Review of my Purchase from Awesome Wooden Gifts

Reviewing An Awesome Wooden Gifts Purchase

I love art and craft and participate in it on a regular basis. I also have a total appreciation for those who are very talented in areas that I am not. So when I decided how I wanted my blog posts to look, I wanted to purchase some tiny mushrooms. And thanks to other craft pages on Facebook helping me out, I managed to find this page Awesome Wooden Gifts where Tabitha created exactly what I wanted for my blog.

She was very accommodating to me, and within a few days I had my very own wooden mushroom set. So if anybody else is looking for unique painted gifts made from wood, you can check out her page.


Here are my little mushrooms, they are really cute, and are going to add pops of colour to my blog posts when I review my items. Look out for them appearing in my photographs when my new posts go up!

Thanks so much for reading this post today, check out the page on Facebook if you are looking for some awesome wooden gifts.