Regime London Coconut Quench 30 Day Trial and Review

At the beginning of May I was one of a lucky few that were chosen to test and review Regime London’s latest cosmetic capsules. The nutricosmetics that I have trialed for the month of May are ‘Coconut Quench’. These tablets contained a ratio of 20:1 Coconut Water equivalent to 4000mg. And each capsule also had Hyaluronic Acid of 240mg inside.

Every evening in May after my meal I would take one of the capsules with a full glass of water. From day one I was interested to see if there would be any noticeable changes within a trial lasting just 30 days.

RegimeLondonHere is an image of me holding my sample that had just arrived in the post. I have no makeup on here, and I wanted to keep that a running theme throughout this trial and review. Any photographs in this blog post with me in them have not been enhanced and I decided I wouldn’t wear any products on my skin to show the full effect of the use of these capsules.

Regime London MeI won’t lie to you the capsules were pretty large to swallow, but then if you realise how much is encased within one they are actually quite small, and I would say they were an average size for a larger capsule. They are a similar length to the vitamins you can get with a great number of nutrients in them. Easy enough to swallow if you’re used to taking any tablets around this size.

Regime01I had no problems or side effects with this product and I had no issues in sticking to the routine of having the capsule every day.

Regime03In this image I was down to my final two tablets. I must admit that by the final few days I had begun to notice a slight difference in my skin, it seems a little firmer than it was a month ago. On my face I have seen a reduction in the bags under my eyes. Before anyone asks if that means I have just gotten more sleep then the answer is no. Throughout May I have been working my usual shifts at my day job and I haven’t had any time off this month in order to rest.

I’m going to show a triptych now of my face, with no makeup on, not even a face cream. I’m doing this to show the immediate difference of my skin during this one month trial. From left to right we have an image taken day one of taking the capsules, at day fifteen and the final 30th day taking the coconut quench. I would like to point out as well, that I drink two litres of water a day and moisturise my skin daily as well. I believe it is a combination of these factors that has allowed the coconut quench to work to its maximum capabilities in my body.

triptychregimelondonSWAs you can see the dark circle under my eyes are slightly reduced in the final image compared to that on day one. The final image (right) was taken 30 days after taking the first capsule. I have noticed as well that the lines around my eyes such as crows feet (when I smile broadly) are also slightly fainter than they were a month ago.

The ‘Coconut Quench’ product states that it is a hydrating formula that is meant to increase skins moisture content. That in turn can make skin look and feel better because the skins hydration has been increased. The question is now, do I believe that this has worked for me? Honestly I have noticed a subtle change, not just on my face as I just mentioned above, but for my skin overall, especially I have noticed it to be softer and firmer on my arms.

Considering I am only 28 years old, I usually wouldn’t purchase products such as this, because I believe in a healthy diet and exercise at this stage in my life. However once those things no longer work for me in the long term, and its time to turn to other forms of making my skin look young, capsules are definitely something I would consider.

Regime02I would like to end this post by saying how much I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given in reviewing this product and would like to thank Regime London for choosing me and my blog to write a review.


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