August 2017 Treatbox Reveal

Hello and Welcome to the August 2017 Treatbox Reveal with me, Sabrina.

Happy Treat Box Day and a very Happy August to you all too! August is a happy month for me, I got married in August and it’s also my mothers birthday, so plenty to look forward to after Treatbox day!

The August Treatbox is a Theme of Tea and Cake, with Peach coloured wrapping paper this month and a sticker that says ‘it’s the little things’. We have a delightful Calendar Print which is covered in Biscuits, with a Pot of Tea at the bottom and out of the steam it reads ‘take a break’.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy the very British past time of taking a break with a biscuit in hand! Although we may all love different kinds of them, we all take our breaks the same!

I’m excited to see what we have inside the box, as I eagerly open the Calendar print pages to find out!

If you would prefer to watch my Treatbox Reveal Video for this month then you can of course find it here on my channel SevernSabrina

Here is the full list of items available this month, and remember there are always slightly different variations in the types and the colours, everyone may get a different combination inside their box…

There are 9 main items in this Treatbox but of course we have been given 4 magnets, plus 2 tea’s so that means we actually have 13 items to enjoy this month…

Calendar Print for August 2017 – Take A Break – Tea and Biscuits
Recipe Card – Carrot Cake
Vanilla Shortbread Cookie – Tea Cup Shape (Pink)

2 Bags of Clipper Tea – Big and Bright Blend
4 Animal Magnets – 4 Colours – Cat, Rabbit, Bird and Elephant
Weekly Planner – Coffee and Tea and Refreshments Design

Print – ‘You Can’t Start An Adventure Without A Cup Of Tea First’
Biscuit Shape and Designed Coaster

100% Cotton Tea Towel (70cm x 50cm) Turquoise and White ‘Everything Stops For Tea and Cake’

My Treatbox Photographs

Here is a selection of my photographs showcasing the contents of this month’s box, I hope you enjoy seeing the items up close and if you have any questions about any of them then please leave me a comment.

My Favourites

My favourite items from this month’s box are the Magnets, The Planner and The Tea Towel. I thought the theme ran well throughout the items, so they were all good as an ensemble, however these more unusual items have won me over this month. The quality of the pieces in this box is excellent.

My Overall Opinion

This August box is a very good box, in fact I would go so far as to say that it is one of the best so far this year! I thought the theme was very well thought out, and I’m also very glad that we have some brand new items this time around. I’m really happy that Zoe has branched out into other types of items. In my time of receiving Treat Boxes I haven’t been given a Tea Towel, so this was one item I was very happy about. Another was the Recipe Card, a great idea and something that we can continue to use in times to come. Finally the Magnets were a wonderful addition, I hope that the next Treatbox is as well thought out as this one.

Are you thinking of ordering a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift for someone?
Then you can find Treatbox subscriptions and build your own box at their website

If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ especially for these box reviews and reveals – Severn Wishes – TREATBOX

Thanks for reading this months box reveal today, if you have any of your own thoughts you would like to share with me or if you have purchased a box after reading one of my reviews then I would love to hear your from you, so why not leave me a comment below.

Also if you have any questions about any of the items contained in this months treatbox then please get in touch I am more than happy to answer them for you, if I can.

Until next time then Severn Wishes followers, I thank you for joining me for this reveal today, and I hope you have all enjoyed it too.


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