7 Day Photography Challenge

So for those who don’t already know I am actually a real photographer. By real I mean I wouldn’t say that I was a professional as such, but I have been published several times and I have a BA Hons degree in the subject… So in your eyes if that makes me a professional then so be it. But I am a photographer, I put my heart and soul into making pictures on a daily basis.

So why am I telling you this?! Well I am writing this blog post while processing some photographs that I have made recently, many were taken opportunistically on my iPhone… and I really wanted to share some with you. A string to my photographic bow is nature photography, it is my main passion in life. You all see me using my photographic talents on my blog, but that isn’t necessarily what I do all the time. In fact I photograph nature more than I photograph items and products for my blog.

So not only did I want to share my images but also share a side of myself with you. So here it is, a week of photographic challenges. A friend has given me this to complete and instead of updating a post daily with photo’s I may have made I have just selected the images from the challenge and now I am sharing my whole week with you. The images are situated below with their category title, I really hope you enjoy looking at them. Do feel free to leave me a comment if you want, and it’s just nice to be able to share my passion with you all today.


1. Flowers – Yellow Rose

2. Wild Animal / Bird – Magpies fighting over bread

3. Sky – Blue today

4. Food – Chinese (Crispy Chilli Beef yum!)

5. Domesticated Animal – My Beautiful Cat

6. Still Life – Clock

7. A Favourite Thing – The Countryside

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