Review of the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara – Can it give my lashes the lift?

If there is one thing I love since becoming a blogger, it’s the fact that I can receive samples now and don’t feel guilty about them being free, because I am always reviewing what I am sent and giving my opinions on the brands in return.

Mac Bloggers
So today’s blog post is all about a sample I had from MAC which was a Mascara boasting a false lash look in extreme black. Of course every woman wants to have great looking eyes without hassle and too much effort. And it literally took me seconds to apply the sample mascara and I was so pleased with the results I took an unflattering selfie straight away to show you.

Mac One
So you should be able to see from this image below the length and darkness of my lashes when the MAC mascara was applied. This is just one thin coating, so once dry you could apply more of it for a bolder look.

Mac Four SW
This small sample will go a long way I’m sure, and the mascara itself had barely any clumps when I applied it. The brush was good at coating my lashes but not that good at separating them. I found I was wiggling the brush and trying to separate my lashes with the end of the brush. Once I was satisfied I took this eye selfie to compare between my natural lashes and the ones coated with the MAC false lashes extreme black mascara.

Mac Three
For a small sample the brush was very good, it allowed for an even coverage of the product. I am unsure if this will be the identical brush used in the full sized product because I have not seen one, but it works well for its shape and size. It becomes narrower towards the end which is handy for the inner corners of the eye, and for coating lashes on the lower lash line.

Mac Two SW
I hope you have enjoyed this review, please keep reading to see my final scores on this sample product and another image comparing the appearance with my natural lashes too.

Mascara Mac SW
My final review for MAC false lashes extreme black mascara is;

Quality of Item 4/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Appearance 5/5

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Mela London Yellow Lace Dress Review from Next

Recently I received a voucher for Next and I wanted to purchase a new dress. Every summer I buy one dress that will be my statement piece for the year. I do my research and try to purchase a style I don’t already own, or a variation on a particular trend that will suit my top end of petite figure. I usually go for darker colours but this time I wanted something bold, bright and summer inspired.

Searching on the Next website I decided to look for an item that was on trend but not something too occasion wear related. A dress that I could casually throw on in summer days, and not something that was only wearable for an event.

Next Yellow DressI chose this lace beauty, a bold statement in yellow, with incredible details. This skater dress is very flattering and has features that could easily be dressed up with to encourage its elegance. It already has its own belt, so you can pair it with a gorgeous pair of neutral shades or white shoes and some statement chunky jewellery to contrast the finer features. One of the strongest characteristics of this dress is its flower stitched pattern. Layers of delicate stitching contrasts the bold strips of yellow. The dress combines a yellow slip underneath which ends just above the knee, this allows for the finer material over the top to allow light through the final strip adding another aspect to its beauty.

Yellow Dress Two SWI love the fit and the neckline, this Mela London dress is both sophisticated and flattering. Sleeveless and perfect for summer, a piece that can be used in a variety of ways to dress up or dress down for a variety of occasions.

The one and only issue that I have with it is just how delicate it is. I couldn’t let my cat anywhere near me while wearing this dress in fear of snagging the stitching features. You would need to be careful if you wear long nails and rings as well while touching the fabric so as not to damage any threads. It would also need care while washing, and finally it needs a cool wash. Other than that though it’s such a beautiful piece, worth the price and the care.

Yellow Dress One SW

My final review for this stunning skater dress is;

Garment Design 5/5
Quality of Item 4/5
Value for Money 5/5
Appearance 5/5

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Here is the link to this stunning dress which is still available on Next if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself


Trollbeads Bracelet Review

Trollbeads04SWHaving always admired companies who work hard to be different, I have followed Trollbeads for quite some time. Earlier in the summer I entered a competition of theirs to win a beautiful 2016 bracelet, and I was extremely lucky to be chosen as a winner.

Once I had received the bracelet I was over the moon with the details and the quality. So impressed in fact that I have decided to review the piece, and photograph it in macro detail so that you can see the quality first hand.

Once I have shown you my photographs I will give you some information about Trollbeads and where you can purchase a bracelet and charms for yourself. And I will give my final review scores of course. I hope you enjoy looking through my set of images.

Trollbeads06SW Trollbeads07SW Trollbeads05SW








Trollbeads09SWAs you can see from the images I have made of the bracelet, the quality and the attention to detail speaks for itself. Beautiful craftsmanship of the bracelet and the charm, as well as the unique looking clasp. The intricate bracelet itself with the chain is stunning against the skin, and with the addition of charms it can be made to be unique for the person purchasing it. I won the clover charm and clasp, which are three dimensional, highly detailed pieces.

Trollbeads14SWTrollbeads sent me this stunning bracelet in its very own bag, which brands the logo and date of the original founding of the company. Trollbeads originated in Copenhagen in 1976 and integrates beads with a variety of jewellery types such as necklaces, bracelets and bangles. They also work with earrings and rings made predominantly of metal. At the time of the first beads being created, it was popular to wear a bead on a piece of leather around your neck. Nowadays the Trollbeads company makes beads in all manner of shapes, colours and unique styles to accompany an array of jewellery. The first glass beads were created in 2001, and since then their collection has grown and grown. With more than 600 beads in collection now, Trollbeads has become popular in over 30 countries and has more than 90 international designers.


My final review for the products available from Trollbeads are;

Design of Products 5/5
Quality of Items 5/5
Variety Available 5/5

Value for Money 5/5
Appearance when Wearing 5/5

I am giving Trollbeads a full 5/5 due to the quality, variety and appearance of the items.

Trollbeads features so many beautiful pieces, I can recommend you taking a browse at their website which can be seen here

If you want to know more about Trollbeads then you can see more of their story with images here

Thank you very much for reading this review today, I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I loved to photograph this incredible looking piece of jewellery.

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Trollbeads13SW Trollbeads12SW

New Look Mini Summer Haul

I guess many people would say that the majority of shopping in New Look is based for teenagers and those in their “twenteens”, but I’m almost 30 and still love to shop in there. One of the reasons is because of the quality, and another is the value you get for your money.

I usually ask people for vouchers on the special occasions in my life. I like to go shopping and treat myself to something I’ve seen or admired. And on this particular day I was going to New Look with a voucher, and with the intention of buying something that I didn’t already own, something new for my wardrobe. Plus I love their boyfriend cardigans, they come in standard and tall. I will post a link to the website at the end of this post. Being both comfortable and easy to wash and wear, in my opinion they are a wardrobe staple for women of any young age.

With each new season comes a new range and a new selection of colours. When I entered the store I saw some hanging up and made a beeline for them. I didn’t own a white in the New Look boyfriend cardigan, and there was another colour I liked, but it didn’t suit my skin tone. So I opted for the white and went on a hunt for something else, something new, hopefully something a little different.

Cropped tops are all the rage at the present fashion time, and I was surprised to see some jersey tees in New Look that were not very long, but not quite crop top. This appealed to me because I don’t feel I can get away with showing off my middle very often at my age, however on the warmer days it’s nice to wear a cooler item of clothing. I think paired with high waisted trousers or skirts they will look fabulous. These ribbed tops have short sleeves and a round neckline, very flattering if you were to wear one with high waisted shorts or jeans. They are very soft which makes them comfortable to wear, I couldn’t resist getting two of them for the price they were. A peach pink colour and a white one with red stripes.

New Look HaulNot only are these tops good for summer but you could also layer them in the cooler months. I would utilise them by putting one underneath a pinafore or a variety of other dress styles.
This Is New LookHere is a photograph of me wearing a New Look ensemble including the white cardigan and the red striped tee shown in my image above. I have paired them with a pair of my New Look skinny jeans to keep the red/purple theme running through the outfit.
This Is New Look 2In this shot you can also see the sleeve length of the jersey striped top. I really like the style of this tee on my figure and was happy with my purchase.

My final review on these three items is;
Quality of Material 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Appearance 4/5

Item Links
Striped Jersey Top

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Piercing Mania Review and Product Testing

If you managed to catch one of my posts from June you’ll know that I am big into piercings and body jewellery. Growing up I never liked the look of my ears and I had to wear glasses as well. So as soon as I was old enough I had piercings done which made me like my ears a bit more.

As mentioned in my blog post about my piercing experiences, I wanted to find some good quality fake body jewellery that I could wear before considering any more actual holes in my ears. For me it isn’t the piercing itself that is the issue, it’s the healing time with my line of work. So after doing some research I came across the site for Piercing Mania

Piercing Mania has been around since 2011 and supplies a variety of jewellery and tools in order for people to customise their personal look. There are many aspects of their website that I liked, including detailed photography of the items and a massive range of filters which allow you to search through many types of jewellery. Not only this but a wide range of jewellery in many shapes, sizes and colours, as well as a huge supply of materials.


After contacting Piercing Mania about doing this review, I explained which piercings I already had, and how I planned more but wanted some false pieces to use as visual examples to make my decision easier. They were very accommodating to me and within a few days I had received a little parcel in the post.

The items were boxed in professional and excellent quality packaging to ensure the contents arrived safely. I was rather excited to open the box, and found a beautiful twisted false ring, a spring loaded false ring, a gorgeous purple heart labret bar, and a titanium plated ball closure ring. These pieces of jewellery fit into a variety of piercings and I looked forward to trying them myself and photographing them of course.

Each item came individually sealed in plastic so you know that none of them had previously been opened, touched or used. They were all shiny and of good quality metal and I liked the look of every item that I had been sent.

PiercingMania011SWAs well as this jewellery I discovered I had been sent some items used in the process of skin stretching. Some female designed Oil, Butter and a Stretching Guide were included for me to review. It’s excellent that Piercing Mania do these sorts of packages for people to begin this process at home.

This isn’t something that I am interested in doing personally because I have many piercings already and don’t want to stretch my skin. So I thought I may organise a giveaway in the near future so a female with interest in doing this for herself can win these fabulous items. I am very impressed with these items that I was sent, and I haven’t opened any of them to do any tests, so they are brand new and available for me to giveaway when I can.

PiercingMania014SWSo let me show you the products in detail now using my macro photography. Then I will show you how I applied some of them to my own ears, and how they looked. I will also give my full review at the end of this post and include the links to items if you wish to purchase any of them for yourself.


The Ways In Which I Wore The False Piercing Rings.


In the next couple of images I will show the ways in which I wore the two rings as examples. One is a surgical steel pull open and push closed multi functional twisted design ring, and the other is a multi functional titanium plated spring clip on ring.

PiercingMania04SW   PiercingMania07

The quality of both these small items was impressive, especially the twisted ring which is made of steel. The twist looks so delicate and feminine, I loved the way it looked against my skin, and the versatility of being able to place it anywhere I wanted. The spring loaded clip on ring was also rather versatile, I would only use it on my ears I would think, but I fitted it in as an extra lobe piercing, as well as a helix or auricle one. I liked the way it looked because it was so shiny and bright, but I have fairly small ears, and preferred the thickness of the twisted ring.

Here are a few more images of me using both of the rings in different areas on my ears.


I think I would be tempted to get some more of the twisted steel rings, as you can easily wear several close together because they are thin, and I think they look like real piercings. Piercing Mania do these rings in several sizes and thicknesses as well to accommodate all sized ears.

If anyone is interested in knowing what my piercings are, and what the false rings would be classed as by a piercer, here is a diagram of my ear with labels.

Types Of Piercings On My EarsOverall I am more than impressed with the service and the quality of the jewellery from Piercing Mania. I will be ordering from them again without a doubt.

My final review for the products available from Piercing Mania are;

Design of Products 5/5
Quality of Item 5/5
Variety Available 5/5

Value for Money 5/5
Appearance when Wearing 5/5
Delivery Cost and Time 5/5

Here are more images of my ears with the false piercing rings in them along with my current piercings including the graduate lobe set on both sides, and my lower helix and tragus from my left ear.

PiercingMania08SW  PiercingMania05SW

Thank you very much for reading my blog post today, I hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of my horrid ears (insert laughing face here) and looking at some of the awesome jewellery available too! I can highly recommend checking out the website because of the sheer amount of jewellery available.

Check out the links for the Piercing Mania items that I have reviewed below, or visit the sight as a whole and have a browse at the pieces you’d be more interested in.

Titanium Plated Spring Clip On
Twisted Multi Functional Steel Clip On
Titanium Plated Ball Closure Ring
Coloured Internally Threaded Screw Heart Labret Stud
Ear Stretching

Piercing Mania site

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Review of Cat Makeup Pouch from Lylia Rose

CatsMakeupBagTwoCats Makeup Pouch

I have wanted to review this makeup bag that I had from the wonderful Lylia Rose, but I have used it every day since I had it! So I had to wait for a day that I could take it out of my bag to photograph it. I’ve had it for weeks and it still looks like new!

It can be hard to find an attractive bag that fits everything you want in it, but that’s exactly what I got with this one. Being a huge fan of cats I found this to be a unique and colourful addition to my bag collection. The quality of the bag as a whole is excellent and I was surprised how large it was for the price.

CatsMakeupBagFive CatsMakeupBagFour

As you can see from my photograph of the bag on the inside the cats can clearly be seen, even though the bag is of decent thickness with a very good quality zip.


The item was posted to me first class with excellent packaging, I was very happy with the service that I received.


When it comes to using the bag I can definitely fit more inside than I need. It’s great for an every day bag, and would fit into the majority of larger handbags. At one stage I could fit a compact mirror, a pressed powder, a lipstick, a lipgloss, a lip balm, hair bobble and some daily travel essentials such as tablets and tissues, with room to spare.


My final review on this wonderful versatile bag is;

Design 5/5
Quality 5/5
Value 5/5
Appearance 5/5
Delivery 5/5

If you liked my review enough to take a look at purchasing a pouch for yourself then please take a look at the Lylia Rose Handbags, Purses and Makeup Pouches link here

Thank you very much for reading this review, I am now off to put my fabulous pouch back where it belongs, in my handbag.

If you haven’t heard of Lylia Rose then their entire website can be found here and you can also find them on Twitter so you can keep up to date with all the latest products for sale!


August Treat Box Reveal

DSC07502ProcResSWHello everyone, if you’re reading this then you’re here to find out what was inside the amazing Treatbox for August 2016! Yes it’s that time of the month again where the postman knocks on the door and hands me the post that I always look forward to getting. The box that always seems to help me start a new month off in the right way.

DSC07532ProcResDSC07521ProcResSWAs some of you will know I love to photograph these fabulous boxes in great detail and outline every inch of its contents. This months wonderful theme is ‘Dream Big’ which has aspects of Magic, Dreams, Unicorns, Rainbows and Love (among other things). I was really happy with all of the items inside this months box, check out my photographs and descriptions below for this Treatbox for August.


Inside the August Treatbox you will find some wonderful items including Heart Bathbombs, A Stone Coaster (mine read ‘Do What You Love Every Day’), A bag of Rainbow Drop sweets, A set of white battery powered Fairy Lights (that are so bright and gorgeous), A ‘Follow Your Dreams’ inspirational quote card, A beautiful Rainbow iron-on patch, 3 small cards which were 1. Dare to Dream Big, 2. Who Runs the World? Girls, 3. You’re Pretty Magical with a Unicorn on it, and finally 2 A6 Notebooks that are so fabulous with little quotes on the front in gold writing that read ‘Dream One Size Too Big’ and ‘big ideas’.

DSC07540ProcResSWDSC07559ProcResSW DSC07558ProcResSWDSC07546ProcResSW

DSC07643ProcResSWMy favourite items in this months box are the notebooks, the lights and the quote card ‘Follow your Dreams’. I love the notebooks because they are not only pretty but so useful to have around the house. Because I blog so much if I don’t have my phone to hand I often write myself notes, these are the perfect size for slipping into a handbag or travel bag too. I love the lights because for battery ones they are super bright, see my image below for just how amazing they look when placed into a dark corner. And finally I adore the inspirational quote card, I am a huge believer in seizing the day, and following your dreams, even if it takes you a while to achieve them, don’t give up and believe in yourself, this beautiful card is something to read and remind you of that.


This is what I have decided to do with my fairy lights. I have this gorgeous quote jar that I bought in the Spring earlier on this year but hadn’t done anything with yet. The lights are so bright, they look fabulous inside it in the evening light.


There are so many wonderfully colourful items in this months treat box, it is both cheerful and bright, a great way to start the month. I’m very impressed with the treat box products for August.

DSC07613ProcResSWIf you would like to order a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift then you can find Treatbox by searching that keyword on Facebook and/or visit their website in order to get your very own TreatBox

The beauty of subscribing to TreatBox is that there are a range of subs to choose from, then each month your box gets sent to your door. Inside it could be a range of gifts from homeware to accessories, edible items and other useful things, as well as trinkets, jewellery and inspirational quotes too!


If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ which is just for these reviews and reveals

DSC07640ProcResSWI hope you have enjoyed this reveal and my review of the August Treatbox, who knows, there may be more reveals of them in the future. If you do decide to subscribe then please leave me a comment, I would love to know what you think of your own TreatBox. Thanks for reading!



Review of a Gift Purchase from Paper Lace & Love

I was recently asked to become a godparent, and not only was I honoured to do so, but I then wanted my godson to have something special to keep and remember the day forever by. I have been waiting to share this post with you all but I wanted all of the family to see the present I gave, before I shared it on my blog. Now that I am able to I’m going to show you the gift that I commissioned and was so pleased with!

After searching the internet and the pages of social media, I decided to go with a company who could fulfill my wishes to personalise a design to be in keeping with the day. I knew the sort of gift that I wanted made, but I had to find someone who would do a design that would fit my purpose.

This wonderful company is run by Caitlin and is called Paper Lace & Love. Specalising in Handmade Papercuts, that are then framed and personalised by her for your own unique circumstances.

I wanted a Christening gift to be specifically made with both my godson’s name and the date he was Christened on it. I was so impressed with the level of detail and also the professionalism of Caitlin for making the changes I requested with no questions or problems. I was more than happy to pay the extra for the alternatives and was very pleased with the final design.

Paper Lace and Love
The parcel arrived on the day it was meant to, and the packaging was both professional and appropriate for keeping the item intact. Wrapped up in bubble wrap and tissue paper, the final look of the frame was excellent.

Here is the gift, professionally framed and about to be re-wrapped by myself to become the present. I chose a blue background, blue for a boy, but Paper Lace & Love stock a variety of styles and colours you can choose from. Caitlin is more than happy to find things for people to make it special and unique to their situations.

Paper Lace and Love One
As you can see in the next image, the level of detail is incredible, and I am in awe of Caitlin’s talent for paper cutting. She must have a high level of patience and a great degree of creativity to make such beautiful pieces.

Paper Lace and Love Two
My chosen gift was well received and will hopefully be loved by all as my little godson Lewis grows up. A wonderful and creative way of remembering a special day for a very special boy.

I cannot thank Caitlin enough for fitting me into a busy schedule, sending my gift to me within plenty of time, and for making the commission fit my needs exactly. I recommend her business highly, and would purchase from her again in the future if I ever need gifts of this sort.

I really hope you have enjoyed my review, and I will leave some links at the bottom of this post for those who wish to look at the other paper cuts available for purchase by Paper Lace & Love.

Paper Lace and Love Three
Thank you for reading this review today.

✩ Sabrina

You can find the Paper Lace & Love shop on Etsy here and on Facebook as well