National Fragrance Day

In honour of National Fragrance Day I thought I would show you what my 3 favourite perfumes are and why I love them.

The first is the wonderful and delicate Emporio Armani Diamonds which I normally wear on date night. I did a little research today to find out why it could be that I loved this scent so much. Well it turns out the top notes of this particular perfume are Lychee and Raspberry (I love to eat raspberries). The flower scents include Lily of the Valley, Roses and Freesia. Even though this perfume was launched in 2007 I didn’t add it to my collection until 2012, and it’s still very popular it seems.


My second go-to scent for days out is the gorgeous Giorgio Armani ‘Acqua di Gioia’. This is a perfume that as soon as I had smelt it I wanted it. Sometimes a scent just suits you, well this is mine. Launched in 2010 I bought this scent that same year after sampling it in a local store. The top notes of this scent include Mint leaves (crushed) as well as Jasmine, and it has an aquatic heart note too.


And my final perfume that I normally where on a night out is Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’. I have always adored the original, which came out in 2006. My (now husband) partner had bought it for me, I think for a birthday, and as soon as I opened it I was smitten with the scent. This perfume has top notes that include Bergamot, Lychee and Peach. As well as these it’s heart notes of Madonna lily, exotic fruits, Jasmine and Plum, and base notes of Vanilla and Musk. Over all a very complex perfume compared to my other favourites it seems.


So it we can see from my favourites that a pattern emerges. I like perfumes that smell of Roses and Lily’s and whose top notes often include Jasmine and Raspberries. It is very interesting when you dissect the items from your routines, and perhaps something to think about when it’s time to try a new perfume.

Happy National Fragrance Day every one.