Juice Burst Review

JuiceBurst4I have always been a fan of juices and smoothies, and any simple way that I can get nutrients into my body quickly. When I heard about Juice Burst drinks I wanted to try them and give a short review for those who may not have discovered them yet.

Based in Wednesbury in the Midlands, Juice Burst is a company who specialise in bringing healthy, less sugar fruit juice drinks to the people of Britain. They first became established back in 2001, and have since grown to become one of the leading brands of bottled fruit juices.

So what makes them so great? Well their modern way of manufacturing and filling means that Juice Burst contains no preservatives, only 100% pasteurised fruit juice, and all bottles are sealed to keep in the freshness.

JuiceBurst1Every one of the products counts as one of your five a day, and they are all smooth to drink and delicious too. Juice Burst have core flavours, and a new range of skinny drinks as well. These core juice drinks contain a lot of fruit juice and range from paired fruit perfections such as Orange and Passion Fruit, and the more unusual such as Blood Orange. As for the skinny options these have no added sugar and still contain enough fruit juice to be classed as one of your five a day.

JuiceBurst2I have been lucky enough to try some of these drinks, and I’m going to review some of them individually for you, outlining the nutritional information as well as what I thought of the flavours.


Blood Orange: This flavour surprised me, because I have previously drank very tangy and sometimes sharp flavours in a blood orange beverage. Instead I found that this Juice Burst version was smooth, full of a tangy citrus and orange taste. There are no bits what so ever in these drinks, and you end up enjoying them so much that they are gone soon after opening them.
This bottle mainly contains fruit juice from blood oranges. It contains 8.2g sugar if consumed in one go (500ml).

Peach & Passion Fruit: One of the skinny varieties from Juice Burst, this to me is a match made in fruity heaven! I cannot think of any flavours better suited to one another. This drink doesn’t disappoint with the right level of sweetness and citrus and tropical notes.
This bottle contains juices from apples, peaches, oranges and passion fruit, with some peach puree added in as well, this should be a good source of Vitamins A & C which are essential to the human body. It contains just 4.0g of sugar if the whole bottle is consumed (400ml).


Pomegranate & Blueberry: This skinny flavour from Juice Burst was deliciously sweet for such a low calorie drink, and the taste was tangy and crisp. I really enjoyed drinking it and I didn’t feel like it was in any way containing less sugar than the core beverages. This could be because Juice Burst add stevia, a naturally occurring sweet plant extract to it.
This bottle contains the fruit juice of white grapes, pomegranate, aronia, apples and blueberries. It is only 99cal per drink and contains 5.1g sugar if consumed in one go (400ml).

Overall these drinks are truly delicious and I would happily choose them as a fruit juice option for myself in the future. I hope you have enjoyed this review,, I know I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking them!

Should you want to find and taste a Juice Burst for yourself then look in your local WHSmith stores, Superdrug stores and also Costcutter shops to name but a few places they are available.

You can find out more about Juice Burst on their website and social media’s, including where you can purchase the drinks, information on flavours, and also where they get their fruit from, but trust me, it’s global and it tastes amazing!

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