Review – New In at Dorothy Perkins – Button Detail Striped Dress

So I decided to pop into one of my local Dorothy Perkins stores over the weekend to have a look at the ‘New In’ stock and to try on some items I had been browsing online. While in the shop one dress in particular really caught my eye. This beautiful striped number has buttons on the neck and chest, and is a lovely thick material. The dress has a collar which gives it a touch of sophistication and the buttons are proper working buttons too.


This dress was both stylish and comfortable, and could be worn with leggings and boots, or with a nice pair of shoes and bare legs with a jacket. In the pictures below including myself (yes I realise I bought another dress with stripes on because I absolutely love stripes). You’ll see that the dress is a great length. If you’re taller than 5 ft 4″ though the dress will end further up your legs than it does on mine. (For me it was knee length). This is a perfect piece for a Spring transition when you’re not sure how warm or cold it’s going to be. Pair with a black jacket and boots for a perfect ensemble.


As you can see the dress is not only flattering but the nice detail with the collar and buttons make it a staple item for most women’s wardrobes. I’m fairly certain you could make this piece your own by adding a belt on the waist and perhaps pairing it with some large earrings. You wouldn’t be able to wear many types of necklace with this dress, so you need to think of other ways you can enhance the dress with jewellery. Large bangles on your arms will distract from all of the stripes.

NewInDP I tried to find this piece online so I could put a link up for you all, but it’s not on the website yet! So you’ll have to search for it in a week or so once the site is updated. They had so many nice pieces it was hard for me not to buy the whole store!

My final over all review of this piece is;
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for durability and quality
4/5 for style and appearance
4/5 for value