Piercing Mania Review and Product Testing

If you managed to catch one of my posts from June you’ll know that I am big into piercings and body jewellery. Growing up I never liked the look of my ears and I had to wear glasses as well. So as soon as I was old enough I had piercings done which made me like my ears a bit more.

As mentioned in my blog post http://severnwishes.co.uk/piercings-my-experiences/ about my piercing experiences, I wanted to find some good quality fake body jewellery that I could wear before considering any more actual holes in my ears. For me it isn’t the piercing itself that is the issue, it’s the healing time with my line of work. So after doing some research I came across the site for Piercing Mania http://piercingmania.co.uk/

Piercing Mania has been around since 2011 and supplies a variety of jewellery and tools in order for people to customise their personal look. There are many aspects of their website that I liked, including detailed photography of the items and a massive range of filters which allow you to search through many types of jewellery. Not only this but a wide range of jewellery in many shapes, sizes and colours, as well as a huge supply of materials.


After contacting Piercing Mania about doing this review, I explained which piercings I already had, and how I planned more but wanted some false pieces to use as visual examples to make my decision easier. They were very accommodating to me and within a few days I had received a little parcel in the post.

The items were boxed in professional and excellent quality packaging to ensure the contents arrived safely. I was rather excited to open the box, and found a beautiful twisted false ring, a spring loaded false ring, a gorgeous purple heart labret bar, and a titanium plated ball closure ring. These pieces of jewellery fit into a variety of piercings and I looked forward to trying them myself and photographing them of course.

Each item came individually sealed in plastic so you know that none of them had previously been opened, touched or used. They were all shiny and of good quality metal and I liked the look of every item that I had been sent.

PiercingMania011SWAs well as this jewellery I discovered I had been sent some items used in the process of skin stretching. Some female designed Oil, Butter and a Stretching Guide were included for me to review. It’s excellent that Piercing Mania do these sorts of packages for people to begin this process at home.

This isn’t something that I am interested in doing personally because I have many piercings already and don’t want to stretch my skin. So I thought I may organise a giveaway in the near future so a female with interest in doing this for herself can win these fabulous items. I am very impressed with these items that I was sent, and I haven’t opened any of them to do any tests, so they are brand new and available for me to giveaway when I can.

PiercingMania014SWSo let me show you the products in detail now using my macro photography. Then I will show you how I applied some of them to my own ears, and how they looked. I will also give my full review at the end of this post and include the links to items if you wish to purchase any of them for yourself.


The Ways In Which I Wore The False Piercing Rings.


In the next couple of images I will show the ways in which I wore the two rings as examples. One is a surgical steel pull open and push closed multi functional twisted design ring, and the other is a multi functional titanium plated spring clip on ring.

PiercingMania04SW   PiercingMania07

The quality of both these small items was impressive, especially the twisted ring which is made of steel. The twist looks so delicate and feminine, I loved the way it looked against my skin, and the versatility of being able to place it anywhere I wanted. The spring loaded clip on ring was also rather versatile, I would only use it on my ears I would think, but I fitted it in as an extra lobe piercing, as well as a helix or auricle one. I liked the way it looked because it was so shiny and bright, but I have fairly small ears, and preferred the thickness of the twisted ring.

Here are a few more images of me using both of the rings in different areas on my ears.


I think I would be tempted to get some more of the twisted steel rings, as you can easily wear several close together because they are thin, and I think they look like real piercings. Piercing Mania do these rings in several sizes and thicknesses as well to accommodate all sized ears.

If anyone is interested in knowing what my piercings are, and what the false rings would be classed as by a piercer, here is a diagram of my ear with labels.

Types Of Piercings On My EarsOverall I am more than impressed with the service and the quality of the jewellery from Piercing Mania. I will be ordering from them again without a doubt.

My final review for the products available from Piercing Mania are;

Design of Products 5/5
Quality of Item 5/5
Variety Available 5/5

Value for Money 5/5
Appearance when Wearing 5/5
Delivery Cost and Time 5/5

Here are more images of my ears with the false piercing rings in them along with my current piercings including the graduate lobe set on both sides, and my lower helix and tragus from my left ear.

PiercingMania08SW  PiercingMania05SW

Thank you very much for reading my blog post today, I hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of my horrid ears (insert laughing face here) and looking at some of the awesome jewellery available too! I can highly recommend checking out the website because of the sheer amount of jewellery available.

Check out the links for the Piercing Mania items that I have reviewed below, or visit the sight as a whole and have a browse at the pieces you’d be more interested in.

Titanium Plated Spring Clip On http://piercingmania.co.uk/multifunctional-titanium-plated-spring-clip-on-piercing
Twisted Multi Functional Steel Clip On http://piercingmania.co.uk/multifunctional-clip-on-ring-of-steel-with-a-twist
Titanium Plated Ball Closure Ring http://piercingmania.co.uk/titanium-plated-ball-closure-ring
Coloured Internally Threaded Screw Heart Labret Stud http://piercingmania.co.uk/colored-internally-screwed-labret-with-heart
Ear Stretching http://piercingmania.co.uk/ear-stretchers

Piercing Mania site http://piercingmania.co.uk/

Thank you very much for visiting Severn Wishes today, I hope to see you again soon, and if you enjoyed this review why not leave me a comment.



4 thoughts on “Piercing Mania Review and Product Testing

    • Thanks for your comment Jess 🙂
      Thank you, I know that Piercing Mania have some false nose piercings that you can clip on if that was something you were interested in looking at. My Tragus piercing took a long time to heal, but since fully healed I don’t even feel it. There are so many choices for jewellery available now as well, so even if you have small ears like me, there are very pretty studs.

  1. Hi i wondered of you knew the bar thickness and length of the twisted multi functional ring by any chance as i have no idea what my smiley is but it looks similar to what i’m after. Nags xx

    • Hello Nags 🙂 thanks for the comment! Yes if you see the link at the bottom of my post, you can visit their website and see the item for yourself. The twisted multi functional ring comes in 4 different thicknesses and also 2 bar lengths. Its thickness ranges from 0.8mm – 1.6mm. And the length is available in 8mm or 10mm currently. I hope this helps to answer your question. Have a nice day 🙂

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