August 2023 Treatbox UK Reveal and Review

Wow! Hello August!

July seemed to go by in a blur and now we are well into the summer holidays and the start of August has arrived. The weather isn’t what we are used to seeing in August with tons of rain showers and gusts of wind to contend with. So this Treatbox really did cheer me up.

As I opened up the box for the first time (during my unboxing video which you can find across my social media channels), I was greeted with pink paper and the theme of Picnics and Strawberries!

What was inside this August 2023 box

Treatbox August Calendar Print
Treatbox Original Socks – Pink with Strawberries and Hearts
Twinings Tea x 2 Bags “GLOW” Strawberry and Cucumber with Green Tea & Aloe Vera

Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Gourmet Sweets 54g bag Vegan & Natural Flavours
Treatbox Original Cards x 2 “you’re the sweetest” and “big hug little card”
Treatbox Original Coaster “you are some kind of wonderful”
bubble t sheet mask with berries and aloe vera 20ml
Revolution Glow Lip Serum 3.6ml Vegan with SPF 10

My Honest Opinion

Well August 2023, it was Strawberries and a whole lot of pink!

This box was full of some nice surprises, nothing that really gave me the wow factor though. The socks have been my favourite item this month by far. The sweets are really tasty and the cards are a nice touch for us to pass on some summer positive vibes to our loved ones.

I have tried out the lip serum, it’s okay and smells nice with a scent similar to flowers and coconuts. I don’t think it will replace my current daily item but it’s nice to use on a summer day to protect the skin of your lips with that spf formulation.

I haven’t tried the tea yet but it does sound lovely, watch out for that on my social media one day during the next few weeks for sure. I was a little sad to see yet another coaster, as someone who doesn’t drink all that many mugs of hot beverages I don’t use my coasters every day and have several in my drawer now, though the design is lovely.

Finally the sheet mask, again this is something I would normally use on my weekend self care routine because I do a mask most weekends. Watch out for my review on my socials for this one! I hope it smells as nice as it sounds “berries and aloe vera” sounds relaxing yet sweet.

Overall it’s been a nice box, not in my top 5 by any means, but it’s certainly cheered me up on a rainy day and it’s allowed me to gift to others and pass on the positive energy of receiving it.

Thank you for reading this unboxing blog post and review with me today. These reveals are always fun to do because you never know what you’re going to get.

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If you’re thinking of subscribing to Treatbox I’ve attached a link to their website TreatboxUK

Have a fun August and I hope that we all see some sunshine soon!

✩ Sabrina ✩

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Argos Testers Review of the Breville VBL248 Blend Active Personal Blender in Pink

Hello! I’m Sabrina! And I am an Argos Tester, this means that I often get items sent to me for the purpose of an online review. I thoroughly test products and take photographs of them before submitting my findings and honest thoughts over to Argos. This latest campaign was to test a brand new Breville Blender and I jumped at the chance to do so, mainly because I hadn’t replaced an old blender when it broke around three years ago.

#ArgosTester #ArgosTesters #ArgosTestersCommunity

I have written this article about a product that I have been supplied for free, in order to test and then review it. This is my experience with said product and it is my honest review about the product listed below. I have already submitted my review to the Argos Website, and it has been accepted on to live public view when this blog post has been published. Please see my review on this screengrab below from the Argos website. All words and photography below this screengrab are my own.

Product Name: Breville VBL248 Blend Active Personal Blender in Pink (also available in Green)
Product Price: £23.00
Product Link: Argos Website

Product Information: Two 600ml Plastic Bottles BPA Free. Two Super-Seal Leak Preventing Lids with Carry Straps. 350W Blender Unit. Stainless Steel Bladed Bottle Base (Screw on Top), Blades Suitable to Crush Ice and Frozen Fruit. Only Suitable for Cold Liquids and Food Stuffs. One Touch Easy Blending. Bottles are Marked with ml for Ease of Use. Base Unit also available in Green. 0.6 Litre Capacity. Base requires Mains Electricity Supply.

Description from Argos:

Enjoy smoothies, juices, protein shakes and more on the go with the Breville Blend Active. This single-serve blender features a powerful 350W motor that smoothly blends frozen berries and ice with juice and other liquids. The blending occurs in the top of the bottle so nothing gathers in the base, while the one-touch action delivers perfect results in seconds; ideal for busy weekday mornings before you head out to work, school or the gym.

Make healthy, delicious smoothies, frozen juices, protein drinks and more.

One-touch blending action delivers perfect results in seconds; a quick and easy way to your 5-a-day.

My Honest Opinion

I have really enjoyed testing this gadget, and as someone who eats a lot of fruit anyway, it was nice to consume my five a day in a different way for a change. I enjoyed coming up with various smoothies and shakes over the several days of testing this product. I only had one minor issue with it and that was the electric cable from the base unit was a little short, but that’s also my bugbear due to the fact I don’t have many plugs in my kitchen as is. So I have since rearranged my counter top now so that my Blend Active can remain at easy reach. I did my first go on the top of my oven hob which wasn’t going to be practical, so I moved things around. I have used the Breville Active every day so far since I received it. It wasn’t as noisy as I thought it might be, and it was so quick to set up and easy to use too.

The bottles are really nice to hold, and the ml on the sides allows for ease of preparation of the smoothie and also tells you how much you’ve created and drank respectively. You could divide one full smoothie of 600ml into three 200ml glasses and give them to your children in a morning. Or you may wish to consume the entire bottle yourself at home or on the go, the decision is totally up to you.

Due to getting a limited word count when I submit my Argos Review I always like to elaborate some more on my blog. So to answer some of the questions other people have had online; yes the device is only mains powered so you will need access to a plug in order to use it. The blending button needs to be held down in order to blend or to pulse your chosen ingredients, however it also doesn’t take very long at all to blend those items, I think the longest that I did one smoothie (with Vegetables in) was for around 45-50 seconds. Usually 30 seconds was plenty enough time for the fruit I was using to become smooth. If you don’t like fruit seeds you could strain your smoothie through a sieve, into a jug and then pour it back into your (rinsed bottle or spare second) bottle, however it is convenient to simply smoothie up and drink. Finally yes it is going to have some noise to it being a mechanical device, but I have a mini food processor half the size and that is way louder than this Breville blender, so overall the noise for me wasn’t an issue, plus if you’re only making noise for a single minute tops, it’s not going to disrupt the neighbours is it.

Overall I would like to rate the Breville Blend Active 5 stars.

Performance 5✩
Features 5✩
Noise 4✩
Design 5✩
Additional 5✩

Performance is excellent and the quality of the end result is consistently very good.
Features are great such as the leak proof lids and the ml on ergonomic large bottles.
Noise is very good for a loud gadget, it’s not quiet but it’s speed makes up for the noise.

Design is great, a compact base unit and everything fits so well with arrow indicators to help.
Additional star is for BPA Free Plastic and the Recipes in the Booklet to get you started.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you have enjoyed it. You can purchase this product or read more about it by looking online from Argos, I have left the link in the product description above.

If you have any questions about this Personal Breville Blender then please leave me a comment below or on my social media posts and I will do my best to answer with the knowledge I have gained from reviewing this product.

Don’t forget to check out my social media to see this in action too!

Thank you.

✩ Sabrina ✩

How To Eat A Rainbow In A Week and Ways to Help your Children Eat Healthy too

So many people are looking for healthier choices in the wake of this awful pandemic. The fitter and healthier we are, hopefully the stronger we will all be if and when we need to be. So in this post I will be giving you all some ideas on how to eat a Rainbow worth of healthy foods in a week. I once read a study that said its about variety over quantity, so now I try and mix it up each week.

TOP TIP: An easy way to get veg into children is to add tiny cut up amounts into casseroles or anything which has a sauce or gravy to disguise any strong tastes. I like the bags of tiny frozen veg you can buy, just tip a mugs amount into every meal you make.

TOP TIP: If you are doing any baby led weaning, here are some ways that you can cut up fruit and vegetables to make it easier for children to pick up and eat.

Here are some inspirational colours of Fruit and Vegetables that you could use for your week enjoying an Edible Rainbow of Food.





Red Currants
Red Onions
Water Melon








Lettuce and Leaves
Spring Onions

Honeydew Melon


Acai Berries


Black Currants
Red Cabbage


I love nothing more than to eat a big bowl of berries with some Vegan yoghurt on top for my pudding.

I started my son on fruit and vegetables when he was really young, a large variety at his weaning stage. Because it’s really important that children eat healthily to get the necessary vitamins and minerals they need for their growth and development. And if you start them young, the more likely it is that they continue to eat that variety as they grow up.

Here are some examples and TOP TIPS that I use to get my toddler to eat his fruit.

Toddler Size! Cut up into ideal sizes and shapes to minimise choking hazards and also to inspire them to pick them up themselves. My son prefers to eat some things independently.

Make It Fun! Whether you sing a song about a Rainbow, or the Birds Eye Vegetables Advert, make food fun! Kids think things are funny and that will bring a positive energy to the scenario. I remember giving my son a piece of Mango for the first time, he must have dropped it about ten times before getting it to his mouth. He thought the slipperiness of it was hilarious! Then realised how great it tasted and there was no stopping him.

My Son has some Fave Fruit Combos!

Bowl of Mixed Berries
Mango Chunks and Melon Chunks
Apple Slices and Shapes

My Son’s Bowl of Fruit Versus My Bowl of Fruit

Some children need encouragement when it comes to eating their fruit and vegetables, check out these awesome phrases in the diagram below to get you started. You should always stick to the facts, fun and inspiring things to tell your children and young adults. Do not use language that will confuse, stick to what actually happens when they eat their greens.

Eating A Rainbow In A Week


Strawberry Yoghurt with Apple Slices
Glass of Cranberry Juice
Fajitas with Red Pepper Slices and Tomato Salsa
Bowl of Strawberries and Raspberries


Peach and Passionfruit Yoghurt with Peach or Orange Slices
Glass of Orange Juice
Carrot and Coriander Soup
Stir Fry with Carrots and a (Orange) Pepper


Chicken Breast with Sweet Potato Mash and Sweetcorn
Mango Chunks


Kiwi Fruit cut up into some Plain Yoghurt
A Pear and an Apple
Salad with tasty leaves, crispy lettuce, spring onion and cucumber slices
Beef Stir Fry with Green Pepper, Green Chilli, Leeks and Spinach


Blueberries in Plain or Vanilla Yoghurt


Blackberry Yoghurt with added Blackberries

Blackcurrant Cheesecake


Mix it up! Choose some of your favourites from the week, try something new, make up your own recipe or go with other colours of food such as Pink, White or Black! Plenty of unusual fruit and veg out there!

Thank you for reading this post today, I hope you have gotten some fun ideas of things to try with your children and your weekly fruit and veg.

✩ Sabrina ✩