Review of Wake Me Up Foundation products from Rimmel London


At the end of 2015 I took the plunge and changed my foundation for the first time in two years! I was pleasantly surprised with how light this foundation was on my skin. Rimmel London is a great brand and I have used their Nail Varnishes and Matte Powders for over ten years. The appeal to change to this type of foundation was because of the natural ingredients used within it. The Vitamin C along with the soft texture of the foundation won me over. And I was right to try it.
I have never known a foundation to be so smooth and to stay so flawless on my skin. With all over coverage it blended into my skin tone giving me a natural looking finish. I wore it all day (around 12 hours) and I still looked great after all that time, which included eating, drinking and socialising. The foundation itself during that time felt light and left my skin feeling moisturised. It easily covered the dark circles under my eyes and blended any areas of redness away. I do often have sensitive and dry skin, and I found that the moisturising aspect of this foundation meant that I didn’t need to use much primer before applying it. Over all I would give these foundation products a 5/5.

5/5 for its durability.
5/5 for application ease.
5/5 for the quality of the products.
5/5 for value for money.
5/5 for its appearance and final look.