Review of Horizontal Stripe Blanket Cape from Dorothy Perkins

When I first saw this style of clothing come into fashion it reminded me of the poncho I had when I was a child… A warm and stylish (at the time) piece of clothing that I would often pull over the top of any manner of outfit. But times have changed. Blanket Capes are now all the rage! And I just had to get one.

So why this one? Well I love Stripes! (See my SS16 post for more stripy buys!)
The style and colour of this particular one from Dorothy Perkins really caught my eye. And once I had my whole DP outfit on I was more than impressed.
Below is a selfie of me wearing my cape with my lace tee and my soft eden jeans from DP’s too.

The quality of this cape is great, due to the nature of the material it will snag though if you aren’t careful with it. And it needs to be washed on a woolen cycle. But other than that I have no other cons about it.

I’m relatively petite and I was worried about the cape drowning me, but because of the half length sleeves this piece flatters the figure rather than hides it.
Over all I think the blanket cape makes a statement and keeps you warm on these relatively still cold Spring days. It’s a staple piece for everybody’s wardrobe, and I think it would be great for the cooler Summer evenings as well. And if stripes stay in fashion you’re looking at a piece that will become a regular wear for 2016.

My Overall Review for this item of clothing is;
5/5 for comfort
4/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
4/5 for value

Dorothy Perkins have lots of these types of clothing now in stock, and if you go to your favourite high street website, type in either ‘cape’ or ‘blanket’ to see what is available.
For anyone who wants to see this item on the Dorothy Perkins page then the link is below.