Dorothy Perkins Brown Aria Fur Lined Boots Review

When you find a pair of shoes or boots that fit you perfectly, it’s definitely something to shout about I think. So when I purchased these lovely looking brown boots from Dorothy Perkins in my most recent order, I just had to review them.

aria-boots-2-swThe reason I liked the look of these so much is all to do with the soles, which seemed as though they had grips ideal for Winter. The problem that you often find with shoes online is that you never get to see what they look like underneath, only from the side view. Although with this particular pair of boots you can see from the angle available that the sole has extensive channels for gripping and a one inch heel as well. They were sturdily made and strong to touch, combining two detailed buckles for a stylish design, and the inside is fur lined for comfort and warmth.

Styling these Boots

Personally I live in skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings, all of which work well with boots that are ankle height. This particular style allow for a little gap for you to tuck in jeans or trousers, and the fur lining makes them grip the fabric attached to your legs for extra comfort when moving around.

aria-bootsHere are a few photographs that I have taken to show you the boots in detail.

aria-boots-3-swaria-boots-5-swAria Boot Details
Heel and Soles are Gripped
Brown / Tan in Colour
Shelved with 1 inch Heel
Ankle High Boots
Soft Fur Lined Insides
Available in Sizes 3 – 8


My final Review of this pair of boots is;
Quality 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Appearance 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Delivery 5/5

Quality; I found the quality of these boots excellent. The stitching, the grips on the base of the shoe, the colour and the style. They are leather look but feel very durable all the same.
Money; I was lucky enough to get the boots on a weekend where 20% off was included, very happy with the amount that I paid. Great quality for the price either way, they are usually £39.00 but are currently on sale.
Appearance; Both stylish and on trend, I think these boots will be a staple in my wardrobe until I wear them out. Which I hope by the strong design and gripped bases will be quite some time. They look great with skinny jeans or leggings and are available in this brown/tan colour and now Dorothy Perkins do a black pair! I would love those as well!
Comfort; They are rather comfortable, a nice shape and wide enough to accommodate toes, but also with the fur lining making it soft and warm.
Delivery; The boots were delivered in a box to keep them dust free when not in use, and I love that they also came with tissue paper stuffed inside to maintain their shape while in transit.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts about these new boots with you all. When you find a company or a brand whose footwear fits true to size, you can usually order with confidence in the products, and this is what I have received every time I have bought Boots from Dorothy Perkins.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions about the item then please feel free to leave me a comment. I shall leave you the link to it at the bottom of this page as well.


Brown Aria Fur Lined Boots

Sabrina’s Christmas Wishlist

Sabrina’s Christmas Wishlist

I’m sure many of you have wishlists, and with Christmas coming up I thought that I could indulge in the products that I would love to get this year. These links and images form the accumulation of items that I would like to be reviewing at Christmas and in the new year.

My first items on my wishlist are to have some more of these incredible makeup brushes from Spectrum Collections! I have the pink and would love some of the others, they are fabulous for me to add to reviewing photographs too, so so photograph-able! And they also put my makeup on so well too and are extremely soft! In fact I could do with a brush cleaner and I hear the Spectrum one is also excellent!

clamspectrum-cleaner spectrum-pouch

The Glam Clam

white Marbleous 12 Piece Set

spectrumblack spectrumwhiteI love these brushes, and I love to photograph them as well. You can see my previous review on Spectrum by searching in my categories for Spectrum Collections.

The second items on my list are from Dorothy Perkins. There are these boots and this dress gorgeous that I absolutely adore! There are so many nice items, and on trend looks available on the DP website at the moment, definitely worth a look in my opinion.

dp-blue-dress dp-red-boots

I really like these boots as well over at BooHoo! How nice is the detail! (Yes I have more Boots than shoes and love them all year around!)


Another item I really like the look of right now is the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar, how great does this look? I still hope to get some chocolate, but I like these products, and would like to own more, perhaps I will be lucky enough to open this sort of calendar this year… (Purchased By Me – Review Coming Soon)

Something else I discovered after someone shared it on Twitter was this amazing lamp from Very.

I would love this in my home

(I purchased this lamp at the end of November, and I love it! Full review coming soon…)

New Look also have some great looking Boots out this season, here are two of the ones that I have got my eye on… both ankle boots…



On my wishlist for reviewing is also this fabulous shelf from over on the Treatbox UK website in the ‘shop’ section, it is so unique looking I just love it! I had to dream what I might place upon it, a pot filled with Spectrum Brushes, a frame and so much more! Do you like it? I love it!


The final items I would love to own and review this Christmas are these pieces from Cherry Diva! I adore anything turquoise or anything with feathers or arrows, that sort of thing…

Another fab idea for people for gifts this Christmas would be anything with a subscription box, I have already reviewed Secret Scent Box, and I currently review Treatbox UK on a monthly basis. I would love to try other boxes in the future, such as Birchbox or Glossybox or perhaps anything else relating to beauty/fashion/perfume/food, some of my favourite things!

Thank you for reading this post today, I wonder if I have inspired any of you for your Christmas lists and gifts for friends or loved ones. Check out the links for the items and brands featured in my post today. I am hoping my wishlist will turn into a reality for some of these items and then I can happily review them for you all to see. Until then keep coming back to the blog for more reveals, reviews and honest opinions on products.


Dorothy Perkins Summer Sale Haul – Review and Styling

dp-summer-sale-haul-swOn my most recent store visit to Dorothy Perkins I picked up a few items in the summer sale. Three bargain vest tops in three floral colours and designs. Two pairs of capri ultra soft jeggings, and a floral bomber jacket.

bomber-jacket-dorothy-perkins-sw(It had to be a changing room selfie because I was so pleased with my finds).

Bomber Jacket Styling; Capri Skinny Jeans in Peach to match the sleeves of the jacket, black vest with floral design to match the flowers on the jacket front. You can pair this with flats or sandals or a nice pair of summer shoes. The bomber jacket is a staple piece of fashion for your wardrobe and I wanted to invest in one while they were on trend. I adore floral patterns so this was perfect for me.

bomber-jacket-dp-swBomber Jacket styling; Black skinny jeans and a blue floral vest, a casual look to be worn with flats or trainers. This is ideal for a cooler summer evening and ideal for Autumn layering as well. The jacket is great to brighten up plain clothing if you’re after a feature piece. Bomber jackets are all the rage right now and many on the high street have a floral design, if you want to stay on trend I can recommend you buy one. They circle around in fashion as well, so try and get a good quality item that you can revisit in a few years time.

Reviews of all items purchased in the sale;
Floral Bomber Jacket / Floral Vest Tops / Skinny Capri Jeggings

Quality 4/5 – 5/5 – 4/5
Value for Money 4/5 – 5/5 – 5/5
Wash and Wear 4/5 – 5/5 – 4/5
Appearance 5/5 – 4/5 – 4/5

Overall the materials that Dorothy Perkins use wash and wear well, though I find that after a few wears the jeggings colour can fade a little. Being the top end of petite I can wear the capri jeggings and find they are not too short, which means I can still wear them in the winter with boots, which means I’m getting a year round use out of them. Something to consider if you’re tall and buying capri, you may only be able to wear them in warmer months.
The vest tops wear the best, they don’t adjust in size either which shows good manufacturing. They are soft against the skin and comfortable to wear too. Vests are great as statement tee’s and also great for layering as the cooler months set in.
The bomber jacket material is a little more delicate but it’s so stunning when worn that I don’t mind taking the extra care with it. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s an ideal length for my torso. I found the arm length to also be satisfactory and the jackets zip was good quality too.
The items I purchased in the sale were good value for money when reduced and I would definitely look again at the sales because I nearly always go home with some bargains like these.

Thank you very much for reading this review today. As most of you will know DP’s is my favourite high street store, so if you like reading these posts then look out for more fashion reviews coming soon.


Link to clothing on Dorothy Perkins site

Dorothy Perkins White Floral Cold Shoulder Dress Review

I’m enjoying the cold shoulder trend this year, and when I knew I would be attending a special event this summer I decided that a new dress was in order.

I was aiming to combine my love of a floral design for summer months with either a bardot or cold shoulder look. Choosing to look initially at Dorothy Perkins website because it’s my go to high street store, I found several dresses that I liked the look of.

On their website I found this stunning white dress with detailed flowers all over it, these add little patches of colour into this pale beauty. It immediately went into my basket and once checked out I eagerly awaited its arrival.

DP white floral dressWhen it came to trying it on I first noticed how flattering the shape was, a sown waist line allows the skirt of the dress to fall in a flowing manner. The design sees thick shoulder straps and a high round neckline, which leads on to the cold shoulder sleeves. The skirt is knee length and the dress is of reasonably thick material. I found the piece to be soft and comfortable to wear because it is 96% cotton. The botanical print is highly detailed as you can see by my image below.


White Cold Shoulder Dress

My final review on this beautiful dress is;

Design 5/5
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5
Appearance 5/5

I hope you liked my review of this pretty dress, and if you’re looking to purchase something from Dorothy Perkins yourself here is a link to their website

✩ Sabrina

Review of Dorothy Perkins Stripe Cold Shoulder Dress

When I saw this beautiful dress on the Dorothy Perkins website I knew I just had to have it. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I adore striped clothes, and this is no exception. Paired with a delightfully cute belt bow this dress is everything I love about nautical feminine dresses.

The cold shoulder trend is something I’ve only recently been trying out, and actually I really like it. It allows me to feel a little bit sexy without being cold (I get that it’s called a cold shoulder but you don’t actually feel cold while wearing it).

Nautical Cold Shoulder2Nautical Cold ShoulderNautical Cold Shoulder3

The dress is made of good quality material that will wash well because it’s made of 96% cotton. I found that it’s a flattering fit and very comfortable to wear due to the soft material used. I think the length of the dress is excellent for the style, I prefer to purchase knee length dresses for my height and found this perfect for that. The soft belt that can be tied into a bow is a lovely accessory to the outfit and allows a focus point between all of the stripes. I paired the dress with my white flat shoes with bows but it would also work with a variety of footwear dependent on the occasion.

I would accessorize this dress with lots of bangles on my arms, shoulder length earrings and a hair piece to keep the nautical theme going. If I needed to layer for an evening I would choose either a black leather jacket or a white cardigan.

My final review for this beautiful piece of clothing is:
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
5/5 for value

For anyone interested in purchasing the dress here is the link

Dorothy Perkins Gingham Check Pinny Dress Review

One trend I liked the look of for SS16 (but have very little of in my own wardrobe) is the check/tartan designs. When I saw this dress from Dorothy Perkins I knew it was the right style for me. I ordered this in the hope that it would become my staple check piece.

I love layering, and this dress is perfect for that. Crop tops with no sleeves or t-shirts with full sleeves both look good underneath this pinny dress. I chose to show you a version of me wearing this dress with a crop top, because with any luck we’ll soon know better weather (in the UK) and can enjoy wearing less layers.

NewHairPhoto DPCheckDressPSW

I hope that this item will last me throughout the year, paired with boots and layers for the cooler days, and wearing the dress (with at least a crop top) as it is with flats in the warmer months. The quality of the material is good, it’s thick and seems durable.

Pro’s and Con’s for a dress this style depend upon your shape. I’m slim but not very tall, just above a petite, so I find I can get away with wearing petite clothes at times. This dress was available in both, a petite and a regular, but I chose to order the normal length.
A pro is that the actual dress as a whole is the perfect height for me, it ends at my knees and I wouldn’t want it much higher than that. The pattern is lovely and I think most people can wear this style without any problem.
A con though is that the straps and neckline hang quite low on my chest, which isn’t good, I would always choose to wear something underneath it, for both a modesty and a comfort aspect. The same goes for under the arms, as you can see in my photograph below, the dress hangs low at the sides, another reason to wear a thin top beneath it.
Another pro has to be the awesome large pockets on the front. Great for the summer months when you wouldn’t be carrying a coat with you, they can hold small items such as a lip balm, a packet of tissues and some change no problem.

Check Dress
Over all I think this dress is a nice piece that I would definitely wear throughout the year. I wouldn’t say that this style suits my figure entirely, but I can work around it by wearing a top underneath the dress and therefore boosting my confidence to wear it. It certainly isn’t my favourite purchase of this year so far, but it is a trend that I didn’t own, and now do. The dress is wearable, and comfortable but I only felt confident once I had made changes, such as the layering beneath it. Honestly it reminds me of when I had dungarees as a child, without the shorts part, they were so baggy you always had to a wear a t-shirt underneath. Ah the carefree memories…

My final review for this piece of clothing is:
4/5 for comfort
4/5 for durability and quality
3/5 for style and appearance
3/5 for value

Here is the link to the Dorothy Perkins website for this dress if you’re interested in looking at it any further.

Review – New In at Dorothy Perkins – Button Detail Striped Dress

So I decided to pop into one of my local Dorothy Perkins stores over the weekend to have a look at the ‘New In’ stock and to try on some items I had been browsing online. While in the shop one dress in particular really caught my eye. This beautiful striped number has buttons on the neck and chest, and is a lovely thick material. The dress has a collar which gives it a touch of sophistication and the buttons are proper working buttons too.


This dress was both stylish and comfortable, and could be worn with leggings and boots, or with a nice pair of shoes and bare legs with a jacket. In the pictures below including myself (yes I realise I bought another dress with stripes on because I absolutely love stripes). You’ll see that the dress is a great length. If you’re taller than 5 ft 4″ though the dress will end further up your legs than it does on mine. (For me it was knee length). This is a perfect piece for a Spring transition when you’re not sure how warm or cold it’s going to be. Pair with a black jacket and boots for a perfect ensemble.


As you can see the dress is not only flattering but the nice detail with the collar and buttons make it a staple item for most women’s wardrobes. I’m fairly certain you could make this piece your own by adding a belt on the waist and perhaps pairing it with some large earrings. You wouldn’t be able to wear many types of necklace with this dress, so you need to think of other ways you can enhance the dress with jewellery. Large bangles on your arms will distract from all of the stripes.

NewInDP I tried to find this piece online so I could put a link up for you all, but it’s not on the website yet! So you’ll have to search for it in a week or so once the site is updated. They had so many nice pieces it was hard for me not to buy the whole store!

My final over all review of this piece is;
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for durability and quality
4/5 for style and appearance
4/5 for value

Review of Horizontal Stripe Blanket Cape from Dorothy Perkins

When I first saw this style of clothing come into fashion it reminded me of the poncho I had when I was a child… A warm and stylish (at the time) piece of clothing that I would often pull over the top of any manner of outfit. But times have changed. Blanket Capes are now all the rage! And I just had to get one.

So why this one? Well I love Stripes! (See my SS16 post for more stripy buys!)
The style and colour of this particular one from Dorothy Perkins really caught my eye. And once I had my whole DP outfit on I was more than impressed.
Below is a selfie of me wearing my cape with my lace tee and my soft eden jeans from DP’s too.

The quality of this cape is great, due to the nature of the material it will snag though if you aren’t careful with it. And it needs to be washed on a woolen cycle. But other than that I have no other cons about it.

I’m relatively petite and I was worried about the cape drowning me, but because of the half length sleeves this piece flatters the figure rather than hides it.
Over all I think the blanket cape makes a statement and keeps you warm on these relatively still cold Spring days. It’s a staple piece for everybody’s wardrobe, and I think it would be great for the cooler Summer evenings as well. And if stripes stay in fashion you’re looking at a piece that will become a regular wear for 2016.

My Overall Review for this item of clothing is;
5/5 for comfort
4/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
4/5 for value

Dorothy Perkins have lots of these types of clothing now in stock, and if you go to your favourite high street website, type in either ‘cape’ or ‘blanket’ to see what is available.
For anyone who wants to see this item on the Dorothy Perkins page then the link is below.