VLA Cosmetics and MAC Makeup Review


I was very lucky in April to win a competition from VLA Cosmetics. I won a beautiful Grape MAC makeup pigment. I couldn’t believe the colour of this makeup, it’s very pigmented.

MacFiveSWMacThreeMacFourMacTwoSWI’m very impressed with the colour because of how bold it is. As you can see on my swatch on my arm it’s a deep shade of purple, not as dark as it appears in bulk in the pot, but still a wonderfully bright shade. Although only a very small pot at 4.5g, I feel as though this makeup will go a long long way. I barely used any of the powder for the swatch and I know that with the correct brushes it can be blended well.

MacOneSWThank you to VLA Cosmetics who got the prize to me very quickly and well packaged as well. I am very happy with the product, and having not tried any MAC makeup before, I am impressed with the pigment.

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