Rayman Legends Review

When I purchased this game last summer it was for two reasons. The first was because I wanted to play a relatively easy and laid back game, the second was that it would be a change from my usual games. I usually am found playing my favourites which include Destiny and the Assassins Creed franchise.
After the first 10 levels or so of Rayman Legends I found that I was in for a shock. For a minimum of 7 years age to play the game I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. But it’s actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be and at times can be very challenging. Here are a few examples of what happens during these Rayman escapades. You can be running across the screen being chased by a wall of fire. You need to save the Teensies who are dangling in cages sometimes over lava filled holes or piranha infested waters. I’ve even had to out run dragons who are spitting fireballs at you! And that isn’t the half of it. With daily challenges, time limited levels and creatures to collect, this game has literally kept me going for hours and hours. And I am about 97% through it now!

For those who like a challenge in order to complete to 100% then this is the game for you. Don’t be put off because Rayman is a cartoon, the game play is suitably challenging enough for even a regular gaming adult such as myself.

Any cons of this game I hear you ask? Well in order to complete the game in its entirety you need to put in a lot of hours and effort. For example there are 700 Teensies to collect in the game, and that doesn’t mean you will complete just by getting those. There are Lums, Creatures and Worlds to unlock and conquer. Rayman needs thorough completion of the levels, in order to unlock everything. There is a lot to achieve, whether you play alone or as a family. It’s multiplayer aspect lets you link up to four PlayStation4 controllers to the game, and you each do the same level at the same time. The multiplayer side can be really laughable at times, when characters get taken out for whatever reason they end up in bubbles. So if you fall off a cliff you have to be popped back into the level by any remaining alive characters to continue the participation.

The great thing about all the levels is that even if you don’t finish one of the levels to the 100% required, you can go back and revisit it another time, and even redo the paintings (the levels) as many times as you wish just for fun!

So overall I give the game and it’s game play 5 stars! You don’t have to be a child to enjoy it. It has many hours of play-ability. Rayman is pretty cool the way he glides around using his hair… Here are some screenshots of me playing so you can see what I’m rambling on about! But seriously, I think this game came out on Playstation4 in 2014, and I’ve been playing a little of it most days for 9 months, and I’m only just finishing the final sections now. It would be something to keep the children occupied over the holidays for sure if nothing else. And you never know you might enjoy it too!

Here are some screenshots from me playing the game. Some of you might recall the earlier Rayman games for PC and the like, it is very similar in controls. You can even get little Rayman on the app store now! Regardless of how you play the game, it’s always good fun where Rayman is concerned.

RaymanEG1 RaymanEG2 RaymanEG3