Cat and Snowflake Necklace featured in the My Purrrfect Gift Box Shop

Last week I won this adorable necklace on Twitter courtesy of My Purrfect Gift Box!

This beautiful 925 Sterling Silver necklace has a Cat as the main feature and then a pretty Snowflake charm added to it. It has a lovely chain shape as well.

The item was originally sent out in their December ‘Winter Wonderland Box’. My Purrrfect Gift Box is a monthly Subscription Box filled with Cat goodies for both the human and the pet… or should that be the owner and the master 😉

I love the intricate details on the cat pendant, it’s a lovely addition to my jewellery collection, and the quality is truly excellent. Both a sturdy chain and pendant.
Don’t you agree that this is a fabulous accessory for anyone who loves cats! Like me!

Thank you for joining me for this short review today, I am now off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Pizza is on the way too!

✩ Sabrina ✩

Check Out The Links Below, the Necklace and the Website

Cat and Snowflake Necklace

My Purrfect Gift Box Website

JewelCandle Lilac and Jasmine Ring Candle Review, Reveal and Giveaway

✩ JewelCandle Review and Reveal ✩

I’m very happy to be bringing you a wonderful Review and Reveal today, and not only that, but at the end of my post you have the chance to win your very own JewelCandle in my Giveaway too!

Before we get to the part where you can win a JewelCandle, let me tell you all about this great company!

Founded back in 2013 JewelCandle offer a superb range of Handmade and High Quality Scented Candles and Bath Products. Each of them have a 925 Sterling Silver Ring piece of Jewellery inside, some of which are worth up to £250!

It is an exciting experience to await the gift inside as your candle burns. This takes approximately 10 hours to release the Jewellery, and then your Candle will still smell lovely for a further 90 – 125 hours of burning time.

When the jewellery is released, blow out the candle before retrieving your jewel. You can use either tweezers or a spoon to pick up the packet and then unwrap the heat resistant foil gently to find your jewellery. It will have been protected inside the plastic it is in too.

Once unwrapped you’re free to enjoy your choice of jewellery, be it a Ring, Pendant, Earring or Bracelet. Every piece is of 925 sterling silver and is of excellent quality, worth between £10 and £250.

JewelCandle offer a huge range of scents so there’s something for everyone. Examples of some Candles available are Lilac and Jasmine, Cookies and Cream, Roasted Coffee, Toffee Delight and even Blackberry Jam! To name but a few! (Check out their website for more).

✩ Candle Information ✩

Height 17cm
Width 8cm
Weight 1050g
Burning Time 90-125 hours

✩ My Experience ✩

My overall experience of this JewelCandle is an excellent one. Not only am I impressed with the scent and quality of the candle itself, but the jewellery that I received is beautiful too.
The candle I received was Lilac and Jasmine, it’s a lovely lilac colour and smells very floral, even before burning the scent was lovely.
I only wear sterling silver jewellery because I have sensitive skin, so to know that what I’m getting is actual 925 silver, hallmarked, nickel free and high quality metal, it makes the experience an even better one for me.
The smell of the candle lingered long after it was blown out and I’m happy to be burning something that is handmade from eco friendly resources.
I would consider ordering from JewelCandle for myself and for gifts for my family and friends in the future.

✩ Would you like to purchase your very own JewelCandle? ✩
✩ Use this code below on their website now to get 20% off! ✩
‘ Valentines20 ‘

Jewel Candle Links

JewelCandle Website
JewelCandle Facebook

The image below shows an example of one of the many beautiful Pendants available from JewelCandle, I received this so as to show you all both a Ring and a Pendant example. Because you can choose what type of Jewellery that comes out of your Candle, I thought it were important to give multiple samples.

✩ ✩ ✩ Giveaway ✩ ✩ ✩

The fabulous team over at JewelCandle have offered a wonderful prize to one of my lucky readers, your chance to Win a Candle for yourselves! In order to enter this wonderful giveaway just follow the steps below, good luck!

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3. Use the link below now to gain your entries to the competition.

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Best of Luck!

★ Sabrina ★

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition is running from February 8th until February 17th 2016.
  • This giveaway is only open to entrants from the UK.
  • Severn Wishes reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice.
  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason, and all entries subject to verification.

Jewellery Box UK – Unboxing, Reveal and Review

I adore sterling silver jewellery, and I wanted something a little different to wear for 2017. So at the end of last year while searching the internet for gift ideas, I saw these gorgeous studs that someone had tweeted about. I had not come across this wonderful company or their website until a friend on Twitter shared their own experience with ordering from them.

So what did I discover? Well Jewellery Box in the United Kingdom is based in South London and they have thousands of items of jewellery to choose from. Their range of unique designs include both sterling silver and 9ct gold available. I was only out to get silver, and searched through the various categories, and couldn’t believe the amount of choice!

Since June 2014 (when launched) the team have offered fast, affordable and fun jewellery shopping. They pride themselves on being efficient and design forward, while keeping the quality high. All of these things inspired me to purchase from them.

Not only that, but I was able to get a necklace free of charge while spending a certain amount with them, a stunning snowflake for Winter, included in my order for free!

Over all I am pleased with the order that I made. Let me now show you photographs of the items, which I took after recording my initial unboxing video. Click the link at the end of the post for my YouTube account to watch the video which shows the items in details.

So I ordered an Arrow Necklace, Aquamarine Pull Through Earrings, Cat Head Stud Earrings, Open Triangle Necklace, and then I received the Snowflake necklace as well, as a complementary gift.

 My final Review for this order as a whole is;
Quality 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Appearance 5/5
Delivery 5/5

Quality of the Jewellery; This jewellery is good quality and well made. I love the choice and the designs are unique and unusual. The sterling silver items are hallmarked with the ‘925’ stamp so you know they are great quality for the price.
Value for Money; I had the Snowflake necklace free with my order, and I still ended up with four more items for less than £29, and because I chose all sterling silver, I would expect the prices to be higher, very pleased with the value for money.
Appearance when worn; Both unusual and unique looking, the jewellery (especially the triangle necklace) are excellent additions to your jewellery sets. Its design is eye catching due to the shape, something that is both irregular and pretty. I like to be an individual, and with so much choice, this website allows me to choose an array of items to mix and match. I really like the arrow necklace because it’s dainty and cool, it also matches some earrings I got from Cherry Diva (search for that review on my categories).
Delivery; The jewellery was sent out quickly, and I was most impressed with the boxed items, which came with cute pegs and were appropriately packaged to keep the items secured. All of the packaging has the Jewellery Box logo on it, and it all looked very professional.

Thank you very much for reading this review and unboxing, I have loved sharing the pieces with you, when you find a good product or website it’s always good to shout about it, right? I am already considering more purchases and even some awesome gift ideas for friends for 2017. With so much choice and variations to choose from it’s a wonderful place to search for something new.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I will put the website links at the end of the page for any of you who would like to browse the Jewellery Box products in my post or search for your birthstone or by metal for example. There are so many things to see, I can guarantee you it is worth a look.


Open Triangle Necklace
Cat Head Stud Earrings
Arrow Necklace
Aquamarine Pull Thru Earrings
Snowflake Necklace

Severn Sabrina’s YouTube Channel for the Severn Wishes Blog
Here is the Unboxing Video

Cherry Diva Black Friday Purchases and Review

On Black Friday I decided to treat myself on the Cherry Diva website when they offered a special 50% off discount. I had already browsed before hand and knew roughly what I wanted to go for. For me, sterling silver is a must, because I have sensitive skin. So I searched the Cherry Diva website for all items under this heading and then made my final choices…

Something that always catches my eye are unique designs that don’t look anything like your regular high street jewellery brands. I always try and be an individual, I like to think my style evolves from my loves in life and not what I see the majority of people buy.

I absolutely love an unusual necklace, and this one stood out to me as I scrolled on the website. The details and the purple stone, were what won me over this order.

When my order arrived I was very happy with it. The products were delivered in purple organza bags which were the perfect touch to my choices. The delivery time was also excellent considering it was the black Friday weekend.

I’m a sucker for going for anything purple or blue because they are my favourite colours. Both of my choices this time around were to do with the stone of Amethyst. I decided on the ring and a necklace, because the ring was finally back in my size after I eyed it up in the Summer months.

My final Review for this Necklace and the order as a whole is;
Quality 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Appearance 5/5
Comfort 5/5

Quality; This necklace is sterling silver, good quality and well made.
Value for Money; I had a discount code of 50% off, which made this necklace excellent value for money.
Appearance; Both unusual and unique looking, this necklace is now a firm favourite of mine. It’s design is eye catching and pretty.
Comfort; The necklace is an excellent length for my neck size, and I am very happy with how comfortable it is against the skin.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I have loved sharing it with you, when you find a good item it’s always good to shout about it, right?

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will put the website link at the end of the page for any of you who would like now to browse the Cherry Diva products.


Cherry Diva Website

Graduated Lobe Piercings – Styles and Jewellery


Graduated Lobe Piercings

I made the decision many years ago to have more than one piercing in my ear lobes. And nowadays I’m rather glad because it’s on trend, and also grateful of the choice of jewellery that is available for me to wear.

Examples of the styles that I have come across more recently include a variety of shapes and also varying metals. I always prefer to purchase 925 sterling silver jewellery due to my sensitive skin, and that is what kind of jewellery will feature in my post today.

I will make a list of all the items shown within my blog post, so that if you wish to purchase any yourself you will find the links at the end of the page.

Graduated lobe piercings have been becoming more and more popular within the last five years or so. With both celebrities and regular people alike making the choice to adorn a variety of jewellery on their ears. Graduated piercings are now common on other parts of the ears now as well, such as cartilage.

So how do I wear mine? Well I normally take one particular symbol or style and wear it in all three of my piercings. I have more recently branched out into wearing various symbols all together, and I think this look can make you seem more individual, even pretty unique depending upon the jewellery, the possibilities for earring combinations are endless.

Styles and Jewellery

Any earrings can be included to make your lobes a graduated style, but usually they are earrings of the same type but in different sizes or metals. It can also be symbols that are similar and can be worn specifically in that combination, such as a space theme with a sun, moon and star, for example.

I don’t think you can go wrong with stars, and I wear them regularly. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like stars and I often get compliments about mine.

These cute ones in the image below range in size from 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. They are available on Amazon UK from Heather Needham Silver.

dsc00438procswThis seller also sells a set of a sun, moon and star, as well as just a star and moon. I like the pieces in my next picture because it means you can add a further earring of your choice if you have a third piercing, or that you can just wear the two stud types if you only have two piercings in your ears.

stars-and-moons-swMore earring stud styles available from this amazon uk seller include Hearts, Stars, Moons, Circles, Triangles, Round with Silver or Cubic Zirconia and other symbols and shapes (such as the feathers/leaves in my image below). You can see the full range by visiting the sellers amazon page (links at the end of the post).

lobe-jewellery-pic-swHere are some images of the earrings in my own ears to show sample sizes, I do have quite small ears, you can normally find specific sizes on the sites that you purchase jewellery from.

earrings-four-sw earrings-one-sw earrings-two-swAnother site that I have previously purchased earrings from is Cherry Diva. They have a variety of sterling silver items for sale. These arrow earrings are fabulous, unique and highly detailed, I like that these kind of earrings can make your ears seem unusual because of the shape and orientation. You can wear them at whatever angle you please to suit your lobe shape.


When it comes to body jewellery and piercings I usually get my labret studs online from sites such as Body Jewellery Shop and Piercing Mania. You can see my recent review from the latter site by searching in my category for Jewellery or Piercings.

The final place I regularly buy my earrings from is Argos. They have a wide range of sterling silver products including ones that are coloured cubic zirconia and also plain shapes.

My Review of the items that I have purchased from Heather Needham jewellery via Amazon are;
Quality 4/5
Value for Money 4/5
Delivery 5/5
Appearance 4/5

I found the quality of the earrings to be very good and the prices I paid for the sterling silver was also very reasonable. I gave the delivery a score of 5 because the earrings all came in individual sets and boxed, with professional postage and packaging so as nothing could be damaged.


Thank you very much for reading this review, I hope I have given you some purchasing inspiration, and with a certain festive holiday creeping up on us, you may have seen something you could get as a gift for someone who has multiple ear piercings.

Until next time, I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. I shall leave you the links at the bottom of this page.


Links to Jewellery featured in this post

Stars Set of Earrings
Ball Earrings Set
Cherry Diva Sterling Silver Earrings

Cherry Diva Jewellery Review

cherry-diva-2-swI recently purchased jewellery from Cherry Diva for the first time. I was drawn in partly because of a sale they had on, and also because I had wanted a pair of their earrings for almost a year and decided now was the time to get them. Just in case stocks changed and they no longer sold them, I didn’t want to wait too much longer in case I missed out.

These stunning earrings are made from sterling silver and are detailed crossed arrows. Being a fan of historical fiction and ancient history, as well as having participated in archery many times, I loved the unique look of this style.

arrow-earrings-2-swI always purchase sterling silver because I have sensitive skin. At Cherry Diva they have a range of sterling silver products and a great number of choices for all kinds of styles.

When delivered I was pleased to see that my earrings were sent to me in a pretty little silver box. I plan to keep my earrings in this case unless I am wearing them to try and keep the silver shiny and clean.

arrow-earrings-swSo that you can see the size of the earrings I have photographed one in front of a five pence piece.

arrow-earring-swThe other items I bought were two delicate nature inspired sterling silver rings. One has a large flower like a daisy and has hearts on the band. The other has three different kinds of small flowers on one thin band.

flower-ring-1-sw flowers-ring-2-sw

Being a photographer of nature primarily, I love anything to do with natural scenes and floral patterns. When I saw these rings, originally on a Cherry Diva photograph on Instagram, I fell in love with them.

flower-ring-2-swflowers-ring-1-swrings-1-sw rings-3-swI’m impressed with the quality of the silver and I just hope that the items remain in good condition over the time in which I use them. I was happy with the prices that I paid in the sale, I’m not sure if I would pay the prices individually, but collectively with a free delivery is tempting.


My final review for Cherry Diva Jewellery and delivery services is;

Quality of the Items 4/5
Appearance of Jewellery 5/5
Delivery Time Frame, Cost and Packaging 4/5

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed reading about my recent jewellery purchases, and if you are interested in any other posts of this kind please look at the jewellery category situated on the right of my blog homepage.

If you wish to take a look at the other jewellery available please visit the Cherry Diva website here



Trollbeads Bracelet Review

Trollbeads04SWHaving always admired companies who work hard to be different, I have followed Trollbeads for quite some time. Earlier in the summer I entered a competition of theirs to win a beautiful 2016 bracelet, and I was extremely lucky to be chosen as a winner.

Once I had received the bracelet I was over the moon with the details and the quality. So impressed in fact that I have decided to review the piece, and photograph it in macro detail so that you can see the quality first hand.

Once I have shown you my photographs I will give you some information about Trollbeads and where you can purchase a bracelet and charms for yourself. And I will give my final review scores of course. I hope you enjoy looking through my set of images.

Trollbeads06SW Trollbeads07SW Trollbeads05SW








Trollbeads09SWAs you can see from the images I have made of the bracelet, the quality and the attention to detail speaks for itself. Beautiful craftsmanship of the bracelet and the charm, as well as the unique looking clasp. The intricate bracelet itself with the chain is stunning against the skin, and with the addition of charms it can be made to be unique for the person purchasing it. I won the clover charm and clasp, which are three dimensional, highly detailed pieces.

Trollbeads14SWTrollbeads sent me this stunning bracelet in its very own bag, which brands the logo and date of the original founding of the company. Trollbeads originated in Copenhagen in 1976 and integrates beads with a variety of jewellery types such as necklaces, bracelets and bangles. They also work with earrings and rings made predominantly of metal. At the time of the first beads being created, it was popular to wear a bead on a piece of leather around your neck. Nowadays the Trollbeads company makes beads in all manner of shapes, colours and unique styles to accompany an array of jewellery. The first glass beads were created in 2001, and since then their collection has grown and grown. With more than 600 beads in collection now, Trollbeads has become popular in over 30 countries and has more than 90 international designers.


My final review for the products available from Trollbeads are;

Design of Products 5/5
Quality of Items 5/5
Variety Available 5/5

Value for Money 5/5
Appearance when Wearing 5/5

I am giving Trollbeads a full 5/5 due to the quality, variety and appearance of the items.

Trollbeads features so many beautiful pieces, I can recommend you taking a browse at their website which can be seen here

If you want to know more about Trollbeads then you can see more of their story with images here

Thank you very much for reading this review today, I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I loved to photograph this incredible looking piece of jewellery.

Until next time! Thank you 🙂


Trollbeads13SW Trollbeads12SW

Piercing Mania Review and Product Testing

If you managed to catch one of my posts from June you’ll know that I am big into piercings and body jewellery. Growing up I never liked the look of my ears and I had to wear glasses as well. So as soon as I was old enough I had piercings done which made me like my ears a bit more.

As mentioned in my blog post about my piercing experiences, I wanted to find some good quality fake body jewellery that I could wear before considering any more actual holes in my ears. For me it isn’t the piercing itself that is the issue, it’s the healing time with my line of work. So after doing some research I came across the site for Piercing Mania

Piercing Mania has been around since 2011 and supplies a variety of jewellery and tools in order for people to customise their personal look. There are many aspects of their website that I liked, including detailed photography of the items and a massive range of filters which allow you to search through many types of jewellery. Not only this but a wide range of jewellery in many shapes, sizes and colours, as well as a huge supply of materials.


After contacting Piercing Mania about doing this review, I explained which piercings I already had, and how I planned more but wanted some false pieces to use as visual examples to make my decision easier. They were very accommodating to me and within a few days I had received a little parcel in the post.

The items were boxed in professional and excellent quality packaging to ensure the contents arrived safely. I was rather excited to open the box, and found a beautiful twisted false ring, a spring loaded false ring, a gorgeous purple heart labret bar, and a titanium plated ball closure ring. These pieces of jewellery fit into a variety of piercings and I looked forward to trying them myself and photographing them of course.

Each item came individually sealed in plastic so you know that none of them had previously been opened, touched or used. They were all shiny and of good quality metal and I liked the look of every item that I had been sent.

PiercingMania011SWAs well as this jewellery I discovered I had been sent some items used in the process of skin stretching. Some female designed Oil, Butter and a Stretching Guide were included for me to review. It’s excellent that Piercing Mania do these sorts of packages for people to begin this process at home.

This isn’t something that I am interested in doing personally because I have many piercings already and don’t want to stretch my skin. So I thought I may organise a giveaway in the near future so a female with interest in doing this for herself can win these fabulous items. I am very impressed with these items that I was sent, and I haven’t opened any of them to do any tests, so they are brand new and available for me to giveaway when I can.

PiercingMania014SWSo let me show you the products in detail now using my macro photography. Then I will show you how I applied some of them to my own ears, and how they looked. I will also give my full review at the end of this post and include the links to items if you wish to purchase any of them for yourself.


The Ways In Which I Wore The False Piercing Rings.


In the next couple of images I will show the ways in which I wore the two rings as examples. One is a surgical steel pull open and push closed multi functional twisted design ring, and the other is a multi functional titanium plated spring clip on ring.

PiercingMania04SW   PiercingMania07

The quality of both these small items was impressive, especially the twisted ring which is made of steel. The twist looks so delicate and feminine, I loved the way it looked against my skin, and the versatility of being able to place it anywhere I wanted. The spring loaded clip on ring was also rather versatile, I would only use it on my ears I would think, but I fitted it in as an extra lobe piercing, as well as a helix or auricle one. I liked the way it looked because it was so shiny and bright, but I have fairly small ears, and preferred the thickness of the twisted ring.

Here are a few more images of me using both of the rings in different areas on my ears.


I think I would be tempted to get some more of the twisted steel rings, as you can easily wear several close together because they are thin, and I think they look like real piercings. Piercing Mania do these rings in several sizes and thicknesses as well to accommodate all sized ears.

If anyone is interested in knowing what my piercings are, and what the false rings would be classed as by a piercer, here is a diagram of my ear with labels.

Types Of Piercings On My EarsOverall I am more than impressed with the service and the quality of the jewellery from Piercing Mania. I will be ordering from them again without a doubt.

My final review for the products available from Piercing Mania are;

Design of Products 5/5
Quality of Item 5/5
Variety Available 5/5

Value for Money 5/5
Appearance when Wearing 5/5
Delivery Cost and Time 5/5

Here are more images of my ears with the false piercing rings in them along with my current piercings including the graduate lobe set on both sides, and my lower helix and tragus from my left ear.

PiercingMania08SW  PiercingMania05SW

Thank you very much for reading my blog post today, I hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of my horrid ears (insert laughing face here) and looking at some of the awesome jewellery available too! I can highly recommend checking out the website because of the sheer amount of jewellery available.

Check out the links for the Piercing Mania items that I have reviewed below, or visit the sight as a whole and have a browse at the pieces you’d be more interested in.

Titanium Plated Spring Clip On
Twisted Multi Functional Steel Clip On
Titanium Plated Ball Closure Ring
Coloured Internally Threaded Screw Heart Labret Stud
Ear Stretching

Piercing Mania site

Thank you very much for visiting Severn Wishes today, I hope to see you again soon, and if you enjoyed this review why not leave me a comment.



Piercings – My Experiences

On the blog today I am going to be discussing ‘Piercings’. To wear multiple earrings is back on trend this year, and considering I already have that I have felt pretty fashionable lately. I was never a fan of my ears growing up, I had to wear glasses as well, so when I was eventually able to get my piercings done as a teenager I felt like I was finally happy with the way my ears looked. Putting earrings in them made me feel like an individual, and with the range of jewellery available nowadays, it’s no wonder so many people are getting things done.

Whether you love them or hate them, piercings have been a cultural aspect of human life for thousands of years. The history behind them includes some mummified remains which were found to have pierced ears dating back to approximately 5000 years ago. Some body piercings go as far back as Ancient Rome. Facial piercings include African and American tribes, who used body piercing for spiritual reasons. More reasons for getting metal through your body in more recent decades include religious and self-expression. I have personally had mine done for aesthetic reasons.

So what if you do love them, but you’re having trouble deciding what you should get, or where. Well in this blog post today I’m going to be explaining about my own experiences with piercings and the aftercare, and how I feel about it all now that I am much older than when I first decided to get my piercings on my body.


My first piercing experience was when I was thirteen years old. I got my lobes pierced, and I wanted them done for a long long time. My mother had decided that you’re too young as a child to understand the implications of having something through your body that needs looking after and caring for. So I was told to wait until I was a responsible teenager. That time came and once the summer holidays started I was off to get my ears done. I had them done at Claire’s, and they pierced with a gun. If I had known this before hand I wouldn’t have gone there. It was painful, a real pinch, and they insisted we pierce with yellow gold, even though I had sensitive skin. My lobes didn’t heal within the six weeks they were meant to, and I ended up going back to complain. Luckily we spoke to a nice woman who suggested changing the studs to a sterling silver or a surgical steel, so I did this, and within two weeks my ears were healed. I kept earrings in them almost constantly for a year though, because my skin kept trying to heal over at the back. Even after all these years of having the holes, if I don’t wear earrings for a week they begin to heal. If you think about getting a piercing always go to a professional, either a piercing salon who specialise in all sorts of piercings, or one registered at a tattooist (bare in mind you may need to be eighteen on these premises).

My favourite piercing is my navel. I had this done in the summer after I turned sixteen, and I had to beg my mother for over a year before she gave in and took me to have it done. A number of years ago the piercing was done in two parts, a piece of metal is pierced through the skin, and then the jewellery is quickly inserted afterwards. Now I hear they do it all in one smooth movement which makes it quicker and less painful. I won’t lie to you, it did hurt, but not to the point where you would faint, unless you’re particularly bad with pain. I felt a little light headed when I sat up afterwards, but that was more to do with your body going hot and into a state of shock because of what you just put it through.
My piercing healed very well, and within a few months I was able to change the bar. I always wore a bar in it, because I loved it, and I found it to be a flattering piece of jewellery. You must continue to clean and look after your piercing in the months after it has healed to ensure it stays good. I love all the different kinds of jewellery you can purchase for a belly piercing, it’s so versatile. I haven’t grown much since I was sixteen, luckily, so the piercing hasn’t become misshapen, and I wear jewellery in it every day.
All these years later and I still love mine. Here are a few pictures from over the years so you can see how it looks with varying bars in it. You can get metal bars, jeweled bars and even plastic ones, perfect for soaking up the sun because the metal doesn’t get hot. I do like the jeweled ones the best, you can easily match them with your outfits. Like I said this is my favourite piercing, it is most definitely a part of who I am as a person.

navelpiercingWhen I was eighteen I decided I wanted to get another part of my ear done. The helix or pinna part of the ear is done with a needle through the cartilage of a persons ear. Even though I looked after this piercing like all of the others, the trouble with any cartilage piercing is that if you knock it, get your hair caught in the jewellery, or even sleep on it for hours at a time, it can cause issues. This was the trouble with my piercing. I would often sleep on the other side and end up rolling over in the night unaware, and then that caused no air to get to my piercing. It took 18 months to heal completely, and although I really liked it, I would always remind myself of how long it took to be usable and wearable. After a year I made the decision to change the bar to surgical steel one with a flat base for the back of the ear, this was much better in terms of caring for the piece. I haven’t gone back to using any other jewellery in this piercing, I now only use flat backed bars where you can change the heads. I buy mine from ‘Body Jewellery Shop’ and find they have both excellent service and advice about types of jewellery.
Here is a link to the stud that I currently wear in my helix piercing, I love this stud, and this online shop do a lot of variations to it, perfect if you want a large selection to find your individuality.
Below is a recent image of my left ear, as you can see I’m wearing my heart labret stud in my helix and a simple plain bar in my tragus. I am wearing a trio of stars ranging in size in my lobes as well.

Another piercing of mine is my Tragus. This was a decision that I took months to decide whether or not to go for it, because I have fairly small ears and I didn’t want to risk the piercing growing out, or it looking ridiculous. I went to a local piercing and tattoo studio for this one, and trusted their expertise. The lady was very thorough and explained to me the after care and complications that could happen with a piercing like this one. Even though it was a risk, I have had no problems with other piercings and decided to go for it. Years later and fully healed I’m so glad that I did it, although without any jewellery in it the hole is quite an eye saw, I don’t know what I will look like when I’m old if I ever have to remove it. But for now I always wear a bar in it.
The piercing did hurt to have done, and it is a tricky one due to the placement so close to the face, however once your jewellery is in, it’s often a very flattering accessory and I love mine. There are lots of different jewellery available for it now, because it has become a very popular placement in the last few years.

I had several lobe piercings in my late teens and early twenties. I love how multiple earrings look together. Here is a photograph of both my ears from way back in 2009 when I had recently had my Tragus done. I love how with lobe piercings you can wear studs, or hoops or long earrings, or a mixture of all three. The possibilities are literally endless!
I only wear surgical steel or sterling silver in my ears, but that is a personal choice. I know there are many choices on the market.
EarsSo am I contemplating anymore? Not at the moment, although there are some I have seen that I would love to have. I love the latest jewellery that is available and I would love to have some piercings to compliment the ones I have now. But I do also have small ears and some types of piercings are not suitable for everyone. You also have to consider the healing time, if it will take longer than a couple of months will it be a problem for your school life, work life or for your health. Operations and scans and other medical situations often require you to remove all jewellery, so there are lots of things that you must consider before going ahead with a piercing. If you haven’t had one before, I recommend that you have a talk with your local piercing artist, and discuss the implications of pain, healing time and also whether or not your piercing choice is susceptible to growing out. I have been very lucky, but some peoples bodies reject their choice and this can lead to scarring.

There is another choice nowadays that people can make, if they only want to wear these kinds of jewellery occasionally. You can get great fake pieces now that you just open and slide on, and then push closed just enough to hold on to your ear. Here is one earring that I own, that can be worn on the ear or other body areas too. Easy to use and light enough so it doesn’t hurt to be worn all day. Just ensure that you get a size that is appropriate for you. This flower one that I have is a little big but stands out nicely if you wear it with other floral accessories.
Another choice for some is magnetic earrings too.
I would love to try out some smaller fake piercings if anyone can recommend any, or if you have a product you can recommend me to review.
FakePiercingOneI hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer any that I can, just leave me a comment below. Thank you for reading.