VLA Cosmetics and MAC Makeup Review


I was very lucky in April to win a competition from VLA Cosmetics. I won a beautiful Grape MAC makeup pigment. I couldn’t believe the colour of this makeup, it’s very pigmented.

MacFiveSWMacThreeMacFourMacTwoSWI’m very impressed with the colour because of how bold it is. As you can see on my swatch on my arm it’s a deep shade of purple, not as dark as it appears in bulk in the pot, but still a wonderfully bright shade. Although only a very small pot at 4.5g, I feel as though this makeup will go a long long way. I barely used any of the powder for the swatch and I know that with the correct brushes it can be blended well.

MacOneSWThank you to VLA Cosmetics who got the prize to me very quickly and well packaged as well. I am very happy with the product, and having not tried any MAC makeup before, I am impressed with the pigment.

Funko Reveal


Funko is a company from the United States who originally began with the bobblehead back in 1998. Funko now holds hundreds of different licences which allow them to create toys and collectibles in all manner of characters. Funko can now be found in stores worldwide and they have a fantastic social media presence as well. This is how I came to know about them, I was always looking to get some Pop! characters.

I was extremely lucky to win one of their Twitter competitions a few weeks ago, and when my Funko box arrived by airmail this week I couldn’t wait to open it! I knew it was going to be a Batman related prize, but I had no idea he was going to be this cute!


Here is my Batman Dorbz Ridez! My own little Batman in his very own batmobile! Designed for the new Batman VS Superman movie, this vinyl collectible contains a happy looking batman who is fully kitted out with his ride. This particular collectible is released in the United Kingdom from April 10th 2016, so I am even more lucky for receiving mine before anybody else.


I have decided not to open him up, I want to keep him in pristine condition. Plus he seems lovely and snug in his batmobile already.


A huge thank you to Funko for sending me this wonderful prize, I am over the moon with it, and he is going to have pride of place on my shelf along with my super hero movies and games.