Five Things I Want To Do Before My Thirtieth Birthday

Five Things I Want To Do BEFORE My Thirtieth Birthday

This week I had a realization that my birthday is only three months away! So I thought I would write a little post about five things that I would like to do before my thirtieth!

I’m still in denial that I’m turning thirty, I mean that by in my head, I’ve been twenty five for many years now! It’s going to be a bit weird.

When you fill in a survey online and it says, “Please state your age range _____ ” and I’m now going to have to pick the “30-39” or the “25 to 34” category!

I’m going to be contacted for all these proper “adult” things like higher credit cards and loans, as if the world thinks we should all have our act together by the time we reach this milestone! Yeah… Right…

So what are these five things I would definitely like to do before I’m thirty…

1. Try Something New – An Activity or a Hobby… Just Something I’ve Never Done!

2. Eat A Brand New Food – There Isn’t A Lot I Wouldn’t Eat – But I Want To Try Something New! I May Even Cook It Too!
(UPDATED January 23rd – We made our own Ice Cream! And a fairly healthy version, kind of, so yeah I might do a Recipe post sometime in February…)

3. Go Somewhere I’ve Never Been Before – Sounds Simple But It’s Finding The Time!
(UPDATED January 23rd – My husband and I have booked a weekend away in April to a part of the UK I have never visited before, I hope it will be a memorable time for us).

4. Reconnect With An Old Friend – There Are A Few People Who I Love Who I Haven’t Spoken To In A Few Years And I Would Love To Reconnect With Them!
(UPDATED January 17th – I reached out to an old friend to give her some happy news, we are hopefully planning to meet up in the next few months).

5. Finish Writing One Of My Books – I’m A Writer And I Want 2018 To Be The Year I Finally Try And Get Something Published (Fingers Crossed I Can Get One Finished)!

What I’m going to do is update this post with a photograph/s and information as and when I complete any one of these things, and I have just a few weeks to go now before my birthday, fingers crossed I can get all of these done!

Is there anything special or amazing that you did for a big birthday? I would love to know to get some ideas for myself!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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