Book Review of ‘Cook Yourself Young’ by E Peyton-Jones including Recipe Review

CookYourselfYoungBack in February of this year I was lucky enough to win a competition through Intu shopping centres to win this wonderful book by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones. As it says on the cover the author has cleverly created recipes that allow us to harness the power of food so that we may live healthier lives. There are lots of aspects of food that can provide the health benefits our bodies need. Making the most of things such as antioxidants and vitamins that foods such as tomatoes naturally provide.

The author of ‘Cook Yourself Young’ is a food and health expert as well as a naturopath. Elizabeth Peyton-Jones is helping people to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle and diet in order to increase their wellbeing and health. The title of the book stems from her belief in slowing the process of ageing by restoring balance within the human body. She promotes simple ways of eating good food that can allow for higher energy levels, encouragement of sleep and reducing body fat, to name but a few. Through the recipes and advice in her book Peyton-Jones hopes that people will feel the benefits of her expertise, allowing them to feel good about their bodies and look and feel more youthful.

The book not only has wonderful easy-to-cook recipes but also advice about what foods are natural medicines for your body. I found these facts fascinating to read about, my favourites include foods for tackling problems such as fatigue, digestive problems and also ingredients for boosting the immune system.

So having read through the book there was a recipe in particular that I kept coming back to, so that is the one I decided to try. Peyton-Jones’ ‘Cheesy’ Stuffed Tomatoes recipe didn’t just sound delicious it looks great on the authors photograph too. So I managed to get the ingredients that I needed and waited for a free afternoon where I could take my time and cook this recipe right.

RecipeThis recipe was easy to follow and the instructions were very clear. I have always loved to cook so it was nice to try something different. The only thing I did change however was one ingredient, which was relating to nuts. My husband is very allergic so it’s not something that we even have in the house. ‘Cook Yourself Young’ contains many recipes which have nuts in, and although I won’t be able to include nuts in the ones I do try out, I either substitute them or leave the ingredient out completely.

Garlic Toms

So I readied the items for the meal and prepared them appropriately to E Peyton-Jones’ instructions. While my oven preheated I took some photographs, and once they were cooked I took some more. The smells of the sweet tomato mixing with the garlic, shallots and basil filled my kitchen and I couldn’t wait to try them.


The final result was a truly delicious tomato dish that I would most definitely make again. Great on their own or they go wonderfully as a side dish with a variety of different meals. We actually ate them on this occasion as a side dish with a chicken breast. The delicious sweetness of the tomato accompanied with strong garlic and basil was wonderful. The tomatoes keep their shape even after the stuffing and the cooking, they are soft and easy to eat, and this makes them all the more inviting. The sweetness and the strong taste of garlic and basil together are divine, and I enjoyed the smells that filled my kitchen all throughout the preparation and the cooking. The final look of the recipe was also very inviting. I always believe that you first get hungry from what you see with your eyes and if something looks delicious it usually is. The colours that are present in this tasty dish make it rather appetising.

Recipe ResultSo overall this is a wonderful and unique book filled with recipes and facts that will keep you entertained for months as you create these interesting and healthy dishes. Even if you have to substitute ingredients like I have done, the recipes are still fantastic and it’s well worth it for all the facts about your body and the way it reacts to food.
Through ‘Cook Yourself Young’ I have learned about the foods that can give me more strength, and the foods that can make my healthier, one dish at a time. If you suffer from an ailment sometimes foods can benefit you in other ways, and it was fascinating to read about the ways in which even some spices can make a difference in your life.
I can recommend this book if you enjoy cooking and learning about how what you can eat, can benefit you in lots of varied ways.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley Review

I have always enjoyed eating chocolate, all kinds really. So when I saw that Cadbury had released a new ‘Medley’ chocolate bar I thought I should give it a try.

Since Cadbury are now owned by Kraft I always worry that recipes will start to change, and luckily the original Dairy Milk still tastes wonderful to me.

The bar I’m reviewing today is the flavour of dark chocolate chips, caramelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces. I love the idea of this combination, and it contains fruit so it’s one of my 5 a day right? I wish! Ha ha!


So how does it taste? I know you’re all desperate to find out… It’s the delicious creamy taste of Dairy Milk with delightful crunch of hazelnuts, the bitter taste of the dark chocolate, all accompanied by the tangy sweet raspberry pieces.

What I liked the most about it was the delicious creamy taste of the dairy milk among all the textures inside on top of the chocolate itself. Crunchy Nuts, Melt in the Mouth Raspberry Pieces and Soft Dark Chocolate drops. I won’t lie it was rather moreish!

Cadbury1 Cadbury2 As you can see in my photographs the majority of the ingredients are scattered on top of the dairy milk chocolate. There is a lovely texture as you bite through because of the contrast between the caramelised hazelnuts and the freeze-fried raspberries. The dark chocolate and nuts must be added while the milk chocolate is still drying during production because many are integrated in the pieces, but the raspberry is all on the top.

I personally think this bar is a keeper, if you like Cadbury Wholenut and enjoy the taste of Raspberries then I recommend you give this one a try.

This final images give you any nutritional information you might be interested in, and to finish the review, a macro shot of the chocolate itself. I have already eaten this bar now and just writing this review makes me want to get more.

MedleyCadbury3So where can you buy this chocolate bar? I looked in a few supermarkets and eventually found it in Sainsbury’s, but It’s also in larger Tesco stores and I’m sure within a few weeks it will be available in most places.

The Importance of Water

I have always been a supporter of drinking lots of water. I have never had any problem in drinking pints of the stuff every day. Sometimes I drink it plain, sometimes it’s flavoured and occasionally with a dash of squash thrown in. But the most important thing about water is just getting it into your body in the first place.

For anyone who does struggle with drinking water, here are a few of my tips to getting more into your every day routine. The first is to buy a sports cap bottle. It might sound a little odd, but not having to unscrew a lid, and just flicking up a cap and drinking out of it, saves time and is more convenient if you’re someone who is always on the go. You can also drink more this way than you would do if you were sipping from the top of an open bottle.

Something else that I always do, is to have a small glass of water half an hour before every meal. By doing this it kick starts your digestive system and gets it ready to receive the food you’re about to devour, this also helps to control appetite as well.

Most people will insist that the recommended daily amount of water you need to consume is eight glasses. But this doesn’t take into consideration warm weather, sweating if you exercise and other daily situations such as health and lifestyle. The actual amount of water you need to drink as an adult varies from eight to sixteen glasses a day. Some people struggle with this amount and many adults substitute water for things like tea and energy drinks. Although these hydrate you they don’t have the benefits that plain water does. My tip for you is to always keep water to hand, either in a bottle or a glass. If you’re on the go a lot always carry a bottle with you. Another tip is to drink one glass of water when you wake up in the morning that is before you eat anything or go about your daily routine. This helps to kick start the digestive system and can lower blood pressure too.


The benefits of drinking more water can be noticed within a couple of days. Your body is made of approximately 60% water, this helps transport nutrients in the body and regulate body temperature among other things. When you are made of so much liquid this means that dehydration is never far away if you don’t look after yourself. Being dehydrated can cause your skin to dry up and for your kidney function to decline in efficiency. These are just some of the reasons why you need to keep up those fluids. Your skin will look healthier and you’ll notice the difference in your concentration levels as well as your muscles. Drinking more water can help with muscle tiredness and it flushes out the toxins that cause illness and skin breakouts.

Robinson’s have been running promotions on both Twitter and Facebook to win their very cute glasses, I call mine my happy glass. Why is he happy? Because you’re drinking more water of course! Thank you again to Robinson’s for my wonderful glass.

RobinsonsFreebieSWI hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that perhaps I have inspired you (with the facts) to drink more water.

Learning To Bake One Brownie At A Time

I don’t know about you, but I love to cook. Not every meal and not every single day, as I’m sure we all enjoy take out on occasion. But seriously, I do love cooking. I’ve never been a very good baker, which is something that I wanted to change.

My main inspiration in my cooking life has always been my Nan. When I was younger she taught me all about the kitchen, and got me started on some staple meals that I would remember for the rest of my life. I can cook a lasagne, a casserole or even a curry from memory, and I love experimenting with new flavours.

Once I had the meals of hers like these in my heart as well as my stomach, I knew I would cook them often and enjoy them. But the one thing I have always struggled with was baking, be it cakes or other savoury treats, most puddings just evaded my cooking talents.

Trial and error is one of the only ways to beat the baking I have found. I have baked countless cakes and puddings that haven’t ended up being edible, and after a certain number you almost don’t want to waste anymore of your time and money. For a good while I didn’t cook puddings, then I tried an apple crumble again (a different recipe) and I began to bake with chocolate again too.

I found a recipe for triple chocolate brownies recently. I think a good recipe can make all the difference, especially if you are a self-taught cook. When I cooked these particular brownies to my surprise it was a complete success! I haven’t put that down to me though. All I was doing was following the recipe step by step, and I based the cooking time solely on my oven and not on the recipes parameters. I was so pleased with the result that I plan to make some more, and that has never happened to me before with any other aspect of my baking.

So the finished result, needless to say I am just a little bit proud of them. Oh, and they didn’t last long, so I did something right! And I will definitely be making them again… Soon…

So what is the moral and the reason that I have written this blog post today? To say to all of you out there who say you can’t cook, I’m here to say you can!
I can now proudly say that I don’t bake well but I can bake something! And that leap is something we can all achieve, if we just try…