March 2017 Treatbox Reveal

Hello and Happy March to each and every one of you!

The time has come around so quickly and here we are revealing the contents of yet another Treatbox! I have now had 12 treatbox reveals! Isn’t that crazy! I first got the April 2016 box, and I’ve not missed a month since. It’s a year this month since I made my blog live, now that has gone so fast!

I’m not sure how long I will continue with the treatbox reveals, although I love receiving them, I don’t get a lot of feedback. So if you are reading this right now and you enjoy the unboxing either by video or be reading my blog, then perhaps you could leave me a comment today telling me this, because I am not sure how many people are actually interested in this part of my blogging… if you are then make my day and tell me 🙂

So it’s March 2017 already! And it’s my Birthday on the 7th too! *Here have a slice of virtual cake!* The weeks have flown by and Spring is finally on the horizon! (Thank goodness!)

This months box has arrived contained in a plastic wrapper, a wonderful idea to keep rain and dirt off our boxes while in transit and to ensure the contents are a little more secure. A fabulous idea whomever thought of it! An excellent decision and great because it’s recyclable too! (I will mention more about this later in the blog post).

The Treatbox for March promises that ‘Today is Good!’ and that we should ‘Bee Happy’…

A box for all of us busy bees out there who need to take more ‘5’s’ in the week and chill out a bit, this box is apparently one for us! And also one for helping and supporting the bees of our beautiful planet Earth!

Without any further ado! Let’s take a look at the boxes full contents…

Inside this months Treatbox you will find your Calendar Print with a little extra attached! Zoe has included not only her usual hello and what’s inside, but actually the list of companies whose products are inside! And a little information on each one. This is very handy for me because usually I would go off and find them on social media or other websites and read about them. However this is excellent, saving me time and also giving everyone a background into why and how she chooses the treats for our boxes…

Firstly we have the item of an Emery Board and Nail Clippers in a neat little box shape. Very pretty and also very handy, and it comes in 4 colours, I received the blue one, with Queen Bee written on the back.

Our Tiny Bees‘ who create products using 100% natural ingredients, they specialise in making Candles and Skincare ranges that are made with 100% British beeswax and honey. This month we have some of their chocolate shaped Bath Melt bars. Skincare while you soak in the bath and support the farmers and the bees of the United Kingdom.

The Royal Horticultural Society pride themselves on helping insects of the United Kingdom flourish. By planting Wildflower Seeds each year we are contributing pollen and food sources, as well as homes for a variety of insects. The Wildflower Seeds Bag that Treatbox have supplied this month will go on to ensure a healthy and attractive garden patch for Bees and Butterflies to visit this year. Make sure you look up what time to sow your seeds for your area of the country and support your local wildlife for 2017. Insects provide us with so much wonder and so much of our produce would be lost without them, flowers and fruits, so please plant your seeds when you can and do your bit. If you don’t have a garden big enough then you could buy a large pot to plant them in, I do some seed sowing every year.

In 2014 ‘Love From Angie’ was created, from a passion for creativity and a range of crafts including Greeting Cards and Paper Cuts, Angie makes heartfelt art that can be loved and admired. She can be found on Etsy and Social Media, but we have her 2 Bee Greeting Cards and the ‘Sweet Honey Bee’ Print to enjoy in our Treatbox this month.

Our next item is a wonderful bag made from 90% recycled bottles, a good size for use as a lunchbox, a picnic bag for one or even to store things in when you’re in the car on a journey such as toiletries or cans of drinks.
It has a lovely pattern and I am impressed with the durability of the item, having been created almost entirely of old recycled bottles, impressive!
The Pretty Ditsy Print Bag is a good size and can be folded flat when not in use. It has a zip to keep the contents safe as well, very handy.
I am hugely into recycling, and on average I take two bin liner bags of recycling down to my local plant every single week! If you’re struggling with what to recycle check out your local places online, and see what they can take. Set up an extra small bin in the corner of your kitchen with a label on it, ‘Recycling Only’ and encourage your family members to use it. You’ll be surprised how much you can recycle. In a few months, something you may recycle today could become something wonderful like a bag such as this, for someone else to enjoy! Recycling is a great habit to take up, help us save the planet, one bit at a time.

The final item of this months Treatbox is the Honeycomb Bar. Mine is a Salted Caramel flavour, with Belgian Chocolate, it reads to be 43g of deliciousness! Not only are the bars creators friends of the Bees who give them the honey (says so on the label), but they handcraft these items and they are Gluten Free!
All courtesy of Mighty Fine Honeycomb, Mighty Fine Kitchens who started in London with handmade chocolates in a small shop in Camden Market, who now produce bars on a larger scale, while still providing some of the best honeycomb in the United Kingdom, all the while supporting local farmers and their bees.

Here is the full list of 9 items available, and remember there are always variations in type and colours, not everyone gets an identical box…

Calendar Print for March
Emery Board and Nail Clippers
Bath Melt Bar
Wildflower Seeds
‘Bee’ Greeting Cards x 2
Print ‘If I Was A Flower…’
Pretty Ditsy Recycled Bag
Honeycomb Bar

My favourite items in this March Treatbox are the Greeting Cards, The Bag and The Wildflower Seeds… I love what all of these things represent. For me the handmade cards are Creativity, the bag is Recycling, and the Seeds are New Life and its Preservation. I believe in all aspects of what a box of products like these stands for, and I am happy to have bought it and in doing so I have helped the planet just a little bit more.

Are you thinking of ordering a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift for someone? Then you can find Treatbox subscriptions and build your own box at their website

If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ especially for these box reviews and reveals – Severn Wishes – TREATBOX

Thanks for reading my reveal today, I hope you’ve liked reading an insight into my daily lifestyle as I talked about the products in relation to this post.
I wish each one of you a great March! I’m off to make my birthday plans now!

✩ Sabrina 

Oh and if you want to watch the Treatbox Reveal Video for this month then check out my YouTube

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