Our Experience of Baby Sensory Class and How I Teach My Baby At Home

Our Experience of a Baby Sensory Class

Beach Theme – Under The Sea.

Using textures, sounds, bubbles, bright colours, animals, music, voices, singing, shiny surfaces, sign language and toys… Baby Sensory has something for babies of all ages. This class that I attended was for babies of only a few weeks old right up to 13 months.

Our son Baby A has just turned 6 months old, so he was able to appreciate a great deal of what was going on. There were various mats on the floor for parents to sit upon and soft mats to lay babies upon in front. The class interacted with the children on many levels, be it laying on their back, sitting up, laying on their fronts, and sat upon their parents laps even!

There is always a hello and a goodbye section of the class, then in between is a theme plus a short break midway through for feeding and changing, or just more playing.

Sand was substituted for oats so that babies weren’t in any danger if they happened to eat any. I thought this was a great idea! A variety of textures were used doing the hour, silk, organza, bubbles and soft mats. Sign language is used during songs to make the babies think about the words being sung and said. This is also a really nice part of the group activities.

Baby A enjoyed some aspects of the class more than others, such as the objects and instruments that he could personally interact with, especially when he could hold and feel them. He very much liked the shells and wooden objects that were in the bucket I was given in this class.

I have paid for a course of classes for my son and I to attend. I feel it’s a good idea to introduce him to other babies, various sounds and activities that I cannot do very easily at home. Plus it’s a good reason to get out of the house and for my son and I to have some fun learning things together.

If there are classes in your town I recommend that you give this type of learning class a go! If you find a good one the activities can be essential to your baby learning things and experiencing things in a safe environment.

Baby Sensory Class
Bucket and Mat for the Under The Sea Theme

How and What I Teach My Baby At Home

There are many things that I teach Baby A at home, and also when we are out and about. Such as pointing out colours, numbers, weather and words as well as the basics like animals and objects. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on things, and you can use items at home to create sensory things.

I really enjoy showing my son real objects. Ones that make noises and have great textures are the best types. We often use toys and explain what in reality they are based upon. We try and expose him to educational television programs and we try and use books daily too. Ones with pictures are best at the moment but we always interact with the books with words and noises to help him understand further.

Young babies can only see Black, White and Red colours, so it’s a good idea to begin showing them shapes and every day objects and short words that are designed in this colour pattern. As baby gets older you can show them more colours and build upon it week after week.

Repetition is the best way of learning, and a baby will begin to recognise objects from an early age when shown them on a regular basis. Our son liked particular animals that were on flash cards, so we aimed to buy him other things that had these things as the theme. Such as he liked the image of a snail in one of the books and so we attached a snail hanging toy for the arch on his play mat.

My Top Tips for teaching your child things at home, are to incorporate a section of learning time into your routine so that once a day your baby is learning. Use repetition and do any teaching when your baby is most awake and alert. Making the learning fun means your little one is more likely to enjoy it and recall aspects of it.

Learning with your child should be an activity that you can both enjoy, you can always get other people involved too such as grand parents and friends. If there are babies of different ages in the room you can get everyone to do things in a way that they would all benefit. Such as explain colours and objects to the younger baby while getting an older child to spell the word for example.

Baby Sensory Light Display

If anyone found this post useful then please leave me a comment. I may elaborate on ways that I teach if people would find it beneficial. And also explain about the items that I have made and created for our at home sensory experience.

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My Goals & Aspirations for 2019 as a Writer & as a Mother ​

The past year has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. The main event was of course me giving birth to our son. I don’t often say that I’m proud of myself unless I feel it’s justifiable, but in this particular case it definitely is. I’m proud of myself for not giving up when I found out I had Stage 4 Endometriosis, I’m proud of myself for staying strong, and I’m most proud of myself for carrying and nurturing my son.

Another thing is I’m proud of the mother I have become, and I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me to get to where I am today with my gorgeous little boy. My husband and I have been through a lot in our eleven years together. Though I feel it’s made us stronger every time that we have felt tested by our life together. I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m grateful to be living the life that I am with my wonderful family and those of my friends who have stuck by me through some very hard times.

My main goal for 2019 is to devote more time to my writing, the last year has flown by, but all my focus has been on family. I have blinked and 12 months have happened. So I’m not going to make many new year resolutions, only to keep eating healthy and looking after myself.

My Main Goals This Year as a Writer

♡ Finish One Of My Books – Final Complete Draft.

♡ Maintain My Blog with 1 Published Post Each Week.

♡ Make More Time for My Hobbies like Reading and Walking.

My Main Goals This Year as a Mother

♡ Make Time for more Family Fun Things.

♡ Spend More Time as a Family – Days Out and Learning.

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January 2019 Treatbox Reveal

Hello and Welcome to the January 2019 Treatbox Reveal
with Sabrina of Severn Wishes Blog.

Happy Treat Box Day! It’s the very first Treatbox of 2019!

The little sticker reads With Love and the tissue paper is light pink.

I have waited a while longer for the box due to the Christmas break, with the dispatch day being delayed. It was just sods law that my family were all ill around that time so this review has had to come later than I had planned.

So here are all of the contents of the first box of the year, the January 2019 Treatbox.

This month there are 7 physical items, plus the Calendar Print and an A5 Print as well.

Calendar Print for January 2019
A5 Print – “New Year, New Feels, New Chances, Same Dreams, Fresh Starts”
Designed by Treatbox – Desk Planner – Goals and Daily Organising
2 Tea Bags – Pukka – Cleanse
Baume Du Sourire – Lip Balm – Mint Aroma 15ml
Willow and Rose Mobile Phone Holder Ring Clip
Vitamasques – Strawberry Yoghurt Mask 15ml
Designed by Treatbox – Magnet – Happy Clouds and Suns

January 2019 Treatbox Reveal

Here is a selection of my photographs of this month’s box, I hope you enjoy seeing the items up close.

Treatbox January Desk Planner
Face Mask, Magnet and Lip Balm.
Pukka Tea Bags and Magnet.
Magnet and Mobile Phone Holder Ring Clip

My Favourites

My favourite pieces in this months box are the Desk Planner, the Magnet, the A5 Print and the Calendar Print. I’m hoping to make use of the planner as often as possible and hope it will aid with both my blogging and organising my time at home.

My Overall Opinion

I really loved the Treatbox originals and I’m happy with the Magnet. It’s been nice to receive new things, and useful items. Though we have yet another face mask… I was a little disappointed with that as I haven’t yet used the previous one we got. The phone clip ring is a nice idea but it would ruin the design on my phone case so I won’t be using it. It’s a great idea for the younger generation though who take a lot of selfies!


Treatbox January 2019


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