The No Makeup, Makeup Look

The biggest thing I have seen in the celeb magazines lately, has been the no makeup, makeup look. Which involves wearing makeup that matches your skin tone and to not over do the other aspects of putting your face on, such as too much blush and no over the top eye looks.

I personally really respect this trend, and would always prefer to look natural instead of coming across as having ‘put it on with a trowel’. I think women look far more beautiful with subtle aspects of makeup that enhance their already unique features.

NoMakeupLook1For me, I nearly always wear mascara on my eyes and powder on the skin on my face to reduce redness and any uneven skin tone. I felt that I already achieved this look on a regular basis, so I wanted to show how I did this and what products I have used. As you can see in the image above my makeup is subtle, used to mainly hide dark circles and blemishes and to remove any shine from my skin.

So having decided to give this a go for the blog, I wanted to show the difference on my face between what my skin looks like bare and with subtle makeup. I will be achieving this by doing a half and half photograph. One half of my face will be made up and the other will just be as it is – completely natural.

The image below shows me achieving this, and I don’t see a great difference unless you get very close up to my skin. The powder I chose has covered a few blemishes and the light application of mascara has enhanced my lashes just enough so my eyes look awake. Half my lip has lipstick on it, a shade similar to my own lip tone. If you look closely the bags under my eye have faded compared to the natural look of my skin and the powder also hides any pimples on show.

NoMakeupLook2So what products have I used for the makeup half of this look. Well the mascara I used was a gentle application of Rimmel London’s Super Curler 24 hr Mascara (a little goes a long way).

The eyeshadow is from Makeup Revolution Elements 3 and is a light brown to match with the colour of my hair and eyes.

The lipstick I like to use is a natural look one which compliments my lip colour. It’s from L’oreal Paris Made for me Naturals collection and is for ‘Dark Brunettes’ Number 240. (I’m not even sure if they make this anymore but I bought several a couple of years ago and this is my last one).

And finally the powders I use are Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powders in shades Silky Beige and Transparent, by using both I create an almost contour effect, using the lighter shade around my cheek bones and brow bones and the beige one for all over coverage. I finish with a very light dusting of Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush in Pink Rose, just patted onto my cheek with a brush.

I am interested to know what people think of my natural makeup application and look. As you can tell I like Rimmel London products! Do you have any product recommendations for me? I will leave you with a picture of myself from the other week, exactly the same makeup application but in some natural light where it can be appreciated a bit more.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.

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