Samples… We all receive them, in magazines, sent from companies when we purchase other things, or sometimes sent to us to use and review. But what do you actually think of them? And do you use them?

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to products, be that skincare, hair care or samples such as perfume or snacks. I do love to give a new item a try, but I can be a little wary if it’s a type I am not familiar with. I do have sensitive skin and often worry about trying something that could cause me a reaction.

A sample can be very useful if you already use the brand. Occasionally it can be a new product that you would not have purchased a full sized version of without having tried it first. And other times it is something you have never heard of, and you are expected to take a risk and try said item causing you to be out of your usual ‘sampling’ comfort zone.

Samples1My favourite type of sample to have is a skincare one. I always enjoy trialing out a new product, especially skin creams and foundation. I often sign up with companies when they request for people to be sent out initial samples to try, I am one of those thousand or so people who tried it (sometimes even less people are chosen) and I feel happy that I have contributed to a products review.

I actually remember when the Garnier BB Cream first hit the shelves a few years ago. I was one of the first to try it and had to give my feedback back to Garnier. When the adverts came out I knew my opinion had counted towards their figures, and it made me feel good about being one of the first people to use a product.

Another thing I love is that when you receive a sample, and enjoy it, sometimes it becomes part of your regular purchases. Without having that sample would you have ever discovered how great that item was?

A question to ask yourself now is, do you have loads of samples in a drawer somewhere that you’ve never used? If the answer is yes perhaps you could dig them out, see if there is one that stands out to you, and use it. You never know what the outcome might be, you could hate it, it might not suit you, but if you don’t take the chance you’ll never know.

Samples2I hope you have liked my opinions on samples, and I will admit, I’m going to take my own advice and use some of my recent freebies too!

I would love to hear whether you keep and use your free samples, or if you are very particular about what you do use. Or even if you just throw a lot of them out without ever giving them a try, what is your reason for that? I’m interested in reading your comments 🙂

★ Sabrina ★

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    • Thank you Sharon, yes it’s always fun to receive samples that you didn’t know you were getting. It is a great way to try things before getting the full price and sized ones.
      I appreciate your comment thank you 🙂

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