New Look Mini Summer Haul

I guess many people would say that the majority of shopping in New Look is based for teenagers and those in their “twenteens”, but I’m almost 30 and still love to shop in there. One of the reasons is because of the quality, and another is the value you get for your money.

I usually ask people for vouchers on the special occasions in my life. I like to go shopping and treat myself to something I’ve seen or admired. And on this particular day I was going to New Look with a voucher, and with the intention of buying something that I didn’t already own, something new for my wardrobe. Plus I love their boyfriend cardigans, they come in standard and tall. I will post a link to the website at the end of this post. Being both comfortable and easy to wash and wear, in my opinion they are a wardrobe staple for women of any young age.

With each new season comes a new range and a new selection of colours. When I entered the store I saw some hanging up and made a beeline for them. I didn’t own a white in the New Look boyfriend cardigan, and there was another colour I liked, but it didn’t suit my skin tone. So I opted for the white and went on a hunt for something else, something new, hopefully something a little different.

Cropped tops are all the rage at the present fashion time, and I was surprised to see some jersey tees in New Look that were not very long, but not quite crop top. This appealed to me because I don’t feel I can get away with showing off my middle very often at my age, however on the warmer days it’s nice to wear a cooler item of clothing. I think paired with high waisted trousers or skirts they will look fabulous. These ribbed tops have short sleeves and a round neckline, very flattering if you were to wear one with high waisted shorts or jeans. They are very soft which makes them comfortable to wear, I couldn’t resist getting two of them for the price they were. A peach pink colour and a white one with red stripes.

New Look HaulNot only are these tops good for summer but you could also layer them in the cooler months. I would utilise them by putting one underneath a pinafore or a variety of other dress styles.
This Is New LookHere is a photograph of me wearing a New Look ensemble including the white cardigan and the red striped tee shown in my image above. I have paired them with a pair of my New Look skinny jeans to keep the red/purple theme running through the outfit.
This Is New Look 2In this shot you can also see the sleeve length of the jersey striped top. I really like the style of this tee on my figure and was happy with my purchase.

My final review on these three items is;
Quality of Material 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Appearance 4/5

Item Links
Striped Jersey Top

I hope you have enjoyed this review, if you want to see more of my clothing inspirations then please check out my blog category for fashion


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