September 2017 Treatbox Reveal

Hello and Welcome to the September 2017 Treatbox Reveal with me,
Sabrina of Severn Wishes.

Happy Treat Box Day Everyone!

It’s that time again, a new month already, where are these weeks going? I think I say this every time, but August has gone particularly fast for me compared to the other months so far. Before we know it, it will be a certain time of year beginning with ‘C’!

It’s September 2nd today as I am photographing this wonderful Treatbox for you all to see, and I hope to upload this post on the 3rd…

This month the box theme is… Unicorns!!!

The tissue paper is a gorgeous shade of light blue. And the smell! Oh the whole box smells divine! A mix of sweet fruit and coconut I think…

“You’re Pretty Magical” the little Unicorn says…

As I open up the calendar print on top and begin to read about the contents of this box I realise there are several of the items that I will enjoy photographing and also enjoy using! Though not a crazy unicorn fan I do like them, I loved riding horses as a child. Does anyone remember the film “The Last Unicorn?” it was a great movie but also incredibly sad!

So without further ado! Here is my photo Reveal of the contents of the September 2017 Treatbox.

Here is the full list of items available for this month. Remember there are sometimes variations in colours and quotes usually! This month we have received 8 things but some of them we have more than one. So we really have around 12 items.

Calendar Print for September
White Chocolate Disks x 4 or 5
Blank Blue Notebooks with Unicorns and Dreams and Wishes x 2
Unicorn Horn Large Print
“Do What You Love Every Day” Plaque
Hand Made in Bali Dream Catcher
Unicorn Pin
Bath Bomb

Here is a selection of my photographs of this month’s box, I hope you enjoy seeing the items up close and if you have any questions about anything please leave me a comment.

My Favourites

My favourite items from this month’s box are the pin, because it is of great quality. I also love the Dream Catcher, it is so well made. The notebooks are lovely and unique looking, useful as usual too, thanks to Zoe!

I like that I have gotten the “Do What You Love Every Day” Plaque, because a few treat boxes ago I received the Coaster version of this quote! Check out this photo below showing both the old and new items together. Isn’t that cool?!

My Overall Opinion

There are some really nice items in this box including ones that are homemade and or unique. I like that we are supporting an ethically sourced item this month and supporting a community in Bali who make them. The sales of Treatbox go to helping make sure these people earn money for their work as we know the products are handmade but source and sold ethically.

I like that it is an unusually filled box this month, with loads of people being into the fantasy trend and unicorns seem very in at the moment too. I’m not unicorn crazy but I’m also not against it, so it’s nice to receive items that I will use without being embarrassed by them being too childish for example.

Are you thinking of ordering a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift for someone?
Then you can find Treatbox subscriptions and build your own box at their website

If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ especially for these box reviews and reveals – Severn Wishes – TREATBOX

Thanks for reading this months box reveal today, if you have any of your own thoughts you would like to share with me or if you have purchased a box after reading one of my reviews then I would love to hear your from you, so why not leave me a comment below.

Also if you have any questions about any of the items contained in this month’s Treatbox then please get in touch I am more than happy to answer them for you, if I can.

If you want to watch my video reveal you can check it out on my channel here.

Until next time then Severn Wishes followers, I thank you for joining me for this reveal today, and I hope you have all enjoyed it.


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