Dorothy Perkins White French Slogan Jumper Review

Dorothy Perkins White Jumper with French Slogan

This stylish jumper is built for comfort and warmth. With a pretty slogan design that makes it on trend too. The white colour can be paired with a variety of outfits and it’s slightly larger fit so it’s easy to layer on the cold Winter days.

The French ‘toi Jolie Coeur’ translates to ‘your pretty heart’ which I think is totally adorable. It’s a soft material and I love the details of the stitching, the circle is an arrow in a neverending design, with xoxo and the French words in two different fonts, its an unusual design that I fell in love with when I saw it.

Styling this Jumper
Personally I live in skinny jeans, which work well with jumpers of all sorts. This particular one has nice long sleeves which I do prefer, and even if a jumper is a little baggy like this one appears on my shape, it’s better for layering in my opinion. I would wear this piece around the house with lazy clothing or for going out I would dress it up with bootcut jeans and high heeled boots.

Jumper Details
Materials are 100% Cotton Body and 100% Polyester Stitching
Colour is White with Black Stitched Details
Neck is Round
Machine Washable

My final Review for this Jumper is;
Quality 4/5
Value for Money 3/5
Appearance 4/5
Comfort 5/5

Quality; I found the quality of this jumper to be good, it’s soft and washed well. However my only issue is that it creases very easily while being worn. Something to be aware of if ironing isn’t something you have a lot of time for. Once effort is made with this piece though it’s a lovely addition to most peoples wardrobes. I love the thick cotton material because it’s both soft and durable.
Value for Money; I had a discount code sent by email for this on a special weekend event, so I got a percentage off the price. I felt that this discount made the jumper a more affordable price, without it though I will be honest, I probably wouldn’t have made the purchase.
Appearance; Both stylish and on trend, I think this jumper will be a staple in my wardrobe. I hope the condition of the jumper will remain through frequent washes.
Comfort; This item is both soft and comfortable to wear, and I find the fit a little bit large but that is how I prefer my jumpers so that I can layer underneath them. I chose the size above what I would choose for a t-shirt and the jumper fits perfectly around my shoulders and neckline.

Thank you very much for reading this review, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts about this new jumper with you all.
I really enjoy the clothing from Dorothy Perkins, I have so many purchases that I don’t even share with you, so if you enjoy reading about them please leave me a comment, and expect more reviews to come.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions about the item then please feel free to leave me a comment.
I would leave a link to the item but it seems to have been taken off the website now, I presume they have sold out! However there are so many jumper variations of similar shape available. I still recommend a look.


Dorothy Perkins

BooHoo Cat Face Bodycon Dress

Today’s blog post is a short review of a dress that I purchased for Halloween this year. A fabulous bodycon dress at a great price from BooHoo.

This black bodycon dress has a printed white cat face on the front. It is made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The item is very soft and comfortable to wear, I would even consider wearing this regularly, I don’t feel that it’s just for Halloween because it isn’t scary and doesn’t depict anything specific enough for Halloween.

Anyone who follows me on social media know that I am a cat mummy and a huge fan of all cats in general, so this is an ideal choice for me to add to my wardrobe. I think I would be brave enough to wear it without a specific reason to do so.

boohoo-cat-full-res-sw The dress is flattering because of the bodycon style, and I have always liked to wear this sort of dress. I stand at just over the top end of petite, and this trend looks great on someone of my height when paired with some heels, I always feel taller in slimmer fitting dresses.

boohoo-cat-res-swThe cat face is very cool, the unusual shapes that make it up seem three dimensional as you wear the outfit.

Here is another photograph of me wearing the dress, it ends half way down my thighs. The sleeve length was also perfect for me, I like sleeves to end at the edge of my wrist. The neckline is flattering due to the shape and I appreciated that the dress wasn’t too low cut either.

boohoo-cat-dress-res-swMy final review of this dress is as follows;
Quality 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Appearance 5/5
Comfort 5/5

Here is the link to the dress on the BooHoo website

Thank you very much for reading this short review, until next time, please feel free to check out any of my categories if you have enjoyed this post.


Dorothy Perkins Summer Sale Haul – Review and Styling

dp-summer-sale-haul-swOn my most recent store visit to Dorothy Perkins I picked up a few items in the summer sale. Three bargain vest tops in three floral colours and designs. Two pairs of capri ultra soft jeggings, and a floral bomber jacket.

bomber-jacket-dorothy-perkins-sw(It had to be a changing room selfie because I was so pleased with my finds).

Bomber Jacket Styling; Capri Skinny Jeans in Peach to match the sleeves of the jacket, black vest with floral design to match the flowers on the jacket front. You can pair this with flats or sandals or a nice pair of summer shoes. The bomber jacket is a staple piece of fashion for your wardrobe and I wanted to invest in one while they were on trend. I adore floral patterns so this was perfect for me.

bomber-jacket-dp-swBomber Jacket styling; Black skinny jeans and a blue floral vest, a casual look to be worn with flats or trainers. This is ideal for a cooler summer evening and ideal for Autumn layering as well. The jacket is great to brighten up plain clothing if you’re after a feature piece. Bomber jackets are all the rage right now and many on the high street have a floral design, if you want to stay on trend I can recommend you buy one. They circle around in fashion as well, so try and get a good quality item that you can revisit in a few years time.

Reviews of all items purchased in the sale;
Floral Bomber Jacket / Floral Vest Tops / Skinny Capri Jeggings

Quality 4/5 – 5/5 – 4/5
Value for Money 4/5 – 5/5 – 5/5
Wash and Wear 4/5 – 5/5 – 4/5
Appearance 5/5 – 4/5 – 4/5

Overall the materials that Dorothy Perkins use wash and wear well, though I find that after a few wears the jeggings colour can fade a little. Being the top end of petite I can wear the capri jeggings and find they are not too short, which means I can still wear them in the winter with boots, which means I’m getting a year round use out of them. Something to consider if you’re tall and buying capri, you may only be able to wear them in warmer months.
The vest tops wear the best, they don’t adjust in size either which shows good manufacturing. They are soft against the skin and comfortable to wear too. Vests are great as statement tee’s and also great for layering as the cooler months set in.
The bomber jacket material is a little more delicate but it’s so stunning when worn that I don’t mind taking the extra care with it. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s an ideal length for my torso. I found the arm length to also be satisfactory and the jackets zip was good quality too.
The items I purchased in the sale were good value for money when reduced and I would definitely look again at the sales because I nearly always go home with some bargains like these.

Thank you very much for reading this review today. As most of you will know DP’s is my favourite high street store, so if you like reading these posts then look out for more fashion reviews coming soon.


Link to clothing on Dorothy Perkins site

Mela London Yellow Lace Dress Review from Next

Recently I received a voucher for Next and I wanted to purchase a new dress. Every summer I buy one dress that will be my statement piece for the year. I do my research and try to purchase a style I don’t already own, or a variation on a particular trend that will suit my top end of petite figure. I usually go for darker colours but this time I wanted something bold, bright and summer inspired.

Searching on the Next website I decided to look for an item that was on trend but not something too occasion wear related. A dress that I could casually throw on in summer days, and not something that was only wearable for an event.

Next Yellow DressI chose this lace beauty, a bold statement in yellow, with incredible details. This skater dress is very flattering and has features that could easily be dressed up with to encourage its elegance. It already has its own belt, so you can pair it with a gorgeous pair of neutral shades or white shoes and some statement chunky jewellery to contrast the finer features. One of the strongest characteristics of this dress is its flower stitched pattern. Layers of delicate stitching contrasts the bold strips of yellow. The dress combines a yellow slip underneath which ends just above the knee, this allows for the finer material over the top to allow light through the final strip adding another aspect to its beauty.

Yellow Dress Two SWI love the fit and the neckline, this Mela London dress is both sophisticated and flattering. Sleeveless and perfect for summer, a piece that can be used in a variety of ways to dress up or dress down for a variety of occasions.

The one and only issue that I have with it is just how delicate it is. I couldn’t let my cat anywhere near me while wearing this dress in fear of snagging the stitching features. You would need to be careful if you wear long nails and rings as well while touching the fabric so as not to damage any threads. It would also need care while washing, and finally it needs a cool wash. Other than that though it’s such a beautiful piece, worth the price and the care.

Yellow Dress One SW

My final review for this stunning skater dress is;

Garment Design 5/5
Quality of Item 4/5
Value for Money 5/5
Appearance 5/5

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Here is the link to this stunning dress which is still available on Next if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself


New Look Mini Summer Haul

I guess many people would say that the majority of shopping in New Look is based for teenagers and those in their “twenteens”, but I’m almost 30 and still love to shop in there. One of the reasons is because of the quality, and another is the value you get for your money.

I usually ask people for vouchers on the special occasions in my life. I like to go shopping and treat myself to something I’ve seen or admired. And on this particular day I was going to New Look with a voucher, and with the intention of buying something that I didn’t already own, something new for my wardrobe. Plus I love their boyfriend cardigans, they come in standard and tall. I will post a link to the website at the end of this post. Being both comfortable and easy to wash and wear, in my opinion they are a wardrobe staple for women of any young age.

With each new season comes a new range and a new selection of colours. When I entered the store I saw some hanging up and made a beeline for them. I didn’t own a white in the New Look boyfriend cardigan, and there was another colour I liked, but it didn’t suit my skin tone. So I opted for the white and went on a hunt for something else, something new, hopefully something a little different.

Cropped tops are all the rage at the present fashion time, and I was surprised to see some jersey tees in New Look that were not very long, but not quite crop top. This appealed to me because I don’t feel I can get away with showing off my middle very often at my age, however on the warmer days it’s nice to wear a cooler item of clothing. I think paired with high waisted trousers or skirts they will look fabulous. These ribbed tops have short sleeves and a round neckline, very flattering if you were to wear one with high waisted shorts or jeans. They are very soft which makes them comfortable to wear, I couldn’t resist getting two of them for the price they were. A peach pink colour and a white one with red stripes.

New Look HaulNot only are these tops good for summer but you could also layer them in the cooler months. I would utilise them by putting one underneath a pinafore or a variety of other dress styles.
This Is New LookHere is a photograph of me wearing a New Look ensemble including the white cardigan and the red striped tee shown in my image above. I have paired them with a pair of my New Look skinny jeans to keep the red/purple theme running through the outfit.
This Is New Look 2In this shot you can also see the sleeve length of the jersey striped top. I really like the style of this tee on my figure and was happy with my purchase.

My final review on these three items is;
Quality of Material 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Appearance 4/5

Item Links
Striped Jersey Top

I hope you have enjoyed this review, if you want to see more of my clothing inspirations then please check out my blog category for fashion


Dorothy Perkins White Floral Cold Shoulder Dress Review

I’m enjoying the cold shoulder trend this year, and when I knew I would be attending a special event this summer I decided that a new dress was in order.

I was aiming to combine my love of a floral design for summer months with either a bardot or cold shoulder look. Choosing to look initially at Dorothy Perkins website because it’s my go to high street store, I found several dresses that I liked the look of.

On their website I found this stunning white dress with detailed flowers all over it, these add little patches of colour into this pale beauty. It immediately went into my basket and once checked out I eagerly awaited its arrival.

DP white floral dressWhen it came to trying it on I first noticed how flattering the shape was, a sown waist line allows the skirt of the dress to fall in a flowing manner. The design sees thick shoulder straps and a high round neckline, which leads on to the cold shoulder sleeves. The skirt is knee length and the dress is of reasonably thick material. I found the piece to be soft and comfortable to wear because it is 96% cotton. The botanical print is highly detailed as you can see by my image below.


White Cold Shoulder Dress

My final review on this beautiful dress is;

Design 5/5
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5
Appearance 5/5

I hope you liked my review of this pretty dress, and if you’re looking to purchase something from Dorothy Perkins yourself here is a link to their website

✩ Sabrina

June Primark Haul

PrimHaulPicIt’s been some time since I’ve been to Primark, and by that I mean I haven’t shopped there since about October last year. I would usually pop in every quarter of the year to look at the latest trends and update my wardrobe. But due to circumstances beyond my control I have had to wait several further months before I could get any true retail therapy in there.

I did leave myself a budget to stick to before I went in, and I made a pact with my husband to not buy any more dresses (I have a whole wardrobe just for my dresses and it’s full). Once inside the store I smiled with happiness that it wasn’t too crowded and I got my basket. Let the shopping commence! (Insert smug emoticon here).

So let me tell you about my recent experience at my local Primark. I was very pleased to see a great deal more staff on the floor than there was the previous time I shopped. They were eagerly folding and rearranging the various stands and railings after each group had picked up what they wanted. I enjoy browsing and taking it all in, providing its not like sardine humans at Christmas… (i detest clothes shopping at Christmas).

My usual way of shopping is to begin at the top and work down, the top being my body and not the shop floors. I go for tops and things first, move down to waist and lower and end with accessories and shoes. Though this trip was more about revamping my torso part of my wardrobe, mainly because I had cleared out a great many old t-shirts and long tops earlier this season.

So beginning with all manner of tops and tees I began to wander and I was soon tossing all manner of things into the basket I was carrying. I picked up crop tops, t-shirts and even (i guess you would call them) dress-tops. I was quite impressed with the choice this time around. Nothing else caught my eye until I went to find a changing room and ended up grabbing a summer hat, I don’t actually own one (until now) so it was something I was happy to spend money on (and for a bargain £2 in the sale how could you not love it!).

I sorted out my basket as I waited for a cubicle and soon I was in it trying on my items. I was lucky that half of them looked good or great and after I had finished I had rejected 8 out of the 16 items I went in with.

So what of the 8 items, well here is a mass picture of most of them from when I got home and I looked at my haul all together. I had told myself not to pick up lots of navy and black, as I do tend to go for those colours on a general basis. I was happy that I could choose other colours and that they suited me. Summer, in my opinion, is the perfect time to try something new, and for me, that was more colour in my clothes!

PrimarkHaulJuneSWI will now outline my favourite pieces from my haul, and I’m throwing in some photo’s too for a little outfit inspiration!

I’ve purchased a few cold-shoulder clothing pieces like tops and dresses from high street stores since the start of SS16, but in Primark I found something a bit different. It was this fabulous ribbed crop top which I fell in love with before I had even tried it on. When it fitted my figure like a glove I just had to take it. It’s rare for me to find fashion that fits so perfectly. With stripes and Britain colours I just loved the design and the fit of this item, and was happy with the price as well at £5.00.

Prim07Dress-tops, as I like to call them, are a staple in my wardrobe. I haven’t had many new ones in the past year though and when I saw a pair with a dip hem back I just loved the style. I wasn’t sure how they would look on me because I’m classed as the top top end of a petite, just shy of standard height. I usually have issues with lengths of clothing especially jeans and things. But I loved how these tops looked on my figure and were perfect on my shoulders. They were only £7.00 each which I thought was a decent price for the length of them.

Prim09There were two styles, one white with a black pattern that reminded me of a Buddhist mandala. And the other was black and had the pattern of the moon cycle and read, ‘Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon’. I was and still am a huge twilight fan, so although I wasn’t looking to buy anything black I loved the idea of this design, so I tried on both, and loved both.


I was most impressed with the t-shirts that Primark had this visit. Some had such lovely designs and I was very happy to try them on and find that they were true to size as well. Here are a few shots of the t-shirts that I got in my haul. I particularly like the Britain flag made from butterflies and the symbol feathers tee, so there are close-ups of those.


Another crop top that I tried on and really liked was this pale turquoise ribbed crop top. It was thick enough to wear individually and was soft and comfortable when I tried it on. Once again it was a true-to-size fit for me which made it all the more appealing. I’m hoping to pair it with skinny jeans (like in this pic) and with shorts on the warmer Summer days.

Prim04Along with all of the items above I also bought a long yellow t-shirt that had a nice rounded hem, and I also had a t-shirt that had a ‘Hogwarts’ design, I grew up with the Harry Potter books and so I thought it was about time I had something to express my joy of them. Another tee that I loved was a plain white one with tiny hearts on it, I had a pinafore dress at home that I wanted to wear over the top of this one. And we cannot forget the hat I spoke about earlier.

I really hope you have enjoyed checking out my Primark haul, and that maybe you have some inspiration of items that might be in your local store!


★ Sabrina ★

BooHoo Mini Haul

There is nothing in fashion that I love more than new clothes. I don’t pretend to stay on trend all year around, but I do love to invest in items that I don’t already own. I also love to buy new things for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and christenings among them. If something is on trend and I think the style will suit me I will purchase it.

When I had the opportunity to buy some clothes from the wonderful BooHoo I took it all in my stride! I was ordering in advance of wearing some of the items but confident in them still being fashionable in several months to come. And if not then who cares if you look and feel great in them. The one thing I think clothes should do is make you feel confident in yourself, right?!

So what did I buy I hear you ask… Well… I bought a beautiful maxi dress for my summer shenanigans and a lovely long cardigan for cooler summer evenings.

I have always been happy with everything that I have purchased so far from I find their clothes fit true to size and the quality is fantastic for the prices. I have made many purchases in the past two years from this wonderful company, they mostly include dresses because the quality and choice is excellent. However this time I treated myself to something a bit different.

In this post today I’m going to review the items I have purchased recently, with photographs of me wearing them included in this review.

So first up is the stunning ‘Rachel Tie Back Border Print Maxi Dress’ with a beautiful butterfly and floral pattern. This stunning piece is lightweight which is ideal for summer and comes with enough detail to make you feel like you need very little accessories. I would pair this with wedge shoes or strapped sandals with one of my arms filled with bangles.
The only thing that is a little annoying about the material used for this maxi dress is that it creases easily. It can be cool ironed only, and even when I did that some creases wouldn’t come out completely. I recommend hanging it up at all times while it’s not in use, and to cool iron soon after every wear and wash to ensure no lasting lines. This is the only downside to the dress, because the detail is wonderful and the shape is very flattering, even to someone slim like myself. There is so much to see on this piece, you find your eyes wandering over the entire piece and you aren’t focusing on one area.

BooHoo Butterfly Maxi Dress Final Butterfly Maxi Dress backof
Maxi3 Maxi1 Maxi2

The second piece of clothing I’m reviewing is this stunning Wine coloured ‘Rosie Longline Jersey Basic Cardigan’ paired with a boohoo crop top. I always like to throw on cardigans when my arms get cold. There is something very comforting about long sleeved clothing, and when the fabric is as long as this is, it’s not only warming but it’s also fashionable! So I paired this piece with a crop top and some skinny jeans. When the warmer months appear it will be worn with shorts and crop tops. Such a versatile item of clothing I look forward to seeing all the outfits that I can pair it with. I also chose this colour because I love deep shades; they go well with both light and dark outfits.
This cardigan will need ironing frequently and when being washed it would need to hang to dry to avoid getting misshapen. Other than that I cannot fault it’s soft material and almost perfect length of arms and body.

BooHoo Long Cardigan and Crop Final CardiganBH

For anyone who is interested in purchasing these pieces of clothing they are all still available on the BooHoo website.
Maxi Dress

My Review of the items from BooHoo are;
5/5 Quality
5/5 Value
5/5 Appearance and Style
5/5 Comfort
4/5 Durability

If anyone is wondering about my details I am a size 8 and of height 5 ft 3.5 “. So if you are taller than me these items will appear differently on your figure. Always take into consideration your height when ordering dresses. For example I cannot wear the beautiful maxi dress without a 2” or more heel, something to consider when buying if you don’t like wearing high heeled shoes.

I hope you have enjoyed this review post and if I get anything more from BooHoo in the future you can be sure I will blog about it. 🙂

Review of Dorothy Perkins Stripe Cold Shoulder Dress

When I saw this beautiful dress on the Dorothy Perkins website I knew I just had to have it. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I adore striped clothes, and this is no exception. Paired with a delightfully cute belt bow this dress is everything I love about nautical feminine dresses.

The cold shoulder trend is something I’ve only recently been trying out, and actually I really like it. It allows me to feel a little bit sexy without being cold (I get that it’s called a cold shoulder but you don’t actually feel cold while wearing it).

Nautical Cold Shoulder2Nautical Cold ShoulderNautical Cold Shoulder3

The dress is made of good quality material that will wash well because it’s made of 96% cotton. I found that it’s a flattering fit and very comfortable to wear due to the soft material used. I think the length of the dress is excellent for the style, I prefer to purchase knee length dresses for my height and found this perfect for that. The soft belt that can be tied into a bow is a lovely accessory to the outfit and allows a focus point between all of the stripes. I paired the dress with my white flat shoes with bows but it would also work with a variety of footwear dependent on the occasion.

I would accessorize this dress with lots of bangles on my arms, shoulder length earrings and a hair piece to keep the nautical theme going. If I needed to layer for an evening I would choose either a black leather jacket or a white cardigan.

My final review for this beautiful piece of clothing is:
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for durability and quality
5/5 for style and appearance
5/5 for value

For anyone interested in purchasing the dress here is the link

Seven Ways I Wear Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans, who doesn’t own a pair? I absolutely love them! Would you believe me when I said I had nine pairs and all a different colour? Well I do, because I think they are not only comfortable but so versatile.

So today’s blog post is all about how I wear my jeans. I will be including lots of photographs in this piece and you’ll notice that I wore my black skinny jeans for each photograph, that is because they are my go to colour, they go with everything!

If anybody wants to know where any of the items I’m wearing are bought from then please leave me some comments, I would be more than happy to share my fashion buys with you.

SkinnyJeansOne Outfit 1. Skinny Jeans, Owls T-shirt, short sleeved Lace Cardigan and Black Boots.
Where to Wear: I love ensembles like this one, perfect for shopping and day trips, you can wear a thicker cardigan if its cooler weather and ditch it when its warm. This style is also great with flat shoes and sandals for the summer months.

SkinnyJeansFiveeOutfit 2. Skinny Jeans, Flowing Dip Hem Shell Top and Black Shoe Boots
Where to Wear: I really like to pull off a sophisticated look while still wearing my comfortable jeans. This type of top looks great dressed up or dressed down. If I were going out for a meal to a good restaurant I might wear something like this. High heeled shoe boots and a leather jacket pair really well with a flowing top such as the one I’m wearing here. You can add multiple accessories such as a long necklace and an arm full of bangles to complete the outfit.

SkinnyJeansFourrOutfit 3. Skinny Jeans, short sleeved Bold Print T-shirt and printed Dolly Shoes.
Where to Wear: Everyone can pull of a bold print look and tops like this look great with plain jeans. I particularly like T-shirts that make your torso the main focus point on an outfit. This yellow tee is both bold and bright and I associate it with Summer flowers and sunshine when I see it. Pair with a long sleeved cardigan or stay as you are if it’s warm enough.

SkinnyJeansSixxOutfit 4. Skinny Jeans, Patterned Vest Top and Dolly Shoes
Where to Wear: A look more for the Summer months like a day at the beach, but also great if you’re off out to a large shopping centre they’re generally quite warm. Skinny Jeans and a tight fitting Vest Top can be very flattering by hugging your curves, even very little ones like I have! I would say go for a bold or patterned vest rather than a plain one, it really makes a statement.

SkinnyJeansThreeeOutfit 5. Skinny Jeans, Striped Jumper and Black Boots
Where to Wear: What I love during the not-so-warmer months of the year in the UK, are jumpers! You can get away with wearing thin ones such as this one, with a vest or t-shirt underneath them. You won’t need to layer up too much and it’s a look you can pull off pretty much anywhere you go. I have paired with boots because we do get a fair bit of rain in the country. Boots are my go-to footwear unless it’s the height of Summer and then I would have paired this outfit with either sandals or flat dolly shoes.

SkinnyJeansTwoOutfit 6. Grey Jumper Dress with black skinny jeans and boots.
Where to Wear: I love this style when I’m out clothes shopping or casually out with friends. With only two pieces of clothing to remove if you decide to go into a changing room, it’s fast and carefree but stylish. The long sleeves keep you warm in the cooler months too, and this means you don’t always need to take a coat with you unless its physically raining. I nearly always wear boots with the jumper dresses I own, unless it’s very warm, and then in most cases I wouldn’t wear these jumpers anyway. They do go with flat shoes though if you own a nice pair of loafers for example.

SkinnyJeansSevennOutfit 7. Skinny Jeans, Statement T-shirt and Dolly Shoes.
Where to Wear: There is nothing I love more than T-shirts and Tops with minimal but incredible detail. The lace hem on the bottom and sleeve of this top make it appealing to look at without having over the top amounts on the piece. This tee allows you to wear a lovely necklace and not detract from the beautiful lace around your hips and arms. I have paired this outfit with Dolly Shoes again but it’s such a versatile top you could wear anything. It’s also such a great piece you could wear it any time of the year, layer it up with cardigans but leaving the centre part of your torso clear so the pretty lace can be seen and enjoyed.

So there you have it, the seven ways I wear my skinny jeans! And if anyone is interested in any brands and stores where I made my purchases then please send me a comment. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today, a little insight into what’s inside my wardrobe 🙂