Makeup Revolution Mystery Bag Reveal


I was ever so excited when I recently purchased from Makeup Revolution London, and they included a free mystery bag with my order. I decided that I would share this reveal with you all, because I have no idea what is inside, and I love a surprise especially when its free! It took me a moment to unroll the bubble wrap and I couldn’t believe how many items were neatly arranged inside…

MakeupRevMysteryBagMakeupRevMysteryBag2SW MakeupRevMysteryBag3SW

So the items that were included in my mystery bag are…

Item 1. Colour Chaos 18 Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette. The pigments in these colours are just incredible!

Item 2. Radiant Lights Glow

Item 3. The One Blush Stick – Malibu Shade – For Cheeks and/or Lips

Item 4. Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss – shade ‘Hey Girl’

Item 5. Vivid Blush Lacquer in shade ‘Desire’

Item 6. Single Mono Eyeshadow in shade ‘I Won’t Be Alone’

Item 7. Ultra Velour Lip Cream ‘Move your Mouth Forever’

Item 8. #LipHug Lipstick in shade ‘Let’s Raise the Bar’


Wow! I am over the moon with my mystery bag! I am very much looking forward to using the eyeshadows and the lip gloss, and trying out the radiant lights glow too.
If I’m really impressed with any of the products I will of course do a review on them individually in the coming weeks.
Thanks to Makeup Revolution London for some great new products. Keep your eyes peeled for my makeup reviews soon.