The Order 1886 Review


I’ve always been interested in playing games that have great depth and story behind them. The Order 1886 not only has these qualities, but it also combines historical and geographical facts with fictional mythology. This means players get a unique game that has a blended alternative history, to make a thoroughly enjoyable piece of gaming.

For those who are unaware of the games origins I will give a brief synopsis for you. Set in the year 1886 in Victorian London. England, The Order directly refers to the Knights of the order, which is the main character you play. Back in the Victorian era when technology was making leaps, the knights protect London from the half-breed creatures causing havoc in the London Underground. The main character gets to use new age gadgets and weaponry, some of which is fact and some of which has been introduced just to make the game more exciting. So much so, that you cannot help but wonder if these weapons could have been possible, but sadly they didn’t exist outside of this game. The unique style of The Order 1886 represents the look and texture of old reels of film, which adds to the overall effect of the piece, almost like memories…

So what is so good about The Order? In my opinion the voice actors are superb, at times you really are immersed in their era and are experiencing everything they are, the emotion really made the cinematic sections of the game more realistic for me. Also it’s both graphically and atmospherically beautiful throughout.

Over all the game-play itself is quite short, compared to other games which have side missions and extra things to unlock adjacent to the original story-line to complete. I finished the entire game in approximately twelve hours. That included taking my time and replaying sections in order to find all of the collectibles to achieve every PS4 trophy available.

The game is an eighteen rating due to the story-line containing dangerous creatures, as well as the use of weapons and violence throughout. As an adult who enjoys the fiction that games such as this bring, it’s like being emerged into a book where you aren’t sure what you are imagining is reality or not. There are twists in this game that you don’t always see coming, which makes it more fun to play. There is nothing worse than too much predictability.

So my overall review is that its a fantastic game if you’re a liker of science fiction meets historical fact. Although its a fairly short game, the content within it will make you want to play all the levels. And because its quite a challenging game, I’m sure that you have some enjoyable hours completing it.