Dorothy Perkins Latest Purchases June 2020 Reviews

All this lovely warm weather had me realise that I barely owned anything short sleeved, that I was still able to breastfeed comfortably in. So I checked out the Dorothy Perkins 70% off sale that was on during June and into July.

I found myself two beautiful shirts, along with a linen shirt dress with pretty wooden buttons. I also grabbed a pair of my favourite Black Eden Jeggings too, mainly because I wore out two old ones this Summer that I purchased about six years ago.

I will show you pictures of me wearing each one of the shirts and then the product on its own too. If you have a question about an item please comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

Product: White Tie Front Shirt
Price: £12.80 (Correct as of 18th July)
Size: I am wearing a Size 8. I found the item to be True to Size, I liked how it looked on, perfect around both my neck and my shoulders.
Details: This beautiful shirt is sleeveless and features white and cream floral patterns across the length of the materiel. It is a button shirt and a tie front at the bottom. The collar is a lovely feature and makes the shirt look and feel smart and sophisticated. The floral design made me feel feminine and the material is soft. You could easily wear this to work all day and then dress it up with a pair of heels and some black trousers for the evening.
Materials: 50% Polyester and 50% Viscose.
My Score: 5/5
Link to Product: Dorothy Perkins

Product: Khaki Shirt Dress with Linen
Price: £20.80 (Correct as of 18th July)
Size: I am wearing a Size 8. I found the item to be True to Size and it fitted my figure really well. It was great for my chest which isn’t large, but if you are blessed with an ample bosom I wouldn’t recommend this style for you.
Details: This beautiful shirt has short sleeves, beautiful wooden buttons and a long material tie waist belt, that matches the linen used for the dress itself. Overall it has some lovely features such as buttons on the shoulders, half length sleeves and it even has two good sized pockets! Overall a beautiful item that washed and wore very well. Ideal for Spring or Autumn, or a cool Summers Day in the shade. Sophisticated enough to dress up for an evening with heels and some shiny accessories.
Material: 84% Cotton 16% Linen
My Score: 5/5
Link to Product: Dorothy Perkins

Product: Grey Check Short Sleeve Shirt
Price: £19.80 (Correct as of 19th July)
Size: I found this shirt incredibly flattering. I am wearing a Size 8. I found the item to be True to Size. It was nice to have something figure hugging but because I was able to undo the buttons to suit me, it felt more like a summer cropped shirt than it did just a short sleeve shirt.
Details: This beautiful shirt is right on trend with its Check pattern design and the Tie Front. Perfect for a warm Summers Day and great paired with jeans, shorts or a pretty skirt. Keep the other clothing neutral so as to show off the shirt as your main focus, or you could choose to pair it with a contrasting pattern such as a polka dot skirt. For a shirt made of Viscose and not cotton, it washed and wore well. I would happily purchase the other version!
Material: 100% Viscose
My Score: 5/5
Link to Product: Dorothy Perkins

Product: Black Eden Jegging With Organic Cotton
Price: £14.40 (Correct as of 20th July)
Size: I am currently wearing a Size 6 Short but I can fit comfortably into a 6 or an 8 Eden because they have a slightly stretchy material. They usually fit me very well around my hips, waist and thighs. I would recommend you try on two sizes and see which you prefer when they are on you.
Details: Some Jeggings are a firm material but these Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings are always soft. I love them in black because they go with everything and anything. A few years ago they removed the belt loops, but this year they added them back on to the designs and also improved the shape and the back pockets. DP also chose to use Organic Cotton for this particular Eden and they are soft, comfortable and they wash well too. I love them, they are back to being a 5 star item for me. Good Old Brand New Edens!
Materials: 76% Cotton, 22% Polyester and 2% Elastane.
My Score: 5/5
Link to Product: Dorothy Perkins

The White Shirt with No Sleeves and a Tie Front has a beautiful floral pattern.

Thank you for reading this review today, I hope that you’ve enjoyed it.

I have been able to wash and wear every item shown in this review, and most importantly, I breastfed my son wearing them too. I highly recommend the quality of clothing at Dorothy Perkins.

Have a great week! Thanks for visiting Severn Wishes today.

✩ Sabrina ✩

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