support and expand the care services to those in the Isle of Wight community who need help.

Isle of Wight Crystal can be found all over the island to purchase, including on the Ferries to and from the island.

So how did I come about reviewing these items, well I met all the ladies responsible for both businesses on my ferry crossing. The Wightlink Ferry St Clare was embarking on a special products testing and introduction because of their new shop opening on board. It would be stocking Isle of Wight products including a variety of companies who are established on the island. As I mingled around the deck trying a array of drink and cake and snacks, I was drawn to two tables in particular.
We got talking and I told them I was a blogger who loved to review UK based companies more than anything. Both of them were more than happy for me to review their products for them. My family were also keen to help review the biscuits (as you can probably imagine). So loaded up with a bag of ‘Made on the Isle of Wight’ items, we then set off to enjoy our holiday.

Upon returning to my part of England the following week I quickly began taking photographs of the remaining items I had left. I couldn’t possibly do a review with no pictures! I had to stop myself from eating the lot until I arrived home. My family members had began giving me and sending me their opinions on whichever Biscuit or Cookie or Rye they had tried, and so begins the review part of this experience and images of some of the tasty items too.

The Isle of Wight Crystal water is refreshing and delicious, I believe in everything that they are achieving in order to support people on the Isle of Wight living with a disability. The work they do is wonderful, and I can recommend you purchasing their products, knowing that your money will go to help someone.

The Isle of Wight Biscuit Company gave me a variety of items to try and taste to review. I did get the help of my Mother and her partner, and also my Husband, to devour and provide their opinions. I have then compiled our views to give each style of biscuit that we had an overall score.

Farmhouse Cookies Ingredients 30g
Chocolate Chip with Dairy Cream contains Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Vegetable Oils (Palm and Rapeseed Oil), Brown Sugar, Golden Syrup, Chocolate Chips 5.4% (cocoa mass, soya-lecithin, sugar), Dairy Cream 3.9% (Milk), Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate

Farmhouse Cookies
Taste 4/5
Texture 5/5
A Crumbly and Crunchy texture, but this Cookie melts in the mouth, the Chocolate Chips are sweet and it has a creamy aftertaste, it’s delicious.

Original Shortbread Ingredients 30g
Wheat Flour, Salted Butter (milk) 29.5%, Rice Flour and Caster Sugar.
Original Shortbread
Taste 5/5
Texture 4/5
Great texture, buttery and sweet with a lovely crumble to it. The delicious aftertaste of butter compliments the sweet sugar sprinkled on top. Some of the nicest shortbread I have had in a long time.

Lemon Crumbles Ingredients 30g
Vegetable Oils (Palm and Rapeseed), Sugar, Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Lemon Juice 3.3%, Lemon Extract (Ethanol, Natural Oil of Lemon) 0.8%, Bicarbonate of Soda, Salt.

Lemon Crumbles
Taste 5/5
Texture 5/5
A delicious biscuit that not only crumbles but melts in the mouth, with a sweet and lemony initial kick, that has an aftertaste of biscuit perfection. You get salty crumble, sweet sugar and then sour lemon all in one mouthful sending your tongue into a taste frenzy. A unique biscuit that I thoroughly enjoyed eating, I did share it with my husband who agreed they would go beautifully with an Earl Grey Tea in an afternoon.

Farmhouse Rye’s

Poppy Seed; Delicious and Crunchy, perfect with soft cheese
Taste 3/5

Texture 5/5


Celery; An Unusual but Excellent tasting Rye,
eaten with soft cheese, there is a nice aftertaste of celery after the initial crunch.
Taste 4/5

Texture 5/5


Here are links to both the wonderful companies websites, and do search for them on social media such as Twitter to stay up to date on the latest products too! And if you visit the Isle of Wight this year don’t forget to buy your own to try!

Wight Crystal

Isle of Wight Biscuit Company

Thank you for reading my review and lifestyle post today, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and of course the tasting! I hope I will see you again soon for the next one.

Thank you for the samples from Isle of Wight Biscuit Company and from Wight Crystal.

✩ Sabrina ✩

Review of ‘Megan’ Slouch Boots from Dorothy Perkins

‘Megan’ Slouch Boots

On my blog today is a short review about some Ankle Boots I bought from Dorothy Perkins in the January sale.

I picked up my DP order a few weeks ago, I had these two pairs of gorgeous boots in the sale! I chose 1 grey and 1 brown because I so often go for black and wanted a change this year.

I have a great many pair of boots already, yet each and every Winter new styles and colours come out and I’m tempted to get more. My reason for deciding on these two depended on their colour and height. I usually go for flat or slight heeled footwear, and I donated many of my old pairs of shoes and boots to charity over Christmas. So I treated myself to these ‘Megan’ boots as called by Dorothy Perkins online.


I really like the shape of the front of the boot itself, and the ruched details around the top half draw the eye to your ankles. This style can make you appear a little taller when paired with skinny jeans, elongating the look of the leg due to the short height of the boot. If they had a slight heel then this would enhance the effect.

There’s also a nice stitching detail sectioning off the ruched third of the boot with the foot section, with a tab on the outer side which I think looks a lot like an arrow. The boot has sections where the stitching meets, these lines draw your eye around the footwear.


I chose to wear both of these boots with various coloured skinny jeans, and even black leggings with a causal looking cotton dress. I found the shades of both the boots I bought to be quite versatile.

Pro – Ankle Height is Great For A Range Of Looks
Con – No Substantial Grips Underneath So Not Ideal In Icy Weather

Final Opinion – A great looking boot which will be ideal for the Winter to Spring transition. Stylish and soft they are a staple ankle boot for most wardrobes. This style can be paired with both jeans and dresses for a smart but casual appearance.

My final Review for these pair of boots is;

Quality 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
Appearance 4/5
Comfort 4/5

Quality; Excellent stitching and good soles.
Value for Money; January Sale, great prices.
Appearance; Variety of colours available for a range of looks.
Comfort; Soft exterior and smooth sole interior, comfortable and I believe true to size fit.


I am yet again extremely happy with my purchases from Dorothy Perkins. I don’t think I will need anymore footwear for a while now, as we are soon entering Spring, and I would hope for better weather here in the United Kingdom.
These pairs of boots are versatile in outfit use and will be ideal throughout the year, even pairing with dresses in the warmer months. I am looking forward to wearing them with a variety of my clothes.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions about the item then please feel free to leave me a comment. I shall leave you the link to it at the bottom of this page as well.


Links to the Boots Available on the Dorothy Perkins Website

‘Megan’ Slouch Boots

‘Megan’ Pull On Ankle Boots

Product Review of Wooden Farm House Shape Sorter from The Laser Boutique

When searching for an educational toy for my Godson for Christmas 2016, I stumbled across a page on Facebook that I had been following for quite some time.The Laser Boutique specialises in a variety of wooden toys and gifts, a lot of which can be personalised too.

I read some review comments of their products before I ordered and decided that they were the UK business I wanted to support this year. I believe that when you find a decent product and great service, it’s good to tell others about it. I will put all their links at the end of my review for their Facebook, Website and toy I bought.

So let me explain what item I ordered. The gift I was after needed to be an educational toy and wooden, I believe in the joy that comes with these sorts of things, and wooden is far better than any sorts of plastics. When I spotted the Farm House Shape Sorter I knew that this was the one. It was colourful and highly detailed, perfect for learning children.

The building comes with two roof sections that can be personalised, and there are holes in the sides for the eight animals to be posted through, this will help a child with their dexterity skills. The building also has a handle so it can be easily transported and lifted. The whole toy is painted beautifully with nice details, and the animals are all smooth and anatomically correct. The nature of learning with shapes allows a child to distinguish the differences, and eventually they will learn the language skills with their parents aid, to know the names of the animals they are playing with. Wooden toys such as this encourage imagination and learning.

Overall this toy makes a wonderful gift, and hopefully one that will supply the child with years of fun and learning. Even my Godson’s older brother has been playing with it! This item has been a hit with the family right from the start, and we all agree that you cannot beat great quality wooden toys. Especially educational ones and from companies that put such a lot of effort into the personal touch too.

Final Review

A bright and colourful appearance with this toy can be excellent for a child with their mental development of shapes and colours. it encourages imagination and is ideal for educational play from 12 months of age. Because it is has the many colours and shapes, it is appealing to young children when all the while stimulating learning.

The entire toy and its contents are well built, beautifully painted and the pieces fit together perfectly. It’s also got the safety tested sticker on the box to ensure you know the quality has been thoroughly tested before sale.

Value for Money
Personally I think it’s an excellent price for what you get, you cannot put a price on a child’s education, and when a toy is this well made, it should last a long time. Toys such as these can be used for years after the preferred age required, and are strong enough to be played with and passed down to other children. I was happy with the amount I paid and the postage for it to arrive safely.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I hope you have enjoyed it, and you will take a moment to check out The Laser Boutique website too.


The Laser Boutique Website
The Laser Boutique – Farm House Shape Sorter
The Laser Boutique Facebook

JewelCandle Lilac and Jasmine Ring Candle Review, Reveal and Giveaway

✩ JewelCandle Review and Reveal ✩

I’m very happy to be bringing you a wonderful Review and Reveal today, and not only that, but at the end of my post you have the chance to win your very own JewelCandle in my Giveaway too!

Before we get to the part where you can win a JewelCandle, let me tell you all about this great company!

Founded back in 2013 JewelCandle offer a superb range of Handmade and High Quality Scented Candles and Bath Products. Each of them have a 925 Sterling Silver Ring piece of Jewellery inside, some of which are worth up to £250!

It is an exciting experience to await the gift inside as your candle burns. This takes approximately 10 hours to release the Jewellery, and then your Candle will still smell lovely for a further 90 – 125 hours of burning time.

When the jewellery is released, blow out the candle before retrieving your jewel. You can use either tweezers or a spoon to pick up the packet and then unwrap the heat resistant foil gently to find your jewellery. It will have been protected inside the plastic it is in too.

Once unwrapped you’re free to enjoy your choice of jewellery, be it a Ring, Pendant, Earring or Bracelet. Every piece is of 925 sterling silver and is of excellent quality, worth between £10 and £250.

JewelCandle offer a huge range of scents so there’s something for everyone. Examples of some Candles available are Lilac and Jasmine, Cookies and Cream, Roasted Coffee, Toffee Delight and even Blackberry Jam! To name but a few! (Check out their website for more).

✩ Candle Information ✩

Height 17cm
Width 8cm
Weight 1050g
Burning Time 90-125 hours

✩ My Experience ✩

My overall experience of this JewelCandle is an excellent one. Not only am I impressed with the scent and quality of the candle itself, but the jewellery that I received is beautiful too.
The candle I received was Lilac and Jasmine, it’s a lovely lilac colour and smells very floral, even before burning the scent was lovely.
I only wear sterling silver jewellery because I have sensitive skin, so to know that what I’m getting is actual 925 silver, hallmarked, nickel free and high quality metal, it makes the experience an even better one for me.
The smell of the candle lingered long after it was blown out and I’m happy to be burning something that is handmade from eco friendly resources.
I would consider ordering from JewelCandle for myself and for gifts for my family and friends in the future.

✩ Would you like to purchase your very own JewelCandle? ✩
✩ Use this code below on their website now to get 20% off! ✩
‘ Valentines20 ‘

Jewel Candle Links

JewelCandle Website
JewelCandle Facebook

The image below shows an example of one of the many beautiful Pendants available from JewelCandle, I received this so as to show you all both a Ring and a Pendant example. Because you can choose what type of Jewellery that comes out of your Candle, I thought it were important to give multiple samples.

✩ ✩ ✩ Giveaway ✩ ✩ ✩

The fabulous team over at JewelCandle have offered a wonderful prize to one of my lucky readers, your chance to Win a Candle for yourselves! In order to enter this wonderful giveaway just follow the steps below, good luck!

1. Please ensure you are following me on Twitter so that I can contact the winner with ease on the closing date. Follow here

2. Subscribing to the blog will keep you up to date with all the Severn Wishes news and posts, including future giveaways. You can do this by clicking here

3. Use the link below now to gain your entries to the competition.

✩ ✩  Enter Giveaway ✩ ✩

Best of Luck!

★ Sabrina ★

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition is running from February 8th until February 17th 2016.
  • This giveaway is only open to entrants from the UK.
  • Severn Wishes reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice.
  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason, and all entries subject to verification.

February 2017 Treatbox Reveal

Welcome to the February Treatbox Reveal and Review with me, Sabrina.

I’m not quite sure where January went, but here we are at the beginning of February opening another lovely Treatbox. With a special calendar entry this month which has to do with love, I was almost sure the contents of this box could have aspects of hearts and flowers…

I was excited to open this box and see what was inside, its contents felt a little heavier than usual for some reason, this intrigued me.

As I opened the cardboard to find a light pink paper, I thought it seemed a rather girly colour for the box and would perhaps be filled with sweet things. The sticker which reads ‘Made Just For You’ is a nice touch, a reminder of our Treats selected just for us to enjoy.

This month our card tells us that we have a theme of ‘loving’ gifts, a box filled with nice things to make this part of 2017 great. The print for February reads ‘Life Is Better In Rose Gold’ on a Marble background. This is so on trend at the moment and is a really nice addition to my wall of Treatbox prints. With not focusing solely on the fact that it’s Valentines Day soon, this Treatbox has a selection of things that remind us how special we all are, in our own unique ways of course…

Before I go into the full list of items, if anyone would prefer to watch my Video Reveal on YouTube instead of reading the blog post, then the link for it is below.

Here is the full list of items you will find in the February treatbox. As always there are slight variations of colours and types of items in different boxes. I love how this months items have a theme of hearts, knowingly for Valentines Day occurring this month, but without throwing the ‘love’ stuff in your face if you aren’t into it.

February Calendar Print
‘Free As A Bird’ Keyring
‘Life is Better in Rose Gold’ Print
Roses Garland in Heart Shape
‘You’re Awesome’ Print (Stick me in your purse…)
‘Oh So Pretty’ Ring Dish (Ta-Dah! XO)
Packet of Love Heart Sweets
‘La Petite Rose’ Scented Wipes (Citrus)
‘Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Tall, You Are… Beautiful’ Choker

My favourite items in the February box are the very pretty and unusual looking keyring, the rose garland and the handy ring dish.
I will be honest I’m not a sweets person and only have them very rarely, normally when they are purchased for me or given to me. However I will make an exception for these love hearts, it’s been a long time since I had any!
There isn’t anything in the box that I don’t like, but I’m not sure what to do with the choker ribbon. I’m going to leave it on the card I think, as a sentimental quote.
This hasn’t been my favourite Treatbox to date, but there are a couple of items that for me, still make it great.

 Here are some more of my images showing this months items.

If you would like to order a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift for someone then you can find Treatbox subscriptions and build a box at their website

If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ which is especially for these box reviews and reveals

Thanks for reading my reveal, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I hope you have a great February.


February Treatbox 2017


Makeup Revolution December 2016 Advent Calendar, Unboxing and Full Review

The Makeup Revolution 25 Window December 2016 Advent Calendar

I think I underestimated how long it would take to photograph, test and evaluate all of the products contained in the December 2016 Makeup Revolution advent calendar. Saying that, not only have I thoroughly enjoyed trying things out and learning more about them, but it’s been fun to open something other than tiny chocolates on the run up to Christmas!

So it’s taken me a while to write this post and complete all the images I needed for it (and by a while I mean it has taken weeks of photograph, both taking and processing and swatches and product testing). Weather (for lighting) and health (I have had two very nasty bouts of colds in the last 6 weeks) have also been against me.
So I do apologize now for the video that I made, I am still uploading it because I put so much effort into it!!! But the quality isn’t that good, so you have been warned! I wish I had a soft box! I will place the link at the end of the post for those who want to see it. But the main thing is that I truly hope you like my photography, I have spent many hours on these images…

Where to start! I will begin by telling you all how impressed I was with the way in which the products were packaged, and how fabulous the design of this calendar was, even though there was nothing hugely special about it. The black and rose gold colours made it stand out and it wasn’t over the top like some brands are. You would have thought it would have been heavier too, but the whole set was contained in a large stand-able box, with a fold in the centre so it could be stood up or lain flat as well.

The nature of the rest of my post will be to go through the items within this years calendar (2016) and to give each item the attention it deserves. It will be numbered by how it came out of the box, and if I have used it the item will be reviewed individually. Any product information will be contained in the photographs, if you would like further information on anything please leave me a comment declaring the question and which number of item.
After all of the 25 items have been listed, I will give an overall impression and opinion of the best products. And finally I am going to end with some swatches and colour correct photographs for you.

Full ​List Of 25 Items

1. Lipstick – Beige in Colour

A very nice colour of lipstick, one I will use again.

2. Brush – Foundation

This brush can double in use and is easy to store and clean because of its size. It has white bristles with a subtle hint of pink from the centre. Looking more glamorous than you would think for the price, it’s an ideal item for handbags.

3. Anti Shine Balm

4. Strobe Balm

5. Lipstick – Hot Pink

6. Brush – Face Brush

This brush is great quality and has lovely soft bristles. Great size for your handbag or for taking on holiday. The rose gold is a lovely addition for a little glamour.

7. Baked Blush – Hard Day

8. Lipgloss

9. Lipstick – Nude in Colour

A great neutral shade of lipstick, ideal for many looks.

10. Mono Eyeshadow – Paper Luxe

A wonderful pale eyeshadow which is ideal for layering looks and a great base coat for eyelids.

11. Lipstick – Purple

12. Eye Primer

13. Bronzer

14. Mono Eyeshadow – ‘New Tral Red’

Such a nice shade of red, it had great staying power through a whole day and I was impressed with the quality.
2g Pot of Eyeshadow.

15. Compact Mirror – black colour with slogan ‘join the revolution’

16. Baked Highlighter

17. Lipgloss
A nice girly pink shade of lipgloss, easy to apply.
18. Brush – Eyeshadow

A lovely little brush, great size for doing eyeshadow on eyelids.19. Mono Eyeshadow – Velvet Luxe

A beautiful deep purple shade which is glittery.
Great travel size.
2g Pot of Eyeshadow.20. Mini Angled Brush

Perfect travel size brush, soft bristles.

21. Baked Blush – Bang Bang You’re Dead

22. Liquid Highlighter
23. Lipstick – Deep Red
24. Lipstick – Cherry Purple

25. Redemption Palette

Contains 12 Colours ranging from a silver/white through browns and golds to black (see swatches below).
Staying power was very good, tested over an 8 hour day. The darker colours were more visible, easily blend-able.
Contains a double brush inside the palette.
Only weighs 14g so ideal to carry around or on holiday.

There was only one thing missing from this wonderful variety of makeup items, and that was a makeup bag to put it all into!

The Items I Am Most Impressed With

The three items that I have enjoyed the most from this advent calendar are the Redemption Eyeshadow Palette, the Mono Eyeshadow Pots and the Mini Brushes.

You cannot go wrong with Eyeshadow Palettes and I love that the pots are small enough to go in my makeup bag when I travel. Being brunette I wear a lot of dark coloured clothes, so the Mono Eyeshadows I received within this calendar are perfect for me to use with my regular looks.
The brushes are ideal for travel and handbags due to their length and the quality is very good. Not only are they soft but they are also firmly set in shape. A regular use for when out and about, two of them can also double in uses for both face and eyes, very handy if you’re short of space in your bag.
Overall these items have been the best in my personal opinion, and I’m still working up the courage to give the balms and the highlighters a go.
Two of the lipsticks aren’t the appropriate colours for my skin tone, but could be ideal for fancy dress parties, so they won’t go to waste.

When you look at how many items you receive for the price paid, I think the calendar is an excellent idea and a great way of trying things new. What you can use for the money as well, is pretty excellent, there isn’t anything that I definitely won’t use ever. And if I find I won’t I can always gift them away to friends and relatives who would use the products.

So let me talk about the colours in this calendar, I am now going to show some swatch photographs of the lipsticks and the eyeshadows. I know that some colours won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s important to outline what you are getting, and packaging sometimes gets in the way of that. I will show Lipsticks, Two of the Mono Eyeshadows, and the Redemption Palette.

My Overall Review is 4/5

Value for Money 4/5
Quality of Products 4/5
Variety Included 4/5

Thank you for reading this review today, I hope that you have enjoyed the post and the many many photographs too. I had a lot of fun making them!
Anyone who would like any further information on any of the products please leave me a comment. You can check out the Makeup Revolution website the link is below, as is the link to my video.

✩ Sabrina ✩

Check out the Makeup Revolution Website here

Check out (sorry for the quality) the products video over on my YouTube here