Gift Company Cherry Blossom Mini Reed Diffuser Review

cherry-titleI am lucky enough to bring you a selection of items from Gift Company throughout October and November. This UK based family run company prides itself on providing unique and quality giftware, homeware and furniture.

After being contacted by Gift Company we arranged for several items for me to review, these are just some of a range of products available online at their website.

Each week I will be bringing you an item, photographed in detail, and then I will give you a variety of information about that product before giving my final review. This is the ideal time of year to start thinking of Christmas presents, so it’s a good idea to look for gifts you may not have seen before. And by purchasing from Gift Company you are also supporting a UK business.

Today I will be reviewing one of the many scented diffusers Gift Company sell, all of the details for which can be found below, but first let me show you photographs of the item I have, which is the sweet floral fragrance of Cherry Blossom, in this luxurious aromatic diffuser.

What Makes This A Great Gift

An attractive design which has a long lasting aromatic scent, anywhere up to 3 months.
It’s easy use, there is no need to add anything to the product, all you need is in the box.
Glass bottle is stylish and will go with most decor.
The choice of scents available makes it an ideal stocking filler.

To Be Aware Of 

✩ The glass bottle needs to be on a flat surface where it is unlikely to get knocked off.
✩ The diffuser should not be left where small children and pets can get a hold of it.


Dimensions and Product Information

Item Description: Cherry Blossom Scented Mini Reed Diffuser, 120ml with up to 3 months of scent, contains natural cotton inserts that go into the oil and diffuse the smell into the air.
Colour: Glass Bottle with Silver Top and White Reeds
Height when Assembled: 27cm
Requirements: Flat Surface to be stood on.
Made by: Flame Homeware and Designed in the UK.
Delivery: The diffuser was delivered inside it’s own box and was then wrapped in bubble wrap.
Diffusers at Gift Company: There are currently 33 variations of Reed Diffusers on the website. (Correct as of November 30th). Examples ranging from Salted Caramel, Peppermint, Crisp Cotton and even Rose and White Musk.


Final Review

The final review that I am giving this product is a 4/5. I think it’s a delicate scent and a well made product that can be used effectively in most homes, and even elsewhere such as the workplace. It’s both easy to use and easy to adjust, and I think the amount of enjoyment time for the price is just excellent.

I only have one issue with the item, which is that you cannot leave the diffuser unattended when small children and also pets are about. Cats are especially curious and I am currently unable to have this product out on display in my home, the only place it can survive from my new kitten is in the bathroom (where she is not allowed). If you have pets that can get onto high up surfaces perhaps consider this purchase only if you’re able to ensure that it won’t be disturbed.

The product retails for around £10.00 but Gift Company sell a range of different scented diffusers starting at only £6.00. What is great about the choice available, is that there will be something for everyone, including some Christmas related smelling reed diffusers such as Mince Pie and Mulled Wine. You can see the full range here

Thank you for reading this review today, I hope that you have been inspired by this gift, and if you want to visit the Gift Company website to see this item or any others you will find the links below. I have written several reviews for this company now, you can read all my other posts by clicking this link here

✩ Sabrina ✩

Find Gift Company on a variety of Social Media by searching for ‘Gift Company’.
Here is the link to the diffuser shown in this review


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