February 2018 Treatbox Reveal

Hello and Welcome to the February 2018 Treatbox Reveal with Sabrina of Severn Wishes.

Happy Treatbox Day!

I find lilac coloured tissue paper inside the February box and the usual Calendar Print stares up at me with a beautiful floral print. As well as this there is another Print that reads “Think Happy”.

The sticker holding the box together this month reads “You’re Doing Great”…

With this box I really like how the A5 Print and the Calendar Print have the same vibrant Floral Design. They are nicely symmetrical so as to go together for the month.

Here is my list of all the items available in the February Treatbox! Remember there will be slight variations in the types and the colours, this is so every box is not the same…

✩ There are only 6 items in this Treatbox plus one A5 Print and the Calendar Print, that is 8 things in total. As usual there are several variations for some of the products which gives you a greater chance of having a mixture of items. 

Calendar Print for February 2018 – Floral Design – “Smile”
A5 Print – “Think Happy” with Floral Design
A5 Lined Notebook – “Shine Bright” 2 Variations

Dove Intensive Hand Treatment Cream – 75ml
Polka Dot Golden Ribbon Garland – 3 yards
Constellations Star Struck “Sparkle & Shine” Ring Trinket Dish

Candy Kittens – Sour Watermelon Sweets – Gluten Free – 52g
Star Design Lovely Lanyard with Clip End

Here is a selection of my photographs of this month’s box, I hope you enjoy seeing the items up close and if you have any questions then please leave a comment.

✩ My Favourites ✩

My favourite items from this month’s box were the Hand Cream, The Prints, and the Ring Dish.

The hand cream is lovely for this time of year and rather useful for those of us who have dry skin. Dove is also a very good brand and it smelt nice, I have yet to use it but have previously tried Dove creams and products and liked them a lot, I hope this is the same.

I loved that there were two matching types of Prints for the February box. Although I would have liked to see the Floral A5 Print to be in A4 size to match previous nice prints that we have received. The design is intricate and bright and a nice font was used too.

The Ring Dish runs on a Constellation theme that we have seen previously in another box, but it was nice to see the theme return, and with the Notebook as well. It was nice that these items were thought about, the theme joins everything together in a nice way. The quality of the items was good and although it is another dish to add to my collection, I have preferred the design of this one to some of the others.

(Jewellery shown was my own and not included, simply used as a prop to show the products purpose).

✩ My Overall Opinion ✩

Treatbox always has an interesting theme and this month is no exception. I was happy to see some of the items to be new in type such as the Lanyard, although we got yet another Ring Dish! Really? We do not need anymore of these things! And I think if I were to get just one more in the near future it would make me consider my subscription. I must have had 6 or more now (In almost 2 years of worth of boxes though).

With this box I was also disappointed to see so few items inside. There were only 6 main items along with the A5 Print and the Calendar Print. As with the most recent boxes we have received either 7 or 8 items plus the Calendar and sometimes the Print is A4 too. I’m not sure why this box has less inside it, I know it could be down to individual item cost, but looking at two of the items in detail I wasn’t so sure that would be the case. I feel after having so many boxes you expect a standard to be maintained and that doesn’t just include the quality it also includes the amount of things that you receive.

To conclude on this month’s Treatbox, I would say it was a good box with a good theme. Half of the items have decent or even very good quality, and despite the repetition of yet another Trinket Dish the quality and design of this item is very good. However I cannot ignore the fact that we have duplicate things once again. Another notebook, another dish and another stringed decoration. I certainly don’t use a notebook in just a month, and we received some in the January box.

I’m beginning to think you could have one out of every three boxes and not miss out on a great deal. In light of the past six months of box contents, I am going to consider the next box or two very carefully and then make a decision about the future that I have in reviewing the Treatbox on a monthly basis. There is only so many of the same thing you can have before the items get monotonous.

Are you thinking of ordering a TreatBox for yourself or for a gift for someone?
Then you can find Treatbox subscriptions and build your own box at their website https://treatboxuk.com/

If you aren’t sure on whether to try a TreatBox for yourself or not I would say order a one off box, and then if you’re happy with it you can always subscribe afterwards. Check out my previous posts on the Treat Boxes I have received so far, in this unique category of my website called ‘Treatbox’ especially for these box reviews and reveals – Severn Wishes – TREATBOX

Thanks for reading this months box reveal today, if you have any thoughts you would like to share or if you have purchased a box after reading one of my reviews then I would love to hear your from you, why not leave me a little comment in the section below.

Also if you have any questions about any of the items from this month’s Treatbox then please get in touch I am more than happy to answer them if I can.

If you enjoyed this post then why not check out my Reveal Video that I always record when opening the Treatbox every single month that I get one, click the link to see this latest one on my channel here.

Thank you for joining me for this reveal today, and I hope you have appreciated my honest opinions on the February box. Have a great February!


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