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Spectrum InstagramSpectrum Brushes are some of the most beautiful makeup brushes I have ever seen, no scratch that, they are definitely the prettiest I have seen! But what makes them so good? Well I decided I wanted to try them for myself and review them. So here I am in action, using these brushes and photographing them as I go, to give you an overall review of these unique looking products.

Spectrum10Being lightweight and soft the brushes are each designed for a specific makeup application. The shapes are specific to applying all kinds of makeup including Powder, Cream and Liquid. There are Eye Shadow, Foundation and Contour defining shapes as well as the general brushes for everyday use.

Spectrum04I kept hearing great things about the quality of these brushes from all over social media. And when I held them in my own hands and used them to apply makeup to my skin I could understand what all the fuss was about. Soft and shape specific, they made the application of my makeup products easy and precise.


The amount of detail that has gone into creating this range of brushes is excellent. Spectrum has used millimetre precision to adjust the shape of their brushes to ensure that even coverages and defined lines are achieved.

There isn’t just one Eye Shadow brush; there are 8 eye brushes in total that allow for blending and shading. Some brushes like the larger ones are designed for the application of a base colour; others such as the smaller brushes are shaped for the blend and the contouring around the eyes. There is also a 4 piece contour brush set available too.

The range depict ‘A’s for Application, ‘B’s for Blending and ‘C’s for Contouring, all of which are specific dependent on their shape and size for their role.

The brushes I have purchased for my beauty collection are;

A03 – So Oval You – This brush is designed for applying liquid and cream products to your skin. The firm brush bristles and oval shape mean you can achieve an even distribution of product and even application.

A05 – Blush Crush – A brush with angled bristles perfect for the application of blusher. This brush is designed for small amounts of product to be applied to the skin and built up using the brush to blend creating a natural looking finish.

A07 – Full Colour – This soft and fluffy short bristled brush is for blending colour, usually used for the application of eye shadow. The stubby shape means that you can easily build colour, perfect for smokey eye looks and high pigment coloured shades.

A08 – Happy Medium – This cute little brush is known as an all rounder. It can be used in a variety of makeup application from powders to creams to pigments. Designed for eye makeup this medium sized brush is large enough to create blended finished looks as well as building shade in all areas of the eye.

B06 – Blending Friend – A brush made for blending in eye makeup. Whether it is used for blending of colour or to build up a contour or a distinct look, this brush type is essential for those who wear regular eye makeup looks.


Overall I have found these brushes to be excellent. The quality and the appearance of them is like nothing I have tried or reviewed before. When using them to apply my makeup I found the feel to be soft and gentle but effective, and the quality with which the application is made is second to none. Each brush is designed to be used in its unique way, and when used correctly the look you can achieve is very professional.

Flawless makeup from Spectrum comes at no cost to animals, they pride themselves on selling products that are cruelty free and they are vegan registered. Made with synthetic hair all of Spectrum’s brushes are super soft to the touch. The hand crafted design allows for exceptional quality and durability, they really are the on trend beautiful brushes that offer professional performance for affordable prices.

Spectrum07I’m very pleased that I can add these stunning brushes to my collection, and I hope they last me for many years to come.
You can discover your favourites on the Spectrum website http://www.spectrumcollections.com/

Spectrum12If you have enjoyed this review then please feel free to leave me a comment, and look out for more beauty reviews and pictures including these brushes in use, coming soon…


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  1. Beautiful brushes. I may have to go and add some to my collection. The fact that they are vegan is also a huge bonus.

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