Gift Company ‘Friends’ Double White Frame Review

frame-03-titleI am lucky enough to bring you a selection of items from Gift Company throughout October and November. This UK based family run company prides itself on providing unique and quality giftware, homeware and furniture.

After being contacted by Gift Company we arranged for several items for me to review, these are just some of a range of products available online at their website.

Each week I will be bringing you an item, photographed in detail, and then I will give you a variety of information about that product before giving my final review. This is the ideal time of year to start thinking of Christmas presents, so it’s a good idea to look for gifts you may not have seen before. And by purchasing from Gift Company you are also supporting a UK business.

Today I will be reviewing a lovely white photo frame, the details for which can be found below, but first let me show you two photographs of the item.


What Makes This A Great Gift

An attractive design which holds two images so your choices are increased.
An excellent addition to any home because white is a versatile colour.
It has hooks in the back for ease of hanging.
✩ Easy to use product (placing photographs inside it and changing them).
Plastic front minimising breakages (compared to if it were glass).
The design is unique and unusual with the addition of a hanging star and the word ‘Friends’ in a pretty font with wooden letters.

To Be Aware Of 

✩ This frame has no easel or stand for freestanding capabilities. Instead it has hooks already screwed in for easy hanging.
✩ The white colour may darken or get dirty over time, to maintain this frame clean gently and regularly with a microfibre cloth to lift off any dust that may settle over time.

frame-05-res-swframe-06-res-sw frame-04-res-swDimensions and Product Information

Item Description: White Wooden Frame with Delicate Mount, Three Dimensional ‘Friends’ Word in the bottom left corner, two 7×5″ photo spaces and a silver star decoration that hands from the top right corner on a piece of rope.
Colour: Predominantly White with a small Silver Star on a piece of rope.
Dimensions: Height 35cm – Width 25cm –  Depth 1.4cm.
Requirements: Flat Surface, Or a Wall able to take mounts safely.
Made by: Flame Homeware.
Delivery: The frame was delivered inside it’s own box and wrapped in bubble wrap.
Frames at Gift Company: There are many kinds of frames available at the website.


Final Review

I am going to give this frame a final review of 4/5. I think it’s a delicate and well made product that can be used effectively in most homes. I like the uniqueness of the frames mount with the lines on it, they divide the white and make it look more three dimensional. The white colour is versatile for all homes and the size of this frame is excellent, holding two 7×5″ sized prints means their details should be seen easily from across a room.
My only issue with this frame is that it has no easel stand at the back, this means you are limited to where you place the item.
For anyone who has the means to drill into their walls at their own home, won’t find this to be an issue. However, remember that once mounted you will be unable to change the photographs very easily. But if the frame is leaned against a surface and then supported, it can be altered whenever the customer felt the need to do so.
The product retails for around £18.00 but Gift Company sell this frame at just £12.00. If you are in need of a nice looking frame, for yourself or as a gift for a friend then it’s ideal.

Thank you for reading this review today, I hope that you have been inspired by this gift, and if you want to visit the Gift Company website to see this item or any others you will find the links below. I have written several reviews from this company, you can read my other posts by clicking here

✩ Sabrina ✩

Find Gift Company on a variety of Social Media by searching for ‘Gift Company’.
Here is the link to the website and the frame

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