Seven Ways I Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans, who doesn’t own a pair? I absolutely love them! Would you believe me when I said I had nine pairs and all a different colour? Well I do, because I think they are not only comfortable but so versatile.

So today’s blog post is all about how I wear my jeans. I will be including lots of photographs in this piece and you’ll notice that I wore my black skinny jeans for each photograph, that is because they are my go to colour, they go with everything!

If anybody wants to know where any of the items I’m wearing are bought from then please leave me some comments, I would be more than happy to share my fashion buys with you.

SkinnyJeansOne Outfit 1. Skinny Jeans, Owls T-shirt, short sleeved Lace Cardigan and Black Boots.
Where to Wear: I love ensembles like this one, perfect for shopping and day trips, you can wear a thicker cardigan if its cooler weather and ditch it when its warm. This style is also great with flat shoes and sandals for the summer months.

SkinnyJeansFiveeOutfit 2. Skinny Jeans, Flowing Dip Hem Shell Top and Black Shoe Boots
Where to Wear: I really like to pull off a sophisticated look while still wearing my comfortable jeans. This type of top looks great dressed up or dressed down. If I were going out for a meal to a good restaurant I might wear something like this. High heeled shoe boots and a leather jacket pair really well with a flowing top such as the one I’m wearing here. You can add multiple accessories such as a long necklace and an arm full of bangles to complete the outfit.

SkinnyJeansFourrOutfit 3. Skinny Jeans, short sleeved Bold Print T-shirt and printed Dolly Shoes.
Where to Wear: Everyone can pull of a bold print look and tops like this look great with plain jeans. I particularly like T-shirts that make your torso the main focus point on an outfit. This yellow tee is both bold and bright and I associate it with Summer flowers and sunshine when I see it. Pair with a long sleeved cardigan or stay as you are if it’s warm enough.

SkinnyJeansSixxOutfit 4. Skinny Jeans, Patterned Vest Top and Dolly Shoes
Where to Wear: A look more for the Summer months like a day at the beach, but also great if you’re off out to a large shopping centre they’re generally quite warm. Skinny Jeans and a tight fitting Vest Top can be very flattering by hugging your curves, even very little ones like I have! I would say go for a bold or patterned vest rather than a plain one, it really makes a statement.

SkinnyJeansThreeeOutfit 5. Skinny Jeans, Striped Jumper and Black Boots
Where to Wear: What I love during the not-so-warmer months of the year in the UK, are jumpers! You can get away with wearing thin ones such as this one, with a vest or t-shirt underneath them. You won’t need to layer up too much and it’s a look you can pull off pretty much anywhere you go. I have paired with boots because we do get a fair bit of rain in the country. Boots are my go-to footwear unless it’s the height of Summer and then I would have paired this outfit with either sandals or flat dolly shoes.

SkinnyJeansTwoOutfit 6. Grey Jumper Dress with black skinny jeans and boots.
Where to Wear: I love this style when I’m out clothes shopping or casually out with friends. With only two pieces of clothing to remove if you decide to go into a changing room, it’s fast and carefree but stylish. The long sleeves keep you warm in the cooler months too, and this means you don’t always need to take a coat with you unless its physically raining. I nearly always wear boots with the jumper dresses I own, unless it’s very warm, and then in most cases I wouldn’t wear these jumpers anyway. They do go with flat shoes though if you own a nice pair of loafers for example.

SkinnyJeansSevennOutfit 7. Skinny Jeans, Statement T-shirt and Dolly Shoes.
Where to Wear: There is nothing I love more than T-shirts and Tops with minimal but incredible detail. The lace hem on the bottom and sleeve of this top make it appealing to look at without having over the top amounts on the piece. This tee allows you to wear a lovely necklace and not detract from the beautiful lace around your hips and arms. I have paired this outfit with Dolly Shoes again but it’s such a versatile top you could wear anything. It’s also such a great piece you could wear it any time of the year, layer it up with cardigans but leaving the centre part of your torso clear so the pretty lace can be seen and enjoyed.

So there you have it, the seven ways I wear my skinny jeans! And if anyone is interested in any brands and stores where I made my purchases then please send me a comment. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today, a little insight into what’s inside my wardrobe 🙂